Foreign Language Requirement

Guidelines for Foreign Language Requirement 

The Foreign Language requirement may be satisfied by demonstrating proficiency in reading comprehension, writing, and conversation in a foreign language equivalent to the second semester college level, either by passing an exam or by completing approved course work. A letter grade of C– or better is required.

Satisfying Foreign Language Requirement with High School Coursework or Exam

  • Completion of high school foreign language (other than English) through the third year of instruction - Minimum Grade: C-
  • SAT Subject Test, language other than English - Minimum Score: 590
  • Advanced Placement World Languages and Culture Exam  - Score 3, 4, or 5 in:

Chinese Language and Culture
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Spanish Language and Culture 
Spanish Literature and Culture

  • International Baccalaureate Exam - Score 5, 6, or 7 in:

Language (other than English) acquisition:
A2 Standard Level (SL)
A2 Higher Level (HL)
B Standard Level (SL)
B Higher Level (HL) 

Studies in language (other than English) and literature:
A: literature Standard Level (HL
A: literature Higher Level (HL)
A: language and literature Standard Level (SL)
A: language and literature Higher Level (HL)

  • GCE A-level or O-level Exam in a language other than English - Score A, B, or C
  • Foreign Service Institute (FSI) or Defense Language Institute (DLI) exam - Score 1-5

Satisfying Foreign Language with a Berkeley Course

There are three options for satisfying Foreign Language at Berkeley:

(1) Completion of second semester or higher of foreign language instruction with a C- or higher.

AFRICAM 7BElementary Wolof4
AFRICAM 8AIntermediate Wolof4
AFRICAM 8BIntermediate Wolof4
AFRICAM 9AAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 9BAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 10AIntermediate Swahili4
AFRICAM 10BIntermediate Swahili4
AFRICAM 11BElementary Swahili4
AFRICAM 12Intensive Elementary Swahili8
AFRICAM 13BElementary Zulu4
AFRICAM 14AIntermediate Zulu4
AFRICAM 14BIntermediate Zulu4
AFRICAM 15AAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 15BAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 19AAdvanced Zulu4
AFRICAM 19BAdvanced Zulu4
AFRICAM 30BElementary Chichewa4
AFRICAM 31AIntermediate Chichewa4
AFRICAM 31BIntermediate Chichewa4
ARABIC 1BElementary Arabic5
ARABIC 20AIntermediate Arabic5
ARABIC 20BIntermediate Arabic5
ARABIC 30Intermediate Arabic10
ARABIC 100AAdvanced Arabic3
ARABIC 100BAdvanced Arabic3
ARMENI 1BIntroductory Armenian3
ARMENI 101AContinuing Armenian3
ARMENI 101BContinuing Armenian3
BANGLA 1BIntroductory Bengali5
BANGLA 101AIntermediate Bengali5
BANGLA 101BIntermediate Bengali5
BOSCRSR 27BIntroductory Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian4
BOSCRSR 117AContinuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian4
BOSCRSR 117BContinuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian4
BURMESE 1BIntroductory Burmese5
CELTIC 85Intermediate Modern Irish4
CELTIC 86Intermediate Modern Welsh4
CELTIC 102BAdvanced Breton4
CELTIC 144AModern Welsh Level 34
CELTIC 144BModern Welsh Level 44
CELTIC 145AIntermediate Irish Language4
CELTIC 145BModern Irish Level Four4
CHICANO 5Intensive Elementary Spanish Language and Latin American Culture5
CHICANO 10Intensive Intermediate Spanish Language and Mexican Culture5
CHINESE 1Intensive Elementary Chinese10
CHINESE 1BElementary Chinese5
CHINESE 1XElementary Chinese for Mandarin Speakers4
CHINESE 1YElementary Chinese for Dialect Speakers5
CHINESE 10Intensive Intermediate Chinese10
CHINESE 10AIntermediate Chinese5
CHINESE 10BIntermediate Chinese5
CHINESE 10XIntermediate Chinese for Mandarin Speakers4
CHINESE 10YIntermediate Chinese for Dialect Speakers5
CHINESE 100AAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 100BAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 100XAAdvanced Chinese for Mandarin Speakers4
CHINESE 100XBAdvanced Chinese for Mandarin Speakers4
CHINESE 100YAAdvanced Chinese for Dialect Speakers5
CHINESE 100YBAdvanced Chinese for Dialect Speakers5
COM LIT 112BModern Greek Composition4
CUNEIF 100BElementary Akkadian5
CUNEIF 102BElementary Sumerian4
CUNEIF 106BElementary Hittite4
CZECH 26BIntroductory Czech4
CZECH 116AContinuing Czech4
CZECH 116BContinuing Czech4
DANISH 1BBeginning Danish4
DUTCH 2Elementary Dutch5
DUTCH 110Advanced Dutch4
DUTCH 125Conversation and Composition4
EGYPT 100BElementary Egyptian5
EGYPT 101AIntermediate Egyptian3
EGYPT 101BIntermediate Egyptian3
EGYPT 102BElementary Coptic4
FILIPN 1BIntroductory Filipino5
FILIPN W1YIntroductory Filipino for Heritage Learners Online5
FILIPN 100AIntermediate Filipino5
FILIPN 100BIntermediate Filipino5
FILIPN W100AIntermediate Filipino Online5
FILIPN W100BIntermediate Filipino Online5
FILIPN 101AAdvanced Filipino3
FILIPN 101BAdvanced Filipino3
FILIPN W101AAdvanced Filipino Online3
FILIPN W101BAdvanced Filipino Online3
FINNISH 1BBeginning Finnish4
FINNISH 102AIntermediate Finnish4
FINNISH 102BIntermediate Finnish4
FRENCH 2Elementary French5
FRENCH 3Intermediate French5
FRENCH 4Advanced Intermediate French5
FRENCH 102Reading and Writing Skills in French4
GERMAN 2Elementary German 25
GERMAN 3Intermediate German I5
GERMAN 4Intermediate German II5
GERMAN 101Advanced German: Conversation, Composition and Style3
GERMAN 102AAdvanced Language Practice: German Performance3
GREEK 2Elementary Greek4
HEBREW 1BElementary Hebrew5
HEBREW 10Intensive Elementary Hebrew10
HEBREW 20AIntermediate Hebrew5
HEBREW 20BIntermediate Hebrew5
HEBREW 100AAdvanced Hebrew3
HEBREW 100BAdvanced Hebrew3
HINDI 1BIntroductory Hindi5
HINDI 100AIntermediate Hindi4
HINDI 100BIntermediate Hindi4
HINDI 101AReadings in Modern Hindi3
HINDI 101BReadings in Modern Hindi3
HUNGARI 1BIntroductory Hungarian3,4
ICELAND 1BBeginning Icelandic II4
ITALIAN 1RIntensive Italian for Romance Languages Speakers5
ITALIAN 1SIntensive Italian for Romance Languages Speakers6
ITALIAN 2Elementary Italian5
ITALIAN 3Intermediate Italian5
ITALIAN 4Intermediate Italian5
ITALIAN 12Advanced Conversational Italian3
ITALIAN N12Italian Conversation II3
ITALIAN 101Advanced Writing Workshop4
ITALIAN 101AAdvanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition4
ITALIAN 101BAdvanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition4
JAPAN 1Intensive Elementary Japanese10
JAPAN 1BElementary Japanese5
JAPAN 10Intensive Intermediate Japanese10
JAPAN 10AIntermediate Japanese5
JAPAN 10BIntermediate Japanese5
JAPAN 10XIntermediate Japanese for Heritage Learners5
JAPAN 100Intensive Advanced Japanese10
JAPAN 100AAdvanced Japanese5
JAPAN 100BAdvanced Japanese5
JAPAN 100XAdvanced Japanese for Heritage Learners5
KHMER 1BIntroductory Khmer5
KHMER 100AIntermediate Khmer5
KHMER 100BIntermediate Khmer5
KHMER 101AAdvanced Khmer3
KHMER 101BAdvanced Khmer3
KOREAN 1Intensive Elementary Korean10
KOREAN 1BElementary Korean5
KOREAN 1BXElementary Korean for Heritage Speakers5
KOREAN 10Intensive Intermediate Korean10
KOREAN 10AIntermediate Korean5
KOREAN 10AXIntermediate Korean for Heritage Speakers5
KOREAN 10BIntermediate Korean5
KOREAN 10BXIntermediate Korean for Heritage Speakers5
KOREAN 100AAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 100AXAdvanced Korean for Heritage Speakers4
KOREAN 100BAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 100BXAdvanced Korean for Heritage Speakers4
LATIN 2Elementary Latin4
LINGUIS 1BAmerican Sign Language II5
LINGUIS 2AAmerican Sign Language 35
MONGOLN 1BElementary Mongolian5
NORWEGN 1BBeginning Norwegian4
PERSIAN 1BElementary Modern Persian5
PERSIAN 10Intensive Elementary Persian10
PERSIAN 20Intensive Intermediate Persian10
PERSIAN 20AIntermediate Modern Persian5
PERSIAN 20BIntermediate Modern Persian5
PERSIAN 100AAdvanced Persian3
PERSIAN 100BAdvanced Persian3
POLISH 25BIntroductory Polish4
POLISH 115AContinuing Polish4
POLISH 115BContinuing Polish4
PORTUG 50Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers4
PORTUG 102Readings in Portuguese4
PUNJABI 1BIntroductory Punjabi5
PUNJABI 15Intensive Elementary Punjabi10
PUNJABI 100AIntermediate Punjabi5
PUNJABI 100BIntermediate Punjabi5
RUSSIAN 2Elementary Russian5
RUSSIAN 3Intermediate Russian5
RUSSIAN 4Intermediate Russian5
RUSSIAN 6AIntroductory Russian for Heritage Speakers3
RUSSIAN 6BIntroductory Russian for Heritage Speakers3
RUSSIAN 103AAdvanced Russian4
RUSSIAN 103BAdvanced Russian4
SANSKR 100BElementary Sanskrit5
SANSKR 101AIntermediate Sanskrit: Epic and Puracic Sanskrit5
SANSKR 101BIntermediate Sanskrit: Sastraic (Scientific) Sanskrit5
SCANDIN 100AIntermediate Scandinavian Languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)4
SEMITIC 100BAramaic3
SPANISH 2Elementary Spanish5
SPANISH 3Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH N3Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH 4Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH N4Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH 15Intensive Beginning Spanish Workshop10
SPANISH 21Spanish for Bilingual Students, First Course3
SPANISH 22Spanish for Bilingual Students, Second Course3
SPANISH 25Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts3
SPANISH 100Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics4
SWEDISH 1BBeginning Swedish4
TAMIL 1BIntroductory Tamil5
TELUGU 1BElementary Telugu4
THAI 1BIntroduction to Thai5
THAI 100AIntermediate Thai5
THAI 100BIntermediate Thai5
THAI 101AAdvanced Thai3
THAI 101BAdvanced Thai3
TIBETAN 1BElementary Tibetan5
TIBETAN 10AIntermediate Tibetan3
TIBETAN 10BIntermediate Tibetan3
TIBETAN 110AIntensive Readings in Tibetan4
TIBETAN 110BIntensive Readings in Tibetan4
TURKISH 1BElementary Modern Turkish5
TURKISH 10Elementary Turkish10
TURKISH 100AIntermediate Modern Turkish5
TURKISH 100BIntermediate Modern Turkish5
TURKISH 101AReadings in Modern Turkish3
TURKISH 101BReadings in Modern Turkish3
URDU 1BIntroductory Urdu5
URDU 100AIntermediate Urdu4
URDU 100BIntermediate Urdu4
VIETNMS 1BIntroductory Vietnamese5
VIETNMS 15Intensive Introductory Vietnamese10
VIETNMS 100AIntermediate Vietnamese5
VIETNMS 100BIntermediate Vietnamese5
VIETNMS 101AAdvanced Vietnamese3
VIETNMS 101BAdvanced Vietnamese3
YIDDISH 102Intermediate Yiddish5

(2) Completion of a pre-approved breadth course that is taught in a language other than English and requires an advanced language instruction course as a prerequisite. For this option, students may use the course to fulfill Foreign Language and one of the approved Seven-Course Breadth areas, provided the course is completed with a letter grade of C- or higher:

AFRICAM 9AAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 9BAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 15AAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 15BAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 19AAdvanced Zulu4
AFRICAM 19BAdvanced Zulu4
ARABIC 100AAdvanced Arabic3
ARABIC 100BAdvanced Arabic3
ARABIC 104BClassical Arabic Prose3
ARABIC 105BClassical Arabic Poetry3
ARABIC 107Arabic Historical and Geographical Texts3
ARABIC 108Islamic Religious and Philosophical Texts in Arabic3
ARABIC 111ASurvey of Arabic Literature (in Arabic)3
ARABIC 111BSurvey of Arabic Literature (in Arabic)3
ARMENI 102Advanced Readings in Specialized Armenian4
BUDDSTD C140Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts4
BUDDSTD C141Introductory Readings in Japanese Buddhist Texts4
CELTIC 102BAdvanced Breton4
CHINESE 100AAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 100BAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 101Fourth-Year Chinese Readings: Literature4
CHINESE 102Fourth-Year Chinese Readings: Social Sciences and History4
CHINESE 110Introduction to Literary Chinese8
CHINESE 110AIntroduction to Literary Chinese4
CHINESE 110BIntroduction to Literary Chinese4
CHINESE 111Fifth-Year Readings: Reading and Analysis of Advanced Chinese Texts4
CHINESE 112Fifth-Year Readings: Chinese for Research and Professional Use4
CHINESE 120Ancient Chinese Prose4
CHINESE 122Ancient Chinese Poetry4
CHINESE 134Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry4
CHINESE 136Readings in Medieval Prose4
CHINESE C140Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts4
CHINESE 153Reading Taiwan4
CHINESE 155Readings in Vernacular Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 156Modern Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 157Contemporary Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 158Reading Chinese Cities4
CHINESE 159Cities and the Country4
CHINESE 161Structure of the Chinese Language4
CHINESE 165History of the Chinese Language4
CZECH 163Advanced Reading Tutorials in Czech3
DUTCH 125Conversation and Composition4
FILIPN 101AAdvanced Filipino3
FILIPN 101BAdvanced Filipino3
FILIPN W101AAdvanced Filipino Online3
FILIPN W101BAdvanced Filipino Online3
FRENCH 4Advanced Intermediate French5
FRENCH 102Reading and Writing Skills in French4
FRENCH 103ALanguage and Culture4
FRENCH 103BLanguage and Culture4
FRENCH 112AMedieval Literature4
FRENCH 112BMedieval Literature4
FRENCH 114ALate Medieval Literature4
FRENCH 116ASixteenth-Century Literature: Marot to Montaigne4
FRENCH 117ASeventeenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 117BSeventeenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 118AEighteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 118BEighteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 119ANineteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 119BNineteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 120ATwentieth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 120BTwentieth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 121ALiterary Themes, Genres, and Structures4
FRENCH 121BLiterary Themes, Genres, and Structures4
FRENCH 123Prose Fiction4
FRENCH 125APoetics and Poetry4
FRENCH 126Senior Seminar4
FRENCH 139Creative Writing in French4
FRENCH 141French Studies in an International Context4
FRENCH 150AWomen in French Literature4
FRENCH 150BWomen in French Literature4
FRENCH 151AFrancophone Literature4
FRENCH 151BFrancophone Literature4
FRENCH 170French Films4
FRENCH 172APsychoanalytic Theory and Literature4
FRENCH 174Music and Literature4
FRENCH 175ALiterature and the Visual Arts4
FRENCH 176Philosophy and Literature4
FRENCH 185Literature and Colonialism4
GERMAN 101Advanced German: Conversation, Composition and Style3
GERMAN 102AAdvanced Language Practice: German Performance3
GERMAN 102DAdvanced Language Practice: Popular Culture in Germany3
HEBREW 100AAdvanced Hebrew3
HEBREW 100BAdvanced Hebrew3
HEBREW 104AModern Hebrew Literature and Culture3
HEBREW 104BModern Hebrew Literature and Culture3
HINDI 101AReadings in Modern Hindi3
HINDI 101BReadings in Modern Hindi3
ITALIAN 101Advanced Writing Workshop4
ITALIAN 101AAdvanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition4
ITALIAN 101BAdvanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition4
ITALIAN 102Italian through the Arts4
JAPAN 100AAdvanced Japanese5
JAPAN 100BAdvanced Japanese5
JAPAN 102Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Culture4
JAPAN 103Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Literature4
JAPAN 111Fifth-Year Readings: Reading and Analysis of Advanced Japanese Texts4
JAPAN 120Introduction to Classical Japanese4
JAPAN 130Classical Japanese Poetry4
JAPAN 132Premodern Japanese Diary (Nikki) Literature4
JAPAN 140Heian Prose4
JAPAN C141Introductory Readings in Japanese Buddhist Texts4
JAPAN 144Edo Literature4
JAPAN 159Contemporary Japanese Literature4
KHMER 101AAdvanced Khmer3
KHMER 101BAdvanced Khmer3
KOREAN 100AAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 100BAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 101Fourth-Year Readings: Korean Literature4
KOREAN 102Fourth-Year Readings: Korean Social Sciences and History4
KOREAN 130Genre and Occasion in Traditional Poetry4
KOREAN 150Modern Korean Poetry4
KOREAN 153Readings in Modern Korean Literature4
KOREAN 155Modern Korean Fiction4
KOREAN 157Contemporary Korean Literature4
PERSIAN 100AAdvanced Persian3
PERSIAN 100BAdvanced Persian3
PERSIAN 101AReadings in Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 101BReadings in Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 102AReadings in Classical Persian Prose3
PERSIAN 102BReadings in Classical Persian Prose3
PERSIAN 103AClassical Persian Poetry3
PERSIAN 103BClassical Persian Poetry3
PERSIAN 104AContemporary Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 104BContemporary Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 105Modern Analytical Prose in Persian3
RUSSIAN 103AAdvanced Russian4
RUSSIAN 103BAdvanced Russian4
RUSSIAN 105AAdvanced Russian/English/Russian Translation3
RUSSIAN 105BAdvanced Russian/English/Russian Translation3
SPANISH 25Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts3
SPANISH 100Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics4
SPANISH 102AAdvanced Grammar and Composition4
SPANISH 102CAdvanced Writing Workshop4
SPANISH N102CAdvanced Composition: Breaking News: The Present and Past as Told by the Press3
SPANISH 107ASurvey of Spanish Literature4
SPANISH 107BSurvey of Spanish Literature4
SPANISH 109Spanish Drama of the 16th and 17th Centuries4
SPANISH 111ACervantes4
SPANISH 111BCervantes4
SPANISH 115Spanish Poetry4
SPANISH 135Studies in Hispanic Literature4
SPANISH 135WStudies in Hispanic Literature - Writing Intensive4
THAI 101AAdvanced Thai3
THAI 101BAdvanced Thai3
TURKISH 101AReadings in Modern Turkish3
TURKISH 101BReadings in Modern Turkish3
URDU 101BAdvanced Urdu3
VIETNMS 101AAdvanced Vietnamese3
VIETNMS 101BAdvanced Vietnamese3

(3) Proficiency exam issued by a UC faculty. Note: Not all language departments/faculty administer proficiency exams. Check with the department for your language of interest to confirm that this option is available.The faculty administering the exam must issue the results on UC departmental letterhead, and confirm proficiency (i.e. C- or higher) in reading, writing, speaking and listening at a level equivalent to what the student would have otherwise achieved by completion of instruction through the second semester (or third quarter) of instruction in a language other than English.

Satisfying Foreign Language with a Transfer Course

All transfer courses pursued for Foreign Language must be completed with a C- or higher. 

  • Students admitted with IGETC Certification or UC Reciprocity have satisfied Foreign Language. No additional course work is required.
  • Continuing Berkeley students who have already completed course work at Berkeley may pursue a pre-approved course for Foreign Language at a California Community College during the summer, or while not enrolled at Berkeley during a fall or spring term. To identify pre-approved courses for Foreign Language, use
  • Transfer courses from accredited higher education institutions may also be considered. Talk to an L&S College Adviser or email ( for more information.
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