Arts and Literature

This page was updated on Friday, August 28, 2015.

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the Arts and Literature area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

AFRICAM 4AAfrica: History and Culture4
AFRICAM 5AAfrican American Life and Culture in the United States4
AFRICAM 5BAfrican American Life and Culture in the United States4
AFRICAM 39GFreshman/Sophmore Seminar 12-4
AFRICAM 100Black Intellectual Thought4
AFRICAM 142AThird World Cinema4
AFRICAM 142ACRace and American Film4
AFRICAM 150BAfrican American Literature 1920 to Present3
AFRICAM N150BSurvey of African American Literary Forms and Styles 1920 to 19803
AFRICAM 152FNeo-Slave Narratives3
AFRICAM 153CNovels of Toni Morrison3
AFRICAM 155Literature of the Caribbean: Significant Themes4
AFRICAM 156ACPoetry for the People: Introduction to the Art of Poetry4
AFRICAM 158APoetry for the People: The Writing and Teaching of Poetry4
AFRICAM 158BPoetry for the People: Practicum4
AFRICAM 159Special Topics in African American Literature3-4
AMERSTD C10Introduction to American Studies: Hollywood: the Place, the Industry, the Fantasy4
AMERSTD C111ETopics in American Studies4
AMERSTD C112FThe American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
AMERSTD C174Visual Autobiography4
ANTHRO 129ATopical Areas in Archaeology: Prehistoric Art4
ANTHRO 160ACForms of Folklore4
ANTHRO 162Topics in Folklore4
ANTHRO C146Mobile City Chronicles: Gaming with New Technologies of Detection and Security5
ARABIC 104AModern Arabic Prose3
ARABIC 104BClassical Arabic Prose3
ARABIC 105AModern Arabic Poetry3
ARABIC 105BClassical Arabic Poetry3
ARABIC 108Islamic Religious and Philosophical Texts in Arabic3
ARABIC 111ASurvey of Arabic Literature (in Arabic)3
ARABIC 111BSurvey of Arabic Literature (in Arabic)3
ARCH 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
ARCH 100AFundamentals of Architectural Design6
ARCH 100BFundamentals of Architectural Design6
ARCH 100CArchitectural Design III5
ARCH 100DArchitectural Design IV5
ARCH 101Case Studies in Architecture5
ARCH 109Special Topics in Architectural Design 11-4
ARCH 109ASeminar in Architectural Theory 11-4
ARCH 160Introduction to Construction4
ARCH 170AAn Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism4
ARCH 170BAn Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism4
ARCH 173Case Studies in Modern Architecture3
ARCH C174Architecture in Depression and War4
ARCH 175Introduction to Architectural Theory 1945-Present3
ART 12The Language of Drawing4
ART N12The Language of Drawing3
ART 13Language of Painting4
ART N13Language of Painting3
ART 14The Language of Sculpture4
ART 15The Language of Sculpture: Ceramics4
ART 16Introduction to Printmaking4
ART 21Digital Photography: The Image and the Hive Mind4
ART 23ACFoundations of American Cyber-Culture4
ART N23Digital Media Foundation3
ART W23ACData Arts4
ART 26Moving Image Media Production4
ART 100Collaborative Innovation4
ART 102Approaches to Painting4
ART N102Approaches to Painting3
ART 117Drawing and Composition4
ART N117Drawing and Composition3
ART 118Figure Drawing4
ART 119Global Perspectives in Contemporary Art4
ART 120Approaches to Printmaking: Intaglio4
ART 122Approaches to Printmaking: Lithography4
ART 123The Language of Printmaking-Screenprinting4
ART 124Advanced Projects in Printmaking4
ART 130Approaches to Sculpture: Concept and Construction4
ART 132Approaches to Sculpture: Ceramics4
ART 133Approaches to Sculpture: Meaning in Material4
ART 137Advanced Projects in Ceramic Sculpture4
ART 138Approaches to Sculpture: Installations4
ART 141Temporal Structures: Video and Performance Art4
ART 142New Genres4
ART 160Special Topics in Visual Studies4
ART N160Foundations of Digital Photography4
ART 162Issues in Cultural Display: Studio and Post-Studio Art Practices4
ART 163Social Practice: The Artist in Body & Site4
ART 164Art and Meditation4
ART 165Art, Medicine, and Disabilities4
ART 171Digital Video: The Architecture of Time4
ART C171Digital Video: The Architecture of Time4
ART N171Digital Video: The Architecture of Time4
ART 172CGI Animation Studies4
ART 173Sound Art4
ART 174Advanced Digital Video4
ART 178Game Design Methods4
ART C179Mobile City Chronicles: Gaming with New Technologies of Detection and Security5
ART 180Advanced Digital Photography4
ART 184Junior Seminar: Meaning and Making4
ART 185Senior Projects/Professional Practices4
ASAMST 171Asian Americans in Film and Video4
ASAMST 172Asian American Literature4
ASAMST 173Creative Writing4
ASAMST 175Contemporary Narratives on the Philippines and the United States3
ASAMST 176Genre in Asian American Literature4
ASAMST 177Asian American Art: Remapping Modernity: Art and Artists in the 20th Century3
ASAMST 181Chinese American Literature4
ASAMST 183Korean American Literature4
BUDDSTD C140Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts4
CELTIC 119AWelsh and Arthurian Literature of the Middle Ages4
CELTIC 125Irish Literature in Translation4
CELTIC 129Aspects of Modern Celtic Cultures and Folklore4
CELTIC 138Irish Literature4
CELTIC 139Irish Literature4
CELTIC 146AMedieval Welsh Language and Literature4
CELTIC 146BMedieval Welsh Language and Literature4
CELTIC C168Celtic Mythology and Oral Tradition4
CELTIC 171Celtic Romanticism4
CHICANO 20Introduction to Chicano Culture4
CHICANO 40Introduction to Chicano Literature in English4
CHICANO 130Mexican and Chicano Art History3
CHICANO 133Chicano Music4
CHICANO 135ALatino Narrative Film: to the 1980s4
CHICANO 135BLatino Narrative Film Since 19904
CHICANO 135CLatino Documentary Film4
CHICANO 141Chicana Feminist Writers and Discourse4
CHICANO 142Major Chicano Writers4
CHICANO 143Chicano and Latin American Literature3
CHINESE 7AIntroduction to Premodern Chinese Literature and Culture4
CHINESE 7BIntroduction to Modern Chinese Literature and Culture4
CHINESE 101Fourth-Year Chinese Readings: Literature4
CHINESE 110Introduction to Literary Chinese8
CHINESE 110AIntroduction to Literary Chinese4
CHINESE 110BIntroduction to Literary Chinese4
CHINESE 111Fifth-Year Readings: Reading and Analysis of Advanced Chinese Texts4
CHINESE 112Fifth-Year Readings: Chinese for Research and Professional Use4
CHINESE 120Ancient Chinese Prose4
CHINESE 122Ancient Chinese Poetry4
CHINESE 134Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry4
CHINESE 136Readings in Medieval Prose4
CHINESE C140Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts4
CHINESE 153Reading Taiwan4
CHINESE 155Readings in Vernacular Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 156Modern Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 157Contemporary Chinese Literature4
CHINESE 158Reading Chinese Cities4
CHINESE 159Cities and the Country4
CHINESE 172Contemporary Chinese Language Cinema4
CHINESE 176Bad Emperors: Fantasies of Sovereignty and Transgression in the Chinese Tradition4
CHINESE 179Exploring Premodern Chinese Novels4
CHINESE 180The Story of the Stone4
CHINESE C184Sonic Culture in China4
CHINESE 186Confucius and His Interpreters4
CHINESE 187Literature and Media Culture in Taiwan4
CHINESE 188Popular Culture in 20th-Century China4
CHINESE 189Chinese Landscapes: Space, Place, and Travel4
CLASSIC 10AIntroduction to Greek Civilization4
CLASSIC 10BIntroduction to Roman Civilization4
CLASSIC 17AIntroduction to the Archaeology of the Greek World4
CLASSIC 17BIntroduction to the Archaeology of the Roman World4
CLASSIC 34Epic Poetry: Homer and Vergil4
CLASSIC 35Greek Tragedy4
CLASSIC 39HFreshman/Sophomore Seminar4
CLASSIC 39JFreshman/Sophomore Seminar4
CLASSIC R44Roots of Western Civilization5
CLASSIC 124Classical Poetics4
CLASSIC 161Gender, Sexuality, and Culture in the Ancient World4
CLASSIC 170AClassical Archaeology: Greek Vase Painting4
CLASSIC 170CClassical Archaeology: Greek Architecture4
CLASSIC 170DClassical Archaeology: Roman Art and Architecture4
CLASSIC 175ATopography and Monuments: Athens4
CLASSIC 175DTopography and Monuments: Pompeii and Herculaneum4
CLASSIC 175FTopography and Monuments: Roman Wall Painting4
CLASSIC 175GTopography and Monuments: Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt4
COLWRIT N2Writing the Bridge: From High School to the University3
COLWRIT 105Intermediate Writing: Finding Your Voice with Others3
COLWRIT 106Intermediate Composition: Argument in the Disciplines3
COLWRIT 108Advanced Composition: New Media3
COLWRIT 110Advanced Composition: Challenging Writing4
COM LIT N40Women and Literature3
COM LIT 20Episodes in Literary Cultures4
COM LIT 39HFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
COM LIT 41DIntroduction to Literary Forms: Forms of the Drama4
COM LIT N41AIntroduction to Literary Forms: The Epic3
COM LIT N41BIntroduction to Literary Forms: The Lyric3
COM LIT N41CIntroduction to Literary Forms: The Novel3
COM LIT N41DIntroduction to Literary Forms: The Drama3
COM LIT 41CIntroduction to Literary Forms: Forms of the Novel4
COM LIT 41EIntroduction to Literary Forms: Forms of the Cinema4
COM LIT 60ACTopics in the Literature of American Cultures4
COM LIT N60ACTopics in the Literature of American Cultures3
COM LIT 100Introduction to Comparative Literature4
COM LIT 120The Biblical Tradition in Western Literature4
COM LIT 151The Ancient Mediterranean World4
COM LIT 152The Middle Ages4
COM LIT 153The Renaissance4
COM LIT 154Eighteenth- and 19th-Century Literature4
COM LIT 155The Modern Period4
COM LIT 156Fiction and Culture of the Americas4
COM LIT 165Myth and Literature4
COM LIT 170Special Topics in Comparative Literature 11-4
COM LIT 171Topics in Modern Greek Literature4
DUTCH 140Topics in Dutch Literature3
DUTCH 166Anne Frank and After: Dutch Literature of the Holocaust in English Translation4
DUTCH 177The Amsterdam-Brussels Connection: The Art, History, and Literature of the Netherlands and Flanders6
EA LANG 105Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asian Premodern Literature and Contemporary Film4
EA LANG 106Expressing the Ineffable in China and Beyond: The Making of Meaning in Poetic Writing4
EA LANG 180East Asian Film: Directors and their Contexts4
EA LANG 181East Asian Film: Special Topics in Genre4
ENGLISH 17Shakespeare4
ENGLISH 20Modern British and American Literature4
ENGLISH 25English as a Language4
ENGLISH 26Introduction to the Study of Poetry4
ENGLISH 27Introduction to the Study of Fiction4
ENGLISH 28Introduction to the Study of Drama4
ENGLISH 31ACLiterature of American Cultures4
ENGLISH 33African American Literature and Culture4
ENGLISH 37Chicana/o Literature and Culture4
ENGLISH 43AIntroduction to the Writing of Short Fiction4
ENGLISH 43BIntroduction to the Writing of Verse4
ENGLISH 45ALiterature in English: Through Milton4
ENGLISH 45BLiterature in English: The Late-17th through the Mid-19th Century4
ENGLISH 45CLiterature in English: The Mid-19th through the 20th Century4
ENGLISH C77Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENGLISH 80KChildren's Literature4
ENGLISH 101The History of the English Language4
ENGLISH 102Topics in the English Language4
ENGLISH 104Introduction to Old English4
ENGLISH 105Anglo-Saxon England4
ENGLISH C107The English Bible As Literature4
ENGLISH N107English Bible as Literature3
ENGLISH 110Medieval Literature4
ENGLISH 111Chaucer4
ENGLISH 112Middle English Literature4
ENGLISH 114AEnglish Drama4
ENGLISH 114BEnglish Drama4
ENGLISH N114AEnglish Drama3
ENGLISH N114BEnglish Drama3
ENGLISH 115AThe English Renaissance4
ENGLISH 115BThe English Renaissance4
ENGLISH N115AThe English Renaissance3
ENGLISH N115BThe English Renaissance3
ENGLISH 116Backgrounds of English Literature in the Continental Renaissance4
ENGLISH 117AShakespeare4
ENGLISH 117BShakespeare4
ENGLISH 117FShakespeare and Film4
ENGLISH 117JShakespeare4
ENGLISH 117SShakespeare4
ENGLISH 117TShakespeare in the Theatre4
ENGLISH N117SShakespeare3
ENGLISH 118Milton4
ENGLISH N118Milton3
ENGLISH 119Literature of the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century4
ENGLISH 120Literature of the Later 18th Century4
ENGLISH 121Romantic Period4
ENGLISH N121Romantic Period3
ENGLISH 122Victorian Period4
ENGLISH 125AThe English Novel4
ENGLISH 125BThe English Novel4
ENGLISH 125CThe European Novel4
ENGLISH 125DThe 20th-Century Novel4
ENGLISH 125EThe Contemporary Novel4
ENGLISH N125BThe English Novel3
ENGLISH N125DThe 20th-Century Novel3
ENGLISH N125EThe Contemporary Novel3
ENGLISH 126British Literature: 1900-19454
ENGLISH 127Modern Poetry4
ENGLISH 128Modern Drama4
ENGLISH 130AAmerican Literature: Before 18004
ENGLISH 130BAmerican Literature: 1800-18654
ENGLISH 130CAmerican Literature: 1865-19004
ENGLISH 130DAmerican Literature: 1900-19454
ENGLISH N130AAmerican Literature: Before 18003
ENGLISH N130BAmerican Literature: 1800-18653
ENGLISH N130DAmerican Literature: 1900-19453
ENGLISH 131American Poetry4
ENGLISH 132American Novel4
ENGLISH N132American Novel3
ENGLISH 133AAfrican American Literature and Culture Before 19174
ENGLISH 133BAfrican American Literature and Culture Since 19174
ENGLISH 133TTopics in African American Literature and Culture4
ENGLISH 134Contemporary Literature4
ENGLISH N134Contemporary Literature3
ENGLISH 135ACLiterature of American Cultures4
ENGLISH N135Literature of American Cultures3
ENGLISH S135Literature of American Cultures3
ENGLISH C136Topics in American Studies4
ENGLISH 137AChicana/o Literature and Culture to 19104
ENGLISH 137BChicana/o Literature and Culture Since 19104
ENGLISH 137TTopics in Chicana/o Literature and Culture4
ENGLISH 138Studies in World Literature in English4
ENGLISH 139The Cultures of English4
ENGLISH 141Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, Etc.)4
ENGLISH N141Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, Etc.)3
ENGLISH 143AShort Fiction4
ENGLISH 143BVerse4
ENGLISH 143CLong Narrative4
ENGLISH 143DExpository and Critical Writing4
ENGLISH 143EPlaywriting4
ENGLISH 143NProse Nonfiction4
ENGLISH 143TPoetry Translation Workshop4
ENGLISH C143VVisual Autobiography4
ENGLISH 152Women Writers4
ENGLISH N152Women Writers3
ENGLISH 160Methods and Materials of Literary Criticism4
ENGLISH 161Introduction to Literary Theory4
ENGLISH 165Special Topics4
ENGLISH 165ACSpecial Topics in American Cultures4
ENGLISH 166Special Topics4
ENGLISH 166ACSpecial Topics in American Cultures4
ENGLISH N166Special Topics3
ENGLISH 170Literature and the Arts4
ENGLISH 171Literature and Sexual Identity4
ENGLISH 172Literature and Psychology4
ENGLISH 173The Language and Literature of Films4
ENGLISH N173The Language and Literature of Films3
ENGLISH 174Literature and History4
ENGLISH 175Literature and Disability4
ENGLISH 176Literature and Popular Culture4
ENGLISH N176Literature and Popular Culture3
ENGLISH 177Literature and Philosophy4
ENGLISH N177Literature and Philosophy3
ENGLISH 178British and American Folklore4
ENGLISH 179Literature and Linguistics4
ENGLISH 180AAutobiography4
ENGLISH 180CComedy4
ENGLISH 180EThe Epic4
ENGLISH 180HShort Story4
ENGLISH 180JThe Essay4
ENGLISH 180LLyric Verse4
ENGLISH 180NThe Novel4
ENGLISH 180RThe Romance4
ENGLISH 180SSatire4
ENGLISH 180TTragedy4
ENGLISH 180ZScience Fiction4
ENGLISH N180AAutobiography3
ENGLISH N180HShort Story3
ENGLISH N180ZScience Fiction3
ENGLISH 190Research Seminar4
ENV DES 4ADesign and Activism3
ESPM C12Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ETH STD 100Comparative Ethnic Literature in America4
ETH STD 101BHumanities Methods in Ethnic Studies4
ETH STD 122ACEthnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films4
ETH STD 174Existential Panic in American Ethnic Literature4
ETH STD 175Literature from Ethnic Movements4
ETH STD 176Against the Grain: Ethnic American Art and Artists4
FILM 20Film and Media Cultures4
FILM 25AThe History of Film4
FILM 25BThe History of Film4
FILM 50Introduction to Film for Nonmajors4
FILM 75Postmodernism and Film3
FILM 100History of Film Theory4
FILM 105Senior Seminar4
FILM 108Special Topics in Film Genre4
FILM C115The American Detective in Fiction, Film, and Television4
FILM 128Documentary4
FILM 129History of Avant-Garde Film4
FILM 140Special Topics in Film4
FILM 151Auteur Theory4
FILM 160National Cinema4
FILM 180Introduction to Screenwriting4
FILM 181Screenwriting4
FILM 184Documentary and Nonfiction Film Production4
FILM 185Narrative Production4
FILM 185ADigital Video: The Architecture of Time4
FILM C185Digital Video: The Architecture of Time4
FILM 187Special Topics in Media Production4
FRENCH 103ALanguage and Culture4
FRENCH 103BLanguage and Culture4
FRENCH 112AMedieval Literature4
FRENCH 112BMedieval Literature4
FRENCH 114ALate Medieval Literature4
FRENCH 116ASixteenth-Century Literature: Marot to Montaigne4
FRENCH 117ASeventeenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 117BSeventeenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 118AEighteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 118BEighteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 119ANineteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 119BNineteenth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 120ATwentieth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 120BTwentieth-Century Literature4
FRENCH 121ALiterary Themes, Genres, and Structures4
FRENCH 121BLiterary Themes, Genres, and Structures4
FRENCH 122ALiterary Criticism4
FRENCH 122BLiterary Criticism4
FRENCH 123Prose Fiction4
FRENCH 140AFrench Literature in English Translation4
FRENCH 140BFrench Literature in English Translation4
FRENCH 140CFrench Literature in English Translation4
FRENCH 140DFrench Literature in English Translation4
FRENCH 141French Studies in an International Context4
FRENCH 145History of the French Language4
FRENCH 150AWomen in French Literature4
FRENCH 150BWomen in French Literature4
FRENCH 151AFrancophone Literature4
FRENCH 151BFrancophone Literature4
FRENCH 170French Films4
FRENCH 172APsychoanalytic Theory and Literature4
FRENCH 174Music and Literature4
FRENCH 175ALiterature and the Visual Arts4
FRENCH 177AHistory and Criticism of Film4
FRENCH 177BHistory and Criticism of Film4
FRENCH 178AStudies in French Film4
FRENCH 178BStudies in French Film4
FRENCH 180AFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180BFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180CFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180DFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 185Literature and Colonialism4
GERMAN C25Revolutionary Thinking: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud4
GERMAN 39AFreshman Seminar3
GERMAN 39HFreshman Seminar3
GERMAN 39LFreshman Seminar3
GERMAN 100Introduction to Reading Culture3
GERMAN 101Advanced German: Conversation, Composition and Style3
GERMAN 102AAdvanced Language Practice: German Performance3
GERMAN 105Middle High German for Undergraduates3
GERMAN C109Language and Power4
GERMAN 110The Literature of the Middle Ages3
GERMAN 112Early Modern Literature3
GERMAN C113Western Mysticism: Religion, Art, and Literature4
GERMAN 123From 1800 to the Present3
GERMAN 140Romanticism3
GERMAN 151Eighteenth- to 21st-Century German Poetry3
GERMAN 152Modern Literature3
GERMAN 175BUndergraduate Seminars: 20th-Century Poetry3
GERMAN 182German Cinema in Exile4
GERMAN 186Transnational Cinemas4
GREEK 100Plato and Attic Prose4
GREEK 101Homer4
GREEK 102Drama and Society4
GREEK 105The Greek New Testament4
GREEK 115Archaic Poetry4
GREEK 116Greek Drama4
GREEK 117Hellenistic Poets4
GREEK 120Herodotus4
GREEK 121Thucydides4
GREEK 122Attic Oratory4
GREEK 123Plato and Aristotle4
GREEK 125Greek Literature of the Hellenistic and Imperial Periods4
GWS 100ACWomen in American Culture3
GWS 101Doing Feminist Research4
GWS 125Women and Film4
GWS 126Film, Feminism, and the Avant-Garde4
GWS 140Feminist Cultural Studies4
HEBREW 104AModern Hebrew Literature and Culture3
HEBREW 104BModern Hebrew Literature and Culture3
HEBREW 148AThe Art and Culture of the Talmud: Advanced Textual Analysis3
HEBREW 148BThe Art and Culture of the Talmud: Advanced Textual Analysis3
HIN-URD 101AReadings in Modern Hindi3
HIN-URD 101BReadings in Modern Hindi3
HIN-URD 104AAdvanced Urdu3
HIN-URD 104BAdvanced Urdu3
HISTART 10Introduction to Western Art: Ancient to Medieval4
HISTART 10BHistory of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern3
HISTART N10Introduction to Western Art: Ancient to Medieval3
HISTART 11Introduction to Western Art: Renaissance to the Present4
HISTART 12History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern3
HISTART 15London Museums4
HISTART 24Freshman Seminar1
HISTART 27Visual Cultures of Africa4
HISTART 30Art of India4
HISTART N31Arts of East Asia3
HISTART 32The Arts of Korea4
HISTART 33Buddhist Art of Asia3
HISTART 34Arts of China4
HISTART 35Art and Architecture in Japan4
HISTART 39BFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39AFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39CFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39FFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39GFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39HFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39IFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39JFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39KFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39LFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39NFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39OFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39PFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39QFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39RFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39SFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39TFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39UFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39VFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39WFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39XFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39YFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 39ZFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
HISTART 41Introduction to Greek and Roman Art4
HISTART 51Introduction to Medieval Art4
HISTART 62Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art4
HISTART 65Arts of the Renaissance and Reformation3
HISTART 80Introduction to Modern Art4
HISTART 88Arts of Latin America4
HISTART 100Theories and Methods of Art History4
HISTART N100Theories and Methods of Art History4
HISTART 101Theories & Methods for a Global History of Art4
HISTART N104Gender and Representation3
HISTART 107Images and the Law4
HISTART 108Cities and the Arts4
HISTART 120The "Origins" of Art3
HISTART C120AThe Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: 3500-1000 BCE4
HISTART C120BThe Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: 1000-330 BCE4
HISTART C121ATopics in Islamic Art4
HISTART C121BTopics in Islamic Art4
HISTART 127The Arts of Africa3
HISTART 130AEarly Chinese Art, Part I4
HISTART 131ASacred Arts in China4
HISTART 131BThe Classical Painting Tradition in China4
HISTART 131CArt and Propaganda in Modern China4
HISTART 134ATopics in Buddhist Art and Architecture: Buddhist Temple Art & Architecture in Japan4
HISTART 134BTopics in Buddhist Art and Architecture: Buddhist Icons in Japan4
HISTART 134CTopics in Buddhist Art and Architecture: Buddhist Art in the Modern/Contemporary World4
HISTART 136ASouth Asian Art: Ancient4
HISTART 136BSouth Asian Art: Early Modern4
HISTART 136CThe Art of India: 1350 A.D. to the Present4
HISTART 137The Art of Southeast Asia4
HISTART C140Minoan and Mycenaean Art4
HISTART 141AThe Art of Ancient Greece: Archaic Greek Art and Architecture (750-480 B.C.)4
HISTART 141BThe Art of Ancient Greece: Classical Greek Art and Architecture (500-320 B.C.)4
HISTART 141CThe Art of Ancient Greece: Hellenistic Art and Architecture (330-30 B.C.)4
HISTART 145Roman Art4
HISTART 145ARoman Painting4
HISTART 151Art in Late Antiquity4
HISTART 155ARelics, Reliquaries and Cult Images4
HISTART 156AGothic Art in Northern Europe: 1150-12704
HISTART C156BArt and Science4
HISTART C158Art and Science4
HISTART 160Renaissance Art in Florence 1400-16004
HISTART 161Renaissance Art in Rome 1400-16004
HISTART 162Renaissance Art in Venice 1400-16004
HISTART 166Van Eyck to Brueghel4
HISTART 169AElizabethan Renaissance: Art, Culture, and Visuality4
HISTART 170Southern Baroque Art4
HISTART 171Visual Culture in Early Modern Spain and Colonial Latin America4
HISTART 172The Dutch Golden Age4
HISTART 173The Age of Rubens4
HISTART 174Types of Dutch and Flemish Painting in the 17th Century4
HISTART 175Visual Culture in Early Modern France: Renaissance to Enlightenment4
HISTART 179Eighteenth-Century British Art3
HISTART 180ANineteenth-Century Europe: Age of Revolution4
HISTART 180CNineteenth-Century Europe: The Invention of Avant-Gardes4
HISTART N180A19th-Century Europe: Age of Revolution3
HISTART N180BThe Body in Avant-Garde French Art3
HISTART N180CNineteenth-Century Europe: The Invention of Avant-Gardes3
HISTART N181French Art of the 19th Century3
HISTART 182Histories of Photography4
HISTART N182Histories of Photography3
HISTART 183Art and Colonialism4
HISTART 183EAmerican Painting and Photography from the Civil War to WW II3
HISTART 185From Manet to Mondrian3
HISTART 185AAmerican Art (1800-Present)4
HISTART 185BAmerican Architecture: Domestic Forms4
HISTART N185CContemporary American Art3
HISTART 186AArt in the Early 20th Century4
HISTART 186CArt in the Later 20th Century4
HISTART N186CArt in the Later 20th Century3
HISTART 187ACRace and Representation in the Twentieth Century in the United States4
HISTART 188Latin American Art4
HISTART 188ALatin American Art: Before Columbus4
HISTART C189The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
HISTART 190ASpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Asian4
HISTART 190BSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Ancient4
HISTART 190CSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Medieval4
HISTART 190DHDigital Humanities for Art Historians6
HISTART 190ESpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: 17th-18th Century4
HISTART 190FSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: 19th-20th Century3-4
HISTART 190GSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: American/British4
HISTART 190MSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Global Modernism4
HISTART 190TTranscultural4
HISTART N190ASpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Asian3
HISTART N190BSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Ancient3
HISTART N190CSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Medieval3
HISTART N190DSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: 15th-16th Century3
HISTART N190ESpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: 17th-18th Century3
HISTART N190FSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: 19th-20th Century3
HISTART N190GSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: American/British3
HISTART N190HSpecial Topics in Fields of Art History: Precolumbian/Latin American3
HISTORY 39EFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39FFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
ITALIAN 30Dante (in English)3
ITALIAN 40Italian Culture (in English)4
ITALIAN 50The Italian Renaissance4
ITALIAN 70Italian Cinema: History, Directors, Genres, Introduction to Italian Cinema3
ITALIAN 103History of Italian Culture4
ITALIAN 104Reading Italian Literature4
ITALIAN 109Dante's Commedia (in Italian)4
ITALIAN 110Literature and Culture of the 13th and 14th Centuries4
ITALIAN 112Sixteenth-Century Literature and Culture4
ITALIAN 115Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture4
ITALIAN 117Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature4
ITALIAN 120Topics in Italian Studies4
ITALIAN 130ADante's Inferno (in English)4
ITALIAN 130BDante's Purgatorio and Paradiso (in English)4
ITALIAN 163Special Topics in Italian Literature4
ITALIAN 170The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors4
ITALIAN 175Film and Literature (in English)4
JAPAN 7AIntroduction to Premodern Japanese Literature and Culture4
JAPAN 7BIntroduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture4
JAPAN 101Fourth-Year Readings: Social Sciences4
JAPAN 102Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Culture4
JAPAN 103Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Literature4
JAPAN 111Fifth-Year Readings: Reading and Analysis of Advanced Japanese Texts4
JAPAN 112Fifth-Year Readings: Japanese for Research and Professional Use4
JAPAN 120Introduction to Classical Japanese4
JAPAN 130Classical Japanese Poetry4
JAPAN 132Premodern Japanese Diary (Nikki) Literature4
JAPAN 140Heian Prose4
JAPAN 144Edo Literature4
JAPAN 146Japanese Historical Documents4
JAPAN 155Modern Japanese Literature4
JAPAN 159Contemporary Japanese Literature4
JAPAN 180Ghosts and the Modern Literary Imagination4
JAPAN 185Introduction to Japanese Cinema4
JAPAN 188Japanese Visual Culture: Introduction to Anime4
JAPAN 189Topics in Japanese Film4
KHMER 101AAdvanced Khmer3
KHMER 101BAdvanced Khmer3
KOREAN 7AIntroduction to Premodern Korean Literature and Culture4
KOREAN 7BIntroduction to Modern Korean Literature and Culture4
KOREAN 101Fourth-Year Readings: Korean Literature4
KOREAN 111Fifth-Year Readings: Reading and Analysis of Advanced Korean Texts4
KOREAN 112Fifth-Year Readings: Korean for Research and Professional Use4
KOREAN 130Genre and Occasion in Traditional Poetry4
KOREAN 140Narrating Persons and Objects in Traditional Korean Prose4
KOREAN 150Modern Korean Poetry4
KOREAN 155Modern Korean Fiction4
KOREAN 157Contemporary Korean Literature4
KOREAN 180Critical Approaches to Modern Korean Literature4
KOREAN 185Picturing Korea4
KOREAN 186Introduction to Korean Cinema4
KOREAN 187History and Memory in Korean Cinema4
L & S 20CArts and Literature3-4
L & S 20DArts and Literature3-4
L & S 39BFreshman and Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
L & S C40TIntroduction to American Studies: Hollywood: the Place, the Industry, the Fantasy4
L & S 120BArts and Literature3,4
L & S 120CArts and Literature3,4
L & S 125Time4
L & S/MUSIC C138Art and Activism4
L & S 140CHistorical Studies3,4
L & S C180TLanguage and Power4
LATIN 100Republican Prose4
LATIN 101Vergil4
LATIN 102Lyric and Society4
LATIN 115Roman Drama4
LATIN 116Lucretius, Vergil's <Georgics>4
LATIN 119Latin Epic4
LATIN 120Latin Prose to AD 144
LATIN 121Tacitus4
LATIN 122Post-Augustan Prose4
LATIN 140Medieval Latin4
LATIN 155AReadings in Medieval Latin4
LGBT C146ACultural Representations of Sexualities: Queer Literary Culture4
LINGUIS 65Music and Language3
LINGUIS 106Metaphor4
LINGUIS 127Cross-Cultural Verbal Art3
LINGUIS 128Linguistic Analysis of Literature3
MEDIAST 150Topics in Film4
MUSIC 25AIntroduction to Music Theory3
MUSIC 25BIntroduction to Music Theory3
MUSIC 26ACMusic in American Culture4
MUSIC N26ACMusic in American Cultures4
MUSIC 27Introduction to Western Music4
MUSIC N27Introduction to Western Music4
MUSIC 29Music Now4
MUSIC 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
MUSIC 39NFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
MUSIC 43Introduction to Improvisation3
MUSIC 70History of Music I4
MUSIC 73African American Music4
MUSIC 74Introduction to Selected Musics of the World4
MUSIC 74ACIntroduction to Musics of the World: Hip Hop in Urban America4
MUSIC 75History of Western Music: Music to 17004
MUSIC 76History of Western Music: The 18th and 19th Centuries4
MUSIC 77History of Western Music: The 20th Century4
MUSIC 101New Music and the Arts3
MUSIC 101MNew Music and the Arts3
MUSIC 107Independent Projects in Computer Music4
MUSIC 108Music Perception and Cognition4
MUSIC 108MMusic Perception and Cognition4
MUSIC 109Music Cognition: The Mind Behind the Musical Ear3
MUSIC 109MMusic Cognition: The Mind Behind the Musical Ear3
MUSIC 116AJazz Theory and Performance 13
MUSIC 116AMJazz Theory and Performance 13
MUSIC 116BJazz Theory and Performance 23
MUSIC 116BMJazz Theory and Performance 23
MUSIC N116Jazz Theory and Performance 13
MUSIC 128Topics in the History of European and American Music3
MUSIC 128AOpera3
MUSIC 128AMOpera4
MUSIC 128BBeethoven3
MUSIC 128BMBeethoven3
MUSIC 128DJ. S. Bach3
MUSIC 128DMJ. S. Bach4
MUSIC 128EMozart and Haydn3
MUSIC 128PMusic and Meaning3
MUSIC 128QThe European/American Art Song3
MUSIC 128STopics in Contemporary Improvised Music3
MUSIC 128SMTopics in Contemporary Improvised Music3
MUSIC 128TThe American Musical3
MUSIC 128TMThe American Musical3
MUSIC C128PMusic and Meaning3
MUSIC 130BAfrican American Music4
MUSIC N130BAfrican American Music4
MUSIC 132Music of the Middle East4
MUSIC 133AXMusic of Southeast Asia3
MUSIC 133CMusic and Theater in Southeast Asia4
MUSIC 133DMusic of Central Java4
MUSIC 134AMusic of the East Asia Tradition4
MUSIC 134BMusic of Japan4
MUSIC C134CSonic Culture in China4
MUSIC 135AMusics of the Caribbean4
MUSIC 136World Music: Power, Aesthetics, and Connections4
MUSIC 137ACMusic of the Civil Rights Era4
MUSIC C138Art and Activism4
MUSIC 139Topics in Musics of the World4
MUSIC 139ACTopics in Musics of the World: Hip Hop in Urban America4
MUSIC 150AInstrumental Performance3
MUSIC 150BVocal Performance3
MUSIC 150DVarious Musical Practices Performance3
MUSIC 150EJazz Performance 11-3
MUSIC 150HEarly Music Performance 11-3
MUSIC 151Twentieth-Century Harmony3
MUSIC 152Advanced Musicianship3
MUSIC 154ACounterpoint3
MUSIC 154BCounterpoint3
MUSIC 155Music Composition3
MUSIC 156Studies in Musical Analysis3
MUSIC 157AOrchestration3
MUSIC 157BOrchestration3
MUSIC 158Musical Applications of Computers and Related Technologies4
MUSIC 158ASound and Music Computing with CNMAT Technologies4
MUSIC 159Computer Programming for Music Applications4
MUSIC 161AInstrumental Conducting3
MUSIC 161BInstrumental Conducting3
MUSIC 162Choral Conducting4
MUSIC 164Current Trends in Jazz and Improvisation-Based Musics--A Performance Workshop3
MUSIC 171DThe Performance of Baroque Music3
MUSIC 172AMozart3
MUSIC 174CStravinsky3
MUSIC 179Topics in History, Culture, and Analysis3
MUSIC 189Topics in Research and Performance3
NATAMST 20BIntroduction to Native American Studies II: Cultural Practice, Art, and Identity4
NATAMST 120Topics in Native American Arts4
NATAMST 150Native American Narratives4
NATAMST C152Native American Literature4
NATAMST 158Native Americans and the Cinema4
NE STUD 15Introduction to Near Eastern Art and Archaeology4
NE STUD 18Introduction to Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 25Ancient Babylonian Legends and Myths3
NE STUD 34Hebrew Bible in Translation3
NE STUD C92Imagining Arab Civilization4
NE STUD 102AArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 102BArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 105AAncient Mesopotamian Documents and Literature3
NE STUD 106AArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 106BArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 110Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt in the First Millennium B.C3
NE STUD 113Gilgamesh: King, Hero, and God4
NE STUD C120AThe Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: 3500-1000 BCE4
NE STUD C120BThe Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: 1000-330 BCE4
NE STUD C121ATopics in Islamic Art4
NE STUD C121BTopics in Islamic Art4
NE STUD 122Iranian Archaeology4
NE STUD 123Mesopotamian Archaeology4
NE STUD 124Levantine Archaeology4
NE STUD 126Silk Road Art and Archaeology3
NE STUD 127Art and Archaeology of Ancient Syria4
NE STUD 128The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Turkey4
NE STUD 132Biblical Poetry4
NE STUD 138The Hero in the Bible and the Ancient Near East3
NE STUD 139Modern Jewish Literatures4
NE STUD 150AArabic Literature in Translation3
NE STUD 150BArabic Literature in Translation3
NE STUD 151Folktales of the Middle East4
NE STUD 152Cultural Encounters in Modern Arabic Literature3
NE STUD 153The Medieval Frametale Genre: Its Hispano-Arabic Roots4
NE STUD 154Narratives of Identity in Israeli and Palestinian Fiction4
NE STUD 155Wonder and the Fantastic: <The Thousand and One Nights> in World Literary Imagination3
NE STUD 162AHistory of Persian Literature4
NE STUD 162BHistory of Persian Literature4
NE STUD 165Film and Fiction of Iran4
NE STUD 170ATurkish Literature in Translation3
NE STUD 170BTurkish Literature in Translation3
PERSIAN 101AReadings in Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 101BReadings in Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 102AReadings in Classical Persian Prose3
PERSIAN 102BReadings in Classical Persian Prose3
PERSIAN 103AClassical Persian Poetry3
PERSIAN 103BClassical Persian Poetry3
PERSIAN 104AContemporary Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 104BContemporary Persian Literature3
PERSIAN 105Modern Analytical Prose in Persian3
PHILOS 6Man, God, and Society in Western Literature4
PHILOS 7Existentialism in Literature and Film4
PHILOS 109Freedom and Responsibility4
PHILOS 110Aesthetics4
PHILOS 163Special Topics in Greek Philosophy4
PHILOS 170Descartes4
PHILOS 176Hume4
PHILOS 181Hegel4
PORTUG 102Readings in Portuguese3
PORTUG 104Introduction to Brazilian Literature3
PORTUG 107BSurvey of Portuguese Literature3
PORTUG 128Twentieth-Century Brazilian Literature3
PORTUG 135Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature3
PSYCH 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
RELIGST C108Scandinavian Myth and Religion4
RELIGST C109Celtic Mythology and Oral Tradition4
RELIGST C118Western Mysticism: Religion, Art, and Literature4
RELIGST C119The English Bible As Literature4
RELIGST C165Hindu Mythology4
RELIGST C166India's Great Epics: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana4
RHETOR 20Rhetorical Interpretation4
RHETOR 22Rhetoric of Shakespearean Drama4
RHETOR 39IFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
RHETOR 103AApproaches and Paradigms in the History of Rhetorical Theory4
RHETOR 103BApproaches and Paradigms in the History of Rhetorical Theory II4
RHETOR 104Rhetorical Theory and Practice in Historical Eras4
RHETOR 110Advanced Argumentative Writing4
RHETOR 112Rhetoric of Narrative Genres in Nonliterate Societies4
RHETOR 118Undergraduate Seminar on the Theory and Practice of Reading and Interpretation4
RHETOR 121Rhetoric of Fiction4
RHETOR 122Rhetoric of Drama4
RHETOR 124Rhetoric of Poetry4
RHETOR 125Poetics and Poetry4
RHETOR 127Novel, Society, and Politics4
RHETOR 130Novel into Film4
RHETOR 131TGenre in Film and Literature4
RHETOR 132TAuteur in Film4
RHETOR 133TTheories of Film4
RHETOR 136Art and Authorship4
RHETOR 137Rhetoric of the Image4
RHETOR 138Television Criticism4
RHETOR 150Rhetoric of Contemporary Politics4
RHETOR 156Rhetoric of the Political Novel4
S ASIAN 121Classical Indian Literature in Translation4
S ASIAN 122The Novel in India4
S ASIAN 124Modern Indian Literature4
S ASIAN C140Hindu Mythology4
S ASIAN C142India's Great Epics: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana4
SCANDIN 100AScandinavian Languages and Linguistics4
SCANDIN 100BScandinavian Languages and Linguistics4
SCANDIN 106The Works of Hans Christian Andersen4
SCANDIN C114Word and Image4
SCANDIN 115Studies in Drama and Film4
SCANDIN 116Studies in Prose4
SCANDIN 120The Novel in Scandinavian4
SCANDIN 125Old Norse Literature4
SCANDIN 150Studies in Scandinavian Literature4
SCANDIN C160Scandinavian Myth and Religion4
SCANDIN 165Scandinavian Folklore4
SCANDIN 170Arctic Folklore and Mythology in Nordic Lands4
S,SEASN 39GFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
S,SEASN 39HFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
S,SEASN 39JFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SEASIAN 128Introduction to Modern Indonesian and Malaysian Literature in Translation4
SEASIAN 129Mainland Southeast Asian Literature4
SEASIAN C164The Indonesian Connection: Dutch Literature About the Indies in English Translation4
SLAVIC 36Great Books of Russian Literature3
SLAVIC 39CFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SLAVIC 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SLAVIC 39LFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SLAVIC 39NFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SLAVIC 45Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature3
SLAVIC 46Twentieth-Century Russian Literature3
SLAVIC 50Introduction to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures3
SLAVIC 100Seminar: Russian, East European, and Eurasian Cultures4
SLAVIC 130The Culture of Medieval Rus'4
SLAVIC 131Literature, Art, and Society in 20th-Century Russia4
SLAVIC 132Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and the English Novel4
SLAVIC 133The Novel in Russia and the West4
SLAVIC 134AGogol4
SLAVIC 134CDostoevsky4
SLAVIC 134DTolstoy4
SLAVIC 134EChekhov4
SLAVIC 134FNabokov4
SLAVIC 134GTolstoy and Dostoevsky4
SLAVIC 138Topics in Russian and Soviet Film4
SLAVIC 140The Performing Arts in Russia and Eastern Europe4
SLAVIC 147AEast Slavic Folklore3
SLAVIC 147BBalkan Folklore3
SLAVIC 148Topics in Russian Cultural History4
SLAVIC 150Polish Literature and Intellectual Trends3
SLAVIC 151Readings in Polish Literature4
SLAVIC 158Topics in East European/Eurasian Cultural History4
SLAVIC 170Survey of Yugoslav Literatures3
SLAVIC 171Readings in Yugoslav Literatures4
SLAVIC 181Readings in Russian Literature4
SLAVIC 182Pushkin4
SOCIOL 160Sociology of Culture4
SPANISH 25Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts3
SPANISH 104ASurvey of Spanish American Literature3
SPANISH 104BSurvey of Spanish American Literature3
SPANISH 107ASurvey of Spanish Literature3
SPANISH 107BSurvey of Spanish Literature3
SPANISH 109Spanish Drama of the 16th and 17th Centuries3
SPANISH 111ACervantes3
SPANISH 111BCervantes3
SPANISH 113Topics in Latin American Culture3
SPANISH 115Spanish Poetry3
SPANISH 117The Picaresque Novel3
SPANISH 135Studies in Hispanic Literature3
SPANISH 185Senior Course in Hispanic Literature3
THEATER 5Public Speaking and Presentation Skills4
THEATER 10Introduction to Acting3
THEATER N10Introduction to Acting3
THEATER 15Improvisation for Performance3
THEATER 20ULondon: Theater Capital3
THEATER 25ACThe Drama of American Cultures: An Introduction to Our Theater4
THEATER 26Introduction to Performance Studies4
THEATER 52ACDance in American Cultures4
THEATER 100Collaborative Innovation4
THEATER C107Plays of Ibsen4
THEATER C108Strindberg4
THEATER 109Scene Study and Characterization3
THEATER 110AIntermediate Acting3
THEATER 110BIntermediate Acting3
THEATER 111Advanced Acting3
THEATER 112Speech and Vocal Communication Skills3
THEATER 113AInternational Performance and Literature: Irish Theater: Origins and the Contemporary Scene6
THEATER 114Performance Workshop3
THEATER 115Advanced Acting: Company Class3
THEATER 118ACPerformance, Television, and Social Media4
THEATER 119Performance Theory4
THEATER 121Performance and Culture4
THEATER 122Performance and Culture: African Theater and Performance4
THEATER 125Performance and History4
THEATER 125DPerformance and History4
THEATER 126Performance Literatures4
THEATER 139AFundamentals of Playwriting3
THEATER 139BPlaywriting3
THEATER 140Pedagogy for Movement Based Classes - Undergraduate Level3
THEATER N141Intermediate Modern Dance3
THEATER 144Sources of Movement3
THEATER 146AChoreography: Solo and Duet Forms 11-3
THEATER 146BChoreography: Group Forms 11-3
THEATER 151ATheater History3
THEATER 151BTheater History3
THEATER 162Fundamentals of Stage Directing3
THEATER 163Stage Directing3
THEATER 166Special Topics: Theater Arts 11-4
THEATER 167Technical Theater: Performance Practice 11-3
THEATER 168Technical Theater: Shop Practice 11-3
THEATER 169Advanced Technical Theater Practice 11-3
THEATER 171Theatre Performance 11-3
THEATER 173AScenography: Scenic Design for the Theatre3
THEATER 173BScenography: Scenic Design for the Theatre3
THEATER 174AScenography: Costume Design for the Theatre3
THEATER 174BScenography: Costume Design for the Theatre3
THEATER 175AScenography: Lighting Design for the Theatre4
THEATER 175BScenography: Lighting Design for the Theatre4
THEATER 178Video Production for Performance3
THEATER 179Supervised Theatrical Design 11-4
THEATER 180Theatrical Realization of Dance 11-3
THEATER 181Theatrical Realization of Dramatic Texts 11-4
THEATER C183APerformance: An African American Perspective3
THEATER C183BResearch-to-Performance Laboratory3
THEATER C183CBlack Theatre Workshop3
TIBETAN 110BIntensive Readings in Tibetan4
TURKISH 101AReadings in Modern Turkish3
TURKISH 101BReadings in Modern Turkish3
UGIS C135Visual Autobiography4
UGIS C136The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
UGIS 140The Hand-Printed Book in Its Historical Context2
UGIS 160AArt4
VIETNMS 101BAdvanced Vietnamese3
VIS STD 180AIntroduction to Visual Studies: Word and Image4
VIS STD 180BIntroduction to Visual Studies: Word and Image4
VIS STD 181Introduction to Photography4
VIS STD 185XSelected Topics: Word and Image 11-4
VIS STD 186XSelected Topics: Photography: Special Topics: Photography 11-4

Starting fall 2015, only courses offered for 3 or more units will count for breadth.

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