Biological Science

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the Biological Science area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

ANTHRO 1Introduction to Biological Anthropology4
ANTHRO 105Primate Evolution4
ANTHRO 106Primate Behavior4
ANTHRO 107Evolution of the Human Brain4
ANTHRO 110Theory and Method in Physical Anthropology4
ANTHRO 112Special Topics in Biological Anthropology4
BIO ENG C119Orthopedic Biomechanics4
BIOLOGY 1AGeneral Biology Lecture3
BIOLOGY 1BGeneral Biology Lecture and Laboratory4
CHM ENG 170ABiochemical Engineering3
COG SCI C102Scientific Approaches to Consciousness3
COG SCI C126Perception3
COG SCI C127Cognitive Neuroscience3
COG SCI C147Language Disorders3
ENGLISH C77Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENV SCI 10Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
EPS C82Oceans3
EPS C129Biometeorology3
ESPM 2The Biosphere3
ESPM 6Environmental Biology3
ESPM C10Environmental Issues4
ESPM C11Americans and the Global Forest4
ESPM C12Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ESPM 15Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
ESPM 100Environmental Problem Solving4
ESPM 102ATerrestrial Resource Ecology4
ESPM 102CResource Management4
ESPM C103Principles of Conservation Biology4
ESPM 105ASierra Nevada Ecology4
ESPM 106American Wildlife: Identification and Conservation3
ESPM 108ATrees: Taxonomy, Growth, and Structures3
ESPM 108BEnvironmental Change Genetics3
ESPM 112Microbial Ecology3
ESPM 114Wildlife Ecology3
ESPM 115CFish Ecology3
ESPM 117Urban Garden Ecosystems4
ESPM 118Agricultural Ecology3
ESPM C129Biometeorology3
ESPM 131Soil Microbial Ecology3
ESPM 134Fire, Insects, and Diseases in Forest Ecosystems3
ESPM 140General Entomology4
ESPM 142Insect Behavior3
ESPM 144Insect Physiology3
ESPM C167Environmental Health and Development4
ESPM 181AFire Ecology3
ESPM 185Applied Forest Ecology4
ESPM 186Management and Conservation of Rangeland Ecosystems4
ESPM 187Restoration Ecology4
GEOG 40Introduction to Earth System Science4
GEOG C82Oceans3
GEOG 148Biogeography4
INTEGBI C13Origins: from the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans4
INTEGBI 31The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior3
INTEGBI 32Bioinspired Design3
INTEGBI 35ACHuman Biological Variation4
INTEGBI 37Topics in Paleontology: The Antecedents of Man3
INTEGBI 42Primate Biology3
INTEGBI C82Oceans3
INTEGBI 100BPrinciples of Biodiversity3
INTEGBI C100Communicating Ocean Science4
INTEGBI 102LFIntroduction to California Plant Life with Laboratory4
INTEGBI 103LFInvertebrate Zoology with Laboratory5
INTEGBI 104LFNatural History of the Vertebrates with Laboratory5
INTEGBI C105Natural History Museums and Biodiversity Science3
INTEGBI 106APhysical and Chemical Environment of the Ocean4
INTEGBI C107LPrinciples of Plant Morphology with Laboratory4
INTEGBI C110LBiology of Fungi with Laboratory4
INTEGBI 113LPaleobiological Perspectives on Ecology and Evolution4
INTEGBI 115Introduction to Systems in Biology and Medicine4
INTEGBI 116LMedical Parasitology4
INTEGBI 118Host-Pathogen Interactions: A Trans-Discipline Outlook4
INTEGBI 119Evaluating Scientific Evidence in Medicine3
INTEGBI 123ALExercise Physiology with Laboratory5
INTEGBI C125LIntroduction to the Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement4
INTEGBI 127LMotor Control with Laboratory3
INTEGBI C129LHuman Physiological Assessment3
INTEGBI 130Human Fertility - The Big History of our Species' Reproductive Journey4
INTEGBI 131General Human Anatomy3
INTEGBI 132Survey of Human Physiology4
INTEGBI 135The Mechanics of Organisms4
INTEGBI C135LLaboratory in the Mechanics of Organisms3
INTEGBI 136The Biology of Sex4
INTEGBI 137Human Endocrinology4
INTEGBI 138Comparative Endocrinology4
INTEGBI 139The Neurobiology of Stress4
INTEGBI 140Biology of Human Reproduction4
INTEGBI 141Human Genetics3
INTEGBI C142LIntroduction to Human Osteology6
INTEGBI C143ABiological Clocks: Physiology and Behavior3
INTEGBI C143BHormones and Behavior3
INTEGBI C144Animal Behavior4
INTEGBI 146LFBehavioral Ecology with Laboratory5
INTEGBI 147Biology of Aging3
INTEGBI 148Comparative Animal Physiology3
INTEGBI C149Molecular Ecology4
INTEGBI 150Evolutionary Environmental Physiology3
INTEGBI 151Plant Physiological Ecology4
INTEGBI 152Environmental Toxicology4
INTEGBI 153Ecology3
INTEGBI 154Plant Ecology3
INTEGBI C155Holocene Paleoecology: How Humans Changed the Earth3
INTEGBI C156Principles of Conservation Biology4
INTEGBI 157LFEcosystems of California4
INTEGBI 158LFBiology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands13
INTEGBI 159The Living Planet: Impact of the Biosphere on the Earth System3
INTEGBI 160Evolution4
INTEGBI 161Population and Evolutionary Genetics4
INTEGBI 162Ecological Genetics4
INTEGBI 163Molecular and Genomic Evolution3
INTEGBI 164Human Genetics and Genomics4
INTEGBI 166Evolutionary Biogeography4
INTEGBI 167Evolution and Earth History: From Genes to Fossils4
INTEGBI 168LSystematics of Vascular Plants with Laboratory4
INTEGBI 169Evolutionary Medicine4
INTEGBI 170LFMethods in Population and Community Ecology3
INTEGBI 173LFMammalogy with Laboratory5
INTEGBI 174LFOrnithology with Laboratory4
INTEGBI 175LFHerpetology with Laboratory4
INTEGBI C176LFish Ecology3
INTEGBI 181LPaleobotany - The 500-Million Year History of a Greening Planet4
INTEGBI 183LEvolution of the Vertebrates with Laboratory4
INTEGBI 184LMorphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton with Laboratory4
INTEGBI C185LHuman Paleontology5
INTEGBI C187Human Biogeography of the Pacific3
INTEGBI 190Seminar for Integrative Biology Majors1-3
L & S C30TDrugs and the Brain3
L & S C30UAmericans and the Global Forest4
L & S C30VEnvironmental Issues4
L & S C30XBig Ideas in Cell Biology3
LD ARCH 110Ecological Analysis3
LINGUIS C147Language Disorders3
MCELLBI C31Big Ideas in Cell Biology3
MCELLBI 32Introduction to Human Physiology3
MCELLBI 41Genetics and Society3
MCELLBI C44Biology for Voters3
MCELLBI 50The Immune System and Disease3
MCELLBI 55Plagues and Pandemics3
MCELLBI C61Brain, Mind, and Behavior3
MCELLBI W61Brain, Mind, and Behavior3
MCELLBI C62Drugs and the Brain3
MCELLBI 63Introduction to Functional Neuroanatomy3
MCELLBI C64Exploring the Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience3
MCELLBI 91DImmunology2-4
MCELLBI 100BBiochemistry: Pathways, Mechanisms, and Regulation4
MCELLBI C100ABiophysical Chemistry: Physical Principles and the Molecules of Life4
MCELLBI 102Survey of the Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology4
MCELLBI C103Bacterial Pathogenesis3
MCELLBI 104Genetics, Genomics, and Cell Biology4
MCELLBI 110Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function4
MCELLBI C110LGeneral Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory4
MCELLBI C112General Microbiology4
MCELLBI C114Introduction to Comparative Virology4
MCELLBI C116Microbial Diversity3
MCELLBI 130ACell and Systems Biology4
MCELLBI 132Biology of Human Cancer4
MCELLBI 133LPhysiology and Cell Biology Laboratory4
MCELLBI C134Chromosome Biology/Cytogenetics3
MCELLBI 135ATopics in Cell and Developmental Biology: Molecular Endocrinology3
MCELLBI 136Physiology4
MCELLBI 137Computer Simulation in Biology3
MCELLBI 140General Genetics4
MCELLBI 140LGenetics Laboratory4
MCELLBI 141Developmental Biology4
MCELLBI 143Evolution of Genomes, Cells, and Development3
MCELLBI C148Microbial Genomics and Genetics4
MCELLBI 149The Human Genome3
MCELLBI 150Molecular Immunology4
MCELLBI 150LImmunology Laboratory4
MCELLBI 160Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology4
MCELLBI 160LNeurobiology Laboratory4
MCELLBI 161Circuit, Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience4
MCELLBI 163Mammalian Neuroanatomy4
MCELLBI 165Neurobiology of Disease3
MCELLBI 166Biophysical Neurobiology3
MEC ENG C176Orthopedic Biomechanics4
NUSCTX 10Introduction to Human Nutrition3
NUSCTX 11Introduction to Toxicology3
NUSCTX 103Nutrient Function and Metabolism3
NUSCTX 110Toxicology4
NUSCTX 160Metabolic Bases of Human Health and Diseases4
NUSCTX 170Experimental Nutrition Laboratory4
PB HLTH C102Bacterial Pathogenesis3
PB HLTH C160Environmental Health and Development4
PB HLTH 162APublic Health Microbiology3
PB HLTH 170BToxicology3
PHYS ED 32Fitness for Life: Physical Adaptations to Exercise3
PHYSICS 177Principles of Molecular Biophysics3
PLANTBI 11Fungi, History, and Society3
PLANTBI 40The (Secret) Life of Plants3
PLANTBI C103Bacterial Pathogenesis3
PLANTBI C116Microbial Diversity3
PLANTBI 135Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants3
PLANTBI C148Microbial Genomics and Genetics4
PLANTBI 150Plant Cell Biology3
PLANTBI 160Plant Molecular Genetics3
PLANTBI 165Plant-Microbe Interactions3
PSYCH C19Drugs and the Brain3
PSYCH 110Introduction to Biological Psychology3
PSYCH 114Biology of Learning and Neural Plasticity3
PSYCH 117Human Neuropsychology3
PSYCH 121Animal Cognition3
PSYCH 122Introduction to Human Learning and Memory3
PSYCH C126Perception3
PSYCH C127Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSYCH C129Scientific Approaches to Consciousness3
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