Philosophy and Values

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Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the Philosophy and Values area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

AFRICAM 138Black Nationalism4
AFRICAM 173ACGandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America3
AMERSTD C132BIntellectual History of the United States since 18654
ANTHRO 150Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times4
ANTHRO 156BCulture and Power4
ANTHRO 158Religion and Anthropology4
ARABIC 108Islamic Religious and Philosophical Texts in Arabic3
ARCH 180ACPrison4
BIO ENG 100Ethics in Science and Engineering3
CELTIC C168Celtic Mythology and Oral Tradition4
CELTIC 173Celtic Christianity4
CHICANO 110Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought4
CHINESE 130Topics in Daoism4
CHINESE 186Confucius and His Interpreters4
CLASSIC 10AIntroduction to Greek Civilization4
CLASSIC 10BIntroduction to Roman Civilization4
CLASSIC 28The Classic Myths4
CLASSIC 29Introduction to Greco-Roman Magic4
CLASSIC 34Epic Poetry: Homer and Vergil4
CLASSIC 36Greek Philosophy4
CLASSIC 121Ancient Religion4
CLASSIC 124Classical Poetics4
CLASSIC 130Topics in Ancient Greek and Roman Culture4
CLASSIC 161Gender, Sexuality, and Culture in the Ancient World4
CLASSIC 163Topics in Greek Philosophy4
COG SCI C101The Mind and Language4
COMPSCI 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
EA LANG C50Introduction to the Study of Buddhism4
EA LANG 105Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asian Premodern Literature and Contemporary Film4
EA LANG C126Buddhism and the Environment4
EA LANG C128Buddhism in Contemporary Society4
EA LANG C130Zen Buddhism4
EA LANG C135Tantric Traditions of Asia4
EDUC 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar3
EDUC 180Logic of Inquiry3
EDUC 184Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDUC 189Democracy and Education4
ENGIN 125Ethics, Engineering, and Society3
ENGLISH C77Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENGLISH 177Literature and Philosophy4
ESPM C12Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ESPM 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11-3
ESPM 50ACIntroduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management4
ESPM 161Environmental Philosophy and Ethics4
ESPM 162Bioethics and Society4
ESPM 163ACEnvironmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, and the Environment4
ETH STD 181ACPrison4
GEOG 31Justice, Nature, and the Geographies of Identity4
GEOG 37The Politics of Science and Technology4
GERMAN C25Revolutionary Thinking: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud4
GERMAN C75What is Beauty?4
GERMAN C76Beauty and the Beholder: Approaching Art at the Berkeley Art Museum4
GERMAN C113Western Mysticism: Religion, Art, and Literature4
GERMAN 157AGerman Intellectual History in a European Context: Historical Figures and Contemporary Reflections: Luther, Kant, Hegel4
GERMAN 157BGerman Intellectual History in a European Context: Historical Figures and Contemporary Reflections: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud4
GERMAN 157CGerman Intellectual History in a European Context: Historical Figures and Contemporary Reflections: Heidegger and Arendt4
GERMAN 157DGerman Intellectual History in a European Context: Historical Figures and Contemporary Reflections: Adorno, Benjamin, Habermas4
GPP 105The Ethics, Methods, and Pragmatics of Global Practice4
GREEK 100Plato and Attic Prose4
GREEK 105The Greek New Testament4
GREEK 123Plato and Aristotle4
HMEDSCI C133Death, Dying, and Modern Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives4
HISTORY 30Science and Society4
HISTORY C132BIntellectual History of the United States since 18654
HISTORY C157The Renaissance and the Reformation4
HISTORY 164AModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History from Renaissance to Enlightenment4
HISTORY 164BModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History from Enlightenment to 18704
HISTORY 164CModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History 1870 to the Present4
HISTORY C175BJewish Civilization: Modern Period4
HISTORY C191Death, Dying, and Modern Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives4
ISF 100AIntroduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis4
ISF 100BIntroduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis4
ISF 100EThe Globalization of Rights, Values, and Laws in the 21st Century4
ISF 100GIntroduction to Science, Society, and Ethics4
ITALIAN 30Dante (in English)3
ITALIAN 130ADante's Inferno (in English)4
ITALIAN 130BDante's Purgatorio and Paradiso (in English)4
JAPAN C115Japanese Buddhism4
JAPAN 181Mediating Disaster: Fukushima, Before and After4
LATIN 116Lucretius, Vergil's <Georgics>4
LEGALST 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
LEGALST 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
LEGALST 100Foundations of Legal Studies4
LEGALST 103Theories of Law and Society4
LEGALST 105Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Law3
LEGALST 107Theories of Justice4
LEGALST 109Aims and Limits of the Criminal Law4
LEGALST 119Philosophy and Law in Ancient Athens4
LEGALST 140Property and Liberty4
LEGALST 151Law, Self, and Society3
LEGALST 161Law in Chinese Society4
LEGALST 185ACPrison4
L & S C60TWhat is Beauty?4
L & S C60URevolutionary Thinking: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud4
L & S C76Beauty and the Beholder: Approaching Art at the Berkeley Art Museum4
L & S 121Origins in Science and Religion4
L & S 122Time4
L & S 124Consciousness: Buddhist and Neuroscientific Perspectives3
L & S 160BPhilosophy and Values3,4
L & S 160DPhilosophy and Values3,4
L & S 160EPhilosophy and Values3,4
L & S C160TPhilosophy of Mind4
L & S C160VHuman Happiness3
L & S C180UWealth and Poverty4
LINGUIS 106Metaphor4
LINGUIS C142Language and Thought3
MATH 125AMathematical Logic4
MATH 135Introduction to the Theory of Sets4
MEDIAST 104AFreedom of Speech and the Press3
MUSIC 137ACMusic of the Civil Rights Era4
NATAMST 150Native American Narratives4
NATAMST 151Native American Philosophy4
NAT RES 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
NAV SCI 3Leadership and Management I3
NE STUD 34Hebrew Bible in Translation3
NE STUD C92Imagining Arab Civilization4
NE STUD 102AArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 102BArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD C103Religion of Ancient Egypt3
NE STUD C104Babylonian Religion3
NE STUD 105AAncient Mesopotamian Documents and Literature3
NE STUD 131Aspects of Biblical Religion4
NE STUD C133Judaism in Late Antiquity4
NE STUD C135Jewish Civilization I: The Biblical Period4
NE STUD 137Modern and Contemporary Jewish Thought4
NE STUD 142Shi'ite Islam3
NE STUD 144Sufism: The Mysticism of Islam3
NE STUD 146AIslam3
NE STUD 146BIslam3
NE STUD 160Religions of Ancient Iran3
PACS 100Peace Theory: Approaches and Analyses3
PACS 126International Human Rights4
PACS 127Human Rights and Global Politics4
PACS 128ACHuman Rights and American Cultures4
PACS 151International Conflict: Analysis and Resolution3
PACS 164AIntroduction to Nonviolence3
PACS 164BNonviolence Today3
PACS 170Conflict Resolution, Social Change, and the Cultures of Peace4
PHILOS 2Individual Morality and Social Justice4
PHILOS 3The Nature of Mind4
PHILOS 4Knowledge and Its Limits4
PHILOS 5Science and Human Understanding4
PHILOS 6Man, God, and Society in Western Literature4
PHILOS 7Existentialism in Literature and Film4
PHILOS 10Comparative Ethics4
PHILOS 11Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion4
PHILOS 12AIntroduction to Logic4
PHILOS 13Business Ethics3
PHILOS 16Introduction to Metaphysics3
PHILOS 17Concepts of the Person in Novel, Drama, and Film3
PHILOS 18Confucius for Today4
PHILOS 21XPhilosophy of Biology4
PHILOS 22XThe Self and the World4
PHILOS 23XPhilosophy and Medicine4
PHILOS 24XSocial Justice4
PHILOS 25AAncient Philosophy4
PHILOS 25BModern Philosophy4
PHILOS 39Freshman Seminar 12-4
PHILOS 39MFreshman Seminar3
PHILOS 100Philosophical Methods4
PHILOS 104Ethical Theories4
PHILOS 107Moral Psychology4
PHILOS 108Contemporary Ethical Issues4
PHILOS 109Freedom and Responsibility4
PHILOS 110Aesthetics4
PHILOS 112Special Topics in Aesthetics3
PHILOS C112Music and Meaning3
PHILOS 114History of Political Philosophy4
PHILOS 115Political Philosophy4
PHILOS 116Special Topics in Political Philosophy4
PHILOS 119Feminism and Philosophy4
PHILOS 122Theory of Knowledge4
PHILOS 125Metaphysics4
PHILOS 127Rationality and Irrationality in Science3
PHILOS 128Philosophy of Science4
PHILOS 132Philosophy of Mind4
PHILOS C132Philosophy of Mind4
PHILOS 133Philosophy of Language4
PHILOS 134Form and Meaning4
PHILOS 135Theory of Meaning4
PHILOS 136Philosophy of Perception4
PHILOS 138Philosophy of Society4
PHILOS 140AIntermediate Logic4
PHILOS 140BIntermediate Logic4
PHILOS 141Philosophy and Game Theory4
PHILOS 142Philosophical Logic4
PHILOS 143Modal Logic4
PHILOS 146Philosophy of Mathematics4
PHILOS 149Special Topics in Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics4
PHILOS 151Early Chinese Thought4
PHILOS 155Medieval Philosophy4
PHILOS 156AFoundations of Analytic Philosophy: Frege4
PHILOS 160Plato4
PHILOS 161Aristotle4
PHILOS 163Special Topics in Greek Philosophy4
PHILOS 170Descartes4
PHILOS 171Hobbes4
PHILOS 172Spinoza4
PHILOS 173Leibniz4
PHILOS 176Hume4
PHILOS 178Kant4
PHILOS 181Hegel4
PHILOS 183Schopenhauer and Nietzsche4
PHILOS 184Nietzsche4
PHILOS 185Heidegger4
PHILOS 186BLater Wittgenstein4
PHILOS 187Special Topics in the History of Philosophy4
PHILOS 188Phenomenology4
PHILOS N188Phenomenology4
PHILOS 189Special Topics in Recent European Philosophy4
POLECON 100Classical Theories of Political Economy4
POLECON 101Contemporary Theories of Political Economy4
POL SCI 4Introduction to Political Theory4
POL SCI 112AHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112BHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112CHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112DHistory of European Political Theory: The 20th Century4
POL SCI N113AAmerican Political Theory4
POL SCI 114ATheories of Governance: Late 20th Century4
POL SCI 116MSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 124CEthics and Justice in International Affairs4
PSYCH 107Buddhist Psychology3
PSYCH 162Human Happiness3
PSYCH C162Human Happiness3
PB HLTH 116Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine3
PUB POL C103Wealth and Poverty4
RELIGST 90AIntroductory Topics in Religious Studies4
RELIGST C90BIntroductory Topics in Religious Studies4
RELIGST C103Religion of Ancient Egypt3
RELIGST C104Babylonian Religion3
RELIGST C108Scandinavian Myth and Religion4
RELIGST C109Celtic Mythology and Oral Tradition4
RELIGST C118Western Mysticism: Religion, Art, and Literature4
RELIGST C124The Renaissance and the Reformation4
RELIGST C132Jewish Civilization I: The Biblical Period4
RELIGST C133Judaism in Late Antiquity4
RELIGST C135Jewish Civilization: Modern Period4
RELIGST C162Religion in South India3
RELIGST C165Hindu Mythology4
RELIGST C166India's Great Epics: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana4
RELIGST 173ACGandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America3
RELIGST 190Topics in the Study of Religion4
RHETOR 103AApproaches and Paradigms in the History of Rhetorical Theory4
RHETOR 103BApproaches and Paradigms in the History of Rhetorical Theory II4
RHETOR 105TRhetoric of Religious Discourse4
RHETOR 107Rhetoric of Scientific Discourse4
RHETOR 108Rhetoric of Philosophical Discourse4
RHETOR 117Language, Truth and Dialogue4
RHETOR 157ARhetoric of Modern Political Theory4
RHETOR 157BRhetoric of Contemporary Political Theory4
RHETOR 159AGreat Theorists in the Rhetoric of Political and Legal Theory4
RHETOR 159BGreat Themes in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Political and Legal Theory4
RHETOR 165Rhetoric of Legal Philosophy4
SCANDIN C160Scandinavian Myth and Religion4
SLAVIC 134CDostoevsky4
SLAVIC 134DTolstoy4
SLAVIC 134GTolstoy and Dostoevsky4
SOCIOL 101Sociological Theory I5
SOCIOL 102Sociological Theory II5
SOCIOL 137ACEnvironmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, and the Environment4
SOCIOL 151Personality and Social Structure4
SOCIOL 163Popular Culture3
S ASIAN 127Religion in Early India4
S ASIAN C114Tibetan Buddhism4
S ASIAN C140Hindu Mythology4
S ASIAN C141Religion in South India3
S ASIAN C142India's Great Epics: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana4
S ASIAN 151A History of Yoga: Origins, Innovations, and Modern Reinventions4
S ASIAN C154Death, Dreams, and Visions in Tibetan Buddhism4
S ASIAN 160Jainism and Other Heterodox Systems4
TIBETAN C114Tibetan Buddhism4
TIBETAN C154Death, Dreams, and Visions in Tibetan Buddhism4
UGBA 107The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business3
UGIS C133Death, Dying, and Modern Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives4
UGIS C153Judaism in Late Antiquity4
UGIS C155Jewish Civilization: Modern Period4

 Starting fall 2015, only courses offered for 3 or more units will count for breadth.

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