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CHEM 12B Organic Chemistry 5 Units

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A study of all aspects of fundamental organic chemistry, including nomenclature, chemical and physical properties, reactions and syntheses of the major classes of organic compounds. The study includes theoretical aspects, reaction mechanisms, multistep syntheses, and the chemistry of polycyclic and heterocyclic compounds. This course is more extensive and intensive than 3A-3B and includes a greater emphasis on reaction mechanisms and multistep syntheses. 12A (F);
12B (SP)
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Chemistry, chemical biology, and chemical and biomolecular engineering provide fantastic opportunities for pursuing a stimulating and gratifying career while making a positive impact on society.  Since chemistry is the gateway to all the molecular sciences and much of engineering, the College of Chemistry facilitates many possible career paths. 

Chemical Biology

...CHEM 4A and CHEM 4B during their freshmen year, and CHEM 12A and CHEM 12B...

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