International Studies

This list is currently being updated! Please check back by Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the International Studies area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Third semester or higher level foreign language courses satisfy the International Studies requirement, as listed below. Heritage language courses are excluded from International Studies credit. Second level language courses may be used only in rare cases where the courses are not used to satisfy the Foreign Language requirement.

The International Studies requirement may also be satisfied by participation in the UC Education Abroad Program or an equivalent program.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

AFRICAM 4BAfrica: History and Culture4
AFRICAM 8AIntermediate Wolof4
AFRICAM 8BIntermediate Wolof4
AFRICAM 9AAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 9BAdvanced Wolof4
AFRICAM 10AIntermediate Swahili4
AFRICAM 10BIntermediate Swahili4
AFRICAM 14AIntermediate Zulu4
AFRICAM 14BIntermediate Zulu4
AFRICAM 15AAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 15BAdvanced Swahili4
AFRICAM 19AAdvanced Zulu4
AFRICAM 19BAdvanced Zulu4
AFRICAM 112APolitical and Economic Development in the Third World4
AFRICAM 112BPolitical and Economic Development in the Third World4
AFRICAM 131Caribbean Societies and Cultures3
ANTHRO C147BSexuality, Culture, and Colonialism4
ANTHRO 152Art and Culture4
ANTHRO 170China4
ANTHRO 171Japan4
ANTHRO 178Oceania4
ANTHRO 180European Society4
ANTHRO 181Themes in the Anthropology of the Middle East and Islam4
ANTHRO 183Topics in the Anthropological Study of Africa4
ARABIC 20AIntermediate Arabic5
ARABIC 20BIntermediate Arabic5
ARABIC 50Advanced Arabic10
ART 119Global Perspectives in Contemporary Art4
ASIANST 10Introduction to Asia4
ASIANST 150Special Topics4
CATALAN 101Catalan for Advanced Students3
CELTIC 85Intermediate Modern Irish4
CELTIC 86Intermediate Modern Welsh4
CELTIC 129Aspects of Modern Celtic Cultures and Folklore4
CHICANO 10Intensive Intermediate Spanish Language and Mexican Culture5
CHICANO 135CLatino Documentary Film4
CHICANO 163Caribbean Migration to Western Europe and the United States4
CHINESE 10Intensive Intermediate Chinese10
CHINESE 10AIntermediate Chinese5
CHINESE 10BIntermediate Chinese5
CHINESE 100AAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 100BAdvanced Chinese5
CHINESE 153Reading Taiwan4
CHINESE 172Contemporary Chinese Language Cinema4
CHINESE C184Sonic Culture in China4
CHINESE 188Popular Culture in 20th-Century China4
CLASSIC N172AArchaeological Field School in Nemea, Greece4
COM LIT 171Topics in Modern Greek Literature4
CY PLAN 111Introduction to Housing: An International Survey3
CY PLAN 115Urbanization in Developing Countries4
DEMOG C165Family and Household in Comparative Perspective3
DEMOG C175Economic Demography3
DEV STD C10Introduction to Development4
DEV STD C100History of Development and Underdevelopment4
DEV STD 150Advanced Studies in Development Studies4
DUTCH 110Advanced Dutch4
DUTCH 125Conversation and Composition4
EA LANG C128Buddhism in Contemporary Society4
ECON 115The World Economy in the Twentieth Century4
ECON 151Labor Economics4
ECON 161Economics of Transition: Eastern Europe4
ECON 162The Chinese Economy3
ECON 172Case Studies in Economic Development4
ECON C175Economic Demography3
ECON C181International Trade4
ECON 182International Monetary Economics4
ENV DES 100The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies4
ENVECON 152Advanced Topics in Development and International Trade3
ENVECON 153Population, Environment, and Development3
ENVECON C181International Trade4
ESPM 155Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems4
ESPM 165International Rural Development Policy4
ESPM 166Natural Resource Policy and Indigenous Peoples4
ESPM 168Political Ecology4
ESPM 169International Environmental Politics4
ETH STD N180Selected Topics in Comparative Ethnic Studies - Study Abroad6
FILIPN 100AIntermediate Filipino5
FILIPN 100BIntermediate Filipino5
FILIPN 101AAdvanced Filipino3
FRENCH 3Intermediate French5
FRENCH 4Advanced Intermediate French5
GEOG 4World Peoples and Cultural Environments4
GEOG 10World Regions, Peoples, and States4
GEOG 20Globalization4
GEOG N20Globalization3
GEOG C32Introduction to Development4
GEOG 35Global Ecology and Development4
GEOG C112History of Development and Underdevelopment4
GEOG 130Food and the Environment4
GERMAN 3Intermediate German I5
GERMAN 4Intermediate German II5
GERMAN 100Introduction to Reading Culture3
GERMAN 101Advanced German: Conversation, Composition and Style3
GERMAN 102DAdvanced Language Practice: Popular Culture in Germany3
GPP 105The Ethics, Methods, and Pragmatics of Global Practice4
GPP 115Global Poverty: Challenges and Hopes in the New Millennium4
GWS 14Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Global Political Issues4
GWS 102Transnational Feminism4
GWS 141Interrogating Global Economic "Development"4
GWS 142Women in the Muslim and Arab Worlds4
HEBREW 20AIntermediate Hebrew5
HEBREW 20BIntermediate Hebrew5
HEBREW 30Intermediate Hebrew10
HIN-URD 100AIntermediate Hindi4
HIN-URD 100BIntermediate Hindi4
HIN-URD 101AReadings in Modern Hindi3
HIN-URD 101BReadings in Modern Hindi3
HIN-URD 103AIntermediate Urdu4
HIN-URD 103BIntermediate Urdu4
HISTART 131CArt and Propaganda in Modern China4
HISTORY 160The International Economy of the 20th Century4
HISTORY 162BWar and Peace: International Relations since 19144
HISTORY 186International and Global History since 19454
IAS 120Selected Topics - International and Area Studies3
IAS 150Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies4
IAS C170Portugal: Language and Culture6
IAS 180Current Issues in International and Area Studies2,3
ISF 100AIntroduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis4
ISF 100DIntroduction to Technology, Society, and Culture4
ISF 100EThe Globalization of Rights, Values, and Laws in the 21st Century4
ISF 100HIntroduction to Media and International Relations4
ITALIAN 3Intermediate Italian5
ITALIAN 4Advanced Italian5
JAPAN 10AIntermediate Japanese5
JAPAN 10BIntermediate Japanese5
JAPAN 100BAdvanced Japanese5
JAPAN 101Fourth-Year Readings: Social Sciences4
JAPAN 161Introduction to Japanese Linguistics: Usage4
KHMER 101AAdvanced Khmer3
KHMER 101BAdvanced Khmer3
KOREAN 10Intensive Intermediate Korean10
KOREAN 10AIntermediate Korean5
KOREAN 10BIntermediate Korean5
KOREAN 100AAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 100BAdvanced Korean5
KOREAN 170Intercultural Encounters in Korean Literature4
KOREAN 188Cold War Culture in Korea: Literature and Film4
LATAMST 10Introduction to Latin American Studies4
LATAMST 150Advanced Studies in Latin American Studies4
LATAMST 160The Politics of Development in Chile6
LEGALST 161Law in Chinese Society4
LEGALST 179Comparative Constitutional Law4
LGBT C147BSexuality, Culture, and Colonialism4
M E STU 150Advanced Study in the Middle East4
MALAY/I 100AIntermediate Indonesian5
MALAY/I 100BIntermediate Indonesian5
MEDIAST 160International Media4
MUSIC 74Introduction to Selected Musics of the World4
MUSIC 133CMusic and Theater in Southeast Asia4
MUSIC 134AMusic of the East Asia Tradition4
MUSIC 134BMusic of Japan4
MUSIC C134CSonic Culture in China4
MUSIC 135AMusics of the Caribbean4
MUSIC 139Topics in Musics of the World4
NE STUD 10Introduction to the Near East4
NE STUD C26Introduction to Central Asia3
NE STUD 154Narratives of Identity in Israeli and Palestinian Fiction4
NE STUD 165Film and Fiction of Iran4
NE STUD 175History and Culture of Afghanistan3
PACS 126International Human Rights4
PACS 128ACHuman Rights and American Cultures4
PACS 135Special Topics in Regional Conflict3
PACS 149Global Change and World Order3
PACS 151International Conflict: Analysis and Resolution3
PACS 164AIntroduction to Nonviolence3
PB HLTH 112Global Health: A Multidisciplinary Examination4
PERSIAN 100AAdvanced Persian3
PERSIAN 100BAdvanced Persian3
POL SCI 2Introduction to Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 5Introduction to International Relations4
POL SCI 124AWar!4
POL SCI 124CEthics and Justice in International Affairs4
POL SCI 126AInternational Political Economy4
POL SCI 128Chinese Foreign Policy4
POL SCI 129BRussia after Communism4
POL SCI 138EThe Varieties of Capitalism: Political Economic Systems of the World4
POL SCI 138GNational Success and Failure in the Age of a Global Economy: from Pleats to Cleats4
POL SCI 139BDevelopment Politics4
POL SCI 140FSelected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 141CPolitics and Government in Eastern Europe4
POL SCI 142AMiddle East Politics4
POL SCI 143BJapanese Politics4
POL SCI 143CChinese Politics4
POL SCI 144BPolitics of Divided Korea4
POL SCI 145ASouth Asian Politics4
POL SCI W145AUnderstanding Political Developments in India4
POL SCI 145BSouth Asian Politics4
POL SCI 146AAfrican Politics4
POL SCI N146CConflict and Change in Southern Africa4
POL SCI 149BSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149CSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ESpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149FSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ISpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149JSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149PSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149WSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149YSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ZSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POLECON 101Contemporary Theories of Political Economy4
POLECON 150Advanced Study in Political Economy of Industrial Societies4
PUNJABI 100AIntermediate Punjabi5
PUNJABI 100BIntermediate Punjabi5
SCANDIN 100AScandinavian Languages and Linguistics4
SCANDIN 100BScandinavian Languages and Linguistics4
SCANDIN 170Arctic Folklore and Mythology in Nordic Lands4
SEASIAN 10AIntroduction to the Civilization of Southeast Asia4
SEASIAN 10BIntroduction to the Civilization of Southeast Asia4
SLAVIC 39CFreshman/Sophomore Seminar2-4
SLAVIC 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar2-4
SLAVIC 50Introduction to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures3
SOCIOL 145LSocial Change in Latin America4
SOCIOL 146Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCIOL 146ACContemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCIOL 180CComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Culture4
SOCIOL 180EComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Education4
SOCIOL 180IComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Inequality4
SOCIOL 182Elementary Forms of Racial Domination: International Perspectives4
SOCIOL C184Family and Household in Comparative Perspective3
SOCIOL 189Selected Topics in Comparative Perspectives4
SPANISH 3Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH 4Intermediate Spanish5
SPANISH N12Intensive Beginning Spanish Language Workshop and Culture5
SPANISH 122Spanish Culture and Civilization4
TAMIL 101AReadings in Tamil4
TAMIL 101BReadings in Tamil4
THAI 100AIntermediate Thai5
THAI 100BIntermediate Thai5
THEATER 20ULondon: Theater Capital3
THEATER 113AInternational Performance and Literature: Irish Theater: Origins and the Contemporary Scene6
THEATER 122Performance and Culture: African Theater and Performance4
TIBETAN 115Contemporary Tibet4
TURKISH 100AIntermediate Modern Turkish5
TURKISH 100BIntermediate Modern Turkish5
UGBA 118International Trade3
UGBA 178Introduction to International Business3
UGIS 162LMiddle East Politics and the Arab "Spring"4
YIDDISH 102Intermediate Yiddish5
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