International Studies

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the International Studies area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Through summer 2017, the third semester or higher-level foreign language courses satisfy the International Studies requirement, as listed below. Beginning in fall 2017, only 5th semester foreign language courses, offered by a limited number of departments, may be used to satisfy International Studies. Heritage language courses are excluded from International Studies credit.

The International Studies requirement may also be satisfied by participation in the UC Education Abroad Program or an equivalent program.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

International Studies Breadth List

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