Physical Science

This list is currently being updated! Please check back by Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the Physical Science area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

ANTHRO 134Analysis of the Archaeological Record4
ANTHRO 134AField Course in Archaeological Methods6
ARCH 39AFreshman/Sophomore Seminar2-4
ARCH 140Energy and Environment4
ARCH 149Special Topics in Energy and Environment1-4
ARCH 150Introduction to Structures4
ASTRON 3Introduction to Modern Cosmology2
ASTRON 7AIntroduction to Astrophysics4
ASTRON 7BIntroduction to Astrophysics4
ASTRON 9Selected Topics in Astronomy3
ASTRON 10Introduction to General Astronomy4
ASTRON C10Introduction to General Astronomy4
ASTRON N10Introduction to General Astronomy3
ASTRON C12The Planets3
ASTRON W12The Planets3
ASTRON C13Origins: from the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans4
ASTRON 24Freshman Seminars1
ASTRON 39Seminar1.5
ASTRON 120Optical and Infrared Astronomy Laboratory4
ASTRON 121Radio Astronomy Laboratory4
ASTRON 160Stellar Physics4
ASTRON C161Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology4
ASTRON C162Planetary Astrophysics4
BIO ENG C125Introduction to Robotics4
CHEM 1AGeneral Chemistry3
CHEM 1ADGeneral Chemistry (Digital)3
CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry4
CHEM W1AGeneral Chemistry3
CHEM 3AChemical Structure and Reactivity3
CHEM 3BChemical Structure and Reactivity3
CHEM 4AGeneral Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis4
CHEM 4BGeneral Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis4
CHEM 15Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry3
CHEM 24Freshman Seminar1
CHEM 49Supplementary Work in Lower Division Chemistry1-4
CHEM 96Introduction to Research and Study in the College of Chemistry1
CHEM 100Communicating Chemistry2
CHEM 103Inorganic Chemistry in Living Systems3
CHEM 104AAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 104BAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 105Instrumental Methods in Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 108Inorganic Synthesis and Reactions4
CHEM C110LGeneral Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory4
CHEM 112AOrganic Chemistry5
CHEM 112BOrganic Chemistry5
CHEM 113Advanced Mechanistic Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 114Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 115Organic Chemistry--Advanced Laboratory Methods4
CHEM 120APhysical Chemistry3
CHEM 120BPhysical Chemistry3
CHEM 122Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy3
CHEM 125Physical Chemistry Laboratory3
CHEM C130Biophysical Chemistry: Physical Principles and the Molecules of Life4
CHEM 130BBiophysical Chemistry3
CHEM 135Chemical Biology3
CHEM C138The Berkeley Lectures on Energy: Energy from Biomass3
CHEM 143Nuclear Chemistry2
CHEM 146Radiochemical Methods in Nuclear Technology and Forensics3
CHEM 149Supplementary Work in Upper Division Chemistry1-4
CHEM C150Introduction to Materials Chemistry3
CHEM C170LBiochemical Engineering Laboratory3
CHEM C178Polymer Science and Technology3
CHEM C182Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Laboratory3
CHM ENG 40Introduction to Chemical Engineering Design2
CHM ENG 140Introduction to Chemical Process Analysis4
CHM ENG 141Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics4
CHM ENG 142Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering4
CHM ENG 150ATransport Processes4
CHM ENG 150BTransport and Separation Processes4
CHM ENG 154Chemical Engineering Laboratory4
CHM ENG 160Chemical Process Design4
CHM ENG 162Dynamics and Control of Chemical Processes4
CHM ENG 170ABiochemical Engineering3
CHM ENG 171Transport Phenomena3
CHM ENG 176Principles of Electrochemical Processes3
CHM ENG 179Process Technology of Solid-State Materials Devices3
CIV ENG 70Engineering Geology3
CIV ENG 100Elementary Fluid Mechanics4
CIV ENG 101Fluid Mechanics of Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands3
CIV ENG 103Introduction to Hydrology3
CIV ENG 105Environmental Fluid Mechanics Design3
CIV ENG C106Air Pollution3
CIV ENG 111Environmental Engineering3
CIV ENG 112Environmental Engineering Design3
CIV ENG 115Water Chemistry3
CIV ENG C116Chemistry of Soils3
CIV ENG 120Structural Engineering3
CIV ENG 121Advanced Structural Analysis3
CIV ENG 122NDesign of Steel Structures3
CIV ENG 123NDesign of Reinforced Concrete Structures3
CIV ENG 124Structural Design in Timber3
CIV ENG 140Failure Mechanisms in Civil Engineering Materials3
CIV ENG 153Transportation Facility Design3
CIV ENG 166Construction Engineering3
CIV ENG 171Introduction to Geological Engineering3
CIV ENG 173Groundwater and Seepage3
CIV ENG 175Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering3
CIV ENG 176Environmental Geotechnics3
CIV ENG 177Foundation Engineering Design3
CIV ENG 186Design of Cyber-Physical Systems3
COMPSCI 61CMachine Structures4
COMPSCI 61CLMachine Structures (Lab-Centric)4
COMPSCI 188Introduction to Artificial Intelligence4
EL ENG 20Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals4
EL ENG 40Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits4
EL ENG 42Introduction to Digital Electronics3
EL ENG 100Electronic Techniques for Engineering4
EL ENG 117Electromagnetic Fields and Waves4
EL ENG 118Introduction to Optical Engineering3
EL ENG 121Introduction to Digital Communication Systems4
EL ENG 122Introduction to Communication Networks4
EL ENG 123Digital Signal Processing4
EL ENG 129Neural and Nonlinear Information Processing3
EL ENG 130Integrated-Circuit Devices4
EL ENG 134Fundamentals of Photovoltaic Devices4
EL ENG 140Linear Integrated Circuits4
EL ENG 141Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits4
EL ENG 142Integrated Circuits for Communications4
EL ENG 143Microfabrication Technology4
ENE,RES C100Energy and Society4
ENE,RES 102Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems4
ENGIN 45Properties of Materials3
ENGIN 117Methods of Engineering Analysis3
ENV SCI 10Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
EPS 3The Water Planet2
EPS C12The Planets3
EPS W12The Planets3
EPS 20Earthquakes in Your Backyard3
EPS C20Earthquakes in Your Backyard3
EPS 24Freshman Seminar in Earth and Planetary Sciences1
EPS 50The Planet Earth4
EPS 80Environmental Earth Sciences3
EPS C82Oceans3
EPS N82Introduction to Oceans2
EPS 100AMinerals: Their Constitution and Origin4
EPS 100BGenesis and Interpretation of Rocks4
EPS 101Field Geology and Digital Mapping4
EPS 102History and Evolution of Planet Earth4
EPS 103Introduction to Aquatic and Marine Geochemistry4
EPS 108Geodynamics4
EPS 109Computer Simulations in Earth and Planetary Sciences4
EPS 111Petroleum Geology3
EPS 115Stratigraphy and Earth History4
EPS 116Structural Geology and Tectonics3
EPS 117Geomorphology4
EPS 118Advanced Field Course4
EPS 119Geologic Field Studies2
EPS 122Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors3
EPS 124Isotopic Geochemistry4
EPS C129Biometeorology3
EPS 130Strong Motion Seismology3
EPS 131Geochemistry4
EPS C146Geological Oceanography4
EPS 150Case Studies in Earth Systems2
EPS C162Planetary Astrophysics4
EPS C178Applied Geophysics3
EPS C180Air Pollution3
EPS C181Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics3
EPS C182Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Laboratory3
EPS C183Carbon Cycle Dynamics3
ESPM 2The Biosphere3
ESPM 15Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
ESPM 120Soil Characteristics3
ESPM C128Chemistry of Soils3
ESPM C129Biometeorology3
ESPM 172Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing3
ESPM C180Air Pollution3
ESPM 181AFire Ecology3
GEOG 1Global Environmental Change4
GEOG N1Global Environmental Change3
GEOG 40Introduction to Earth System Science4
GEOG C82Oceans3
GEOG C139Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics3
GEOG 140APhysical Landscapes: Process and Form4
GEOG 144Principles of Meteorology3
GEOG 171Special Topics in Physical Geography3
HISTORY 181BTopics in the History of the Physical Sciences: Modern Physics: From the Atom to Big Science4
IND ENG 130Methods of Manufacturing Improvement3
IND ENG 131Discrete Event Simulation3
IND ENG 150Production Systems Analysis3
IND ENG 161Operations Research II3
IND ENG 162Linear Programming and Network Flows3
IND ENG 165Engineering Statistics, Quality Control, and Forcasting3
IND ENG 180Senior Project4
INTEGBI C82Oceans3
L & S C70TThe Planets3
L & S C70UIntroduction to General Astronomy4
L & S C70VDescriptive Introduction to Physics3
L & S C70WPhysics and Music3
L & S C70YEarthquakes in Your Backyard3
L & S 125Time4
MAT SCI 102Bonding, Crystallography, and Crystal Defects3
MAT SCI 103Phase Transformations and Kinetics3
MAT SCI 104Materials Characterization4
MAT SCI 111Properties of Electronic Materials4
MAT SCI 112Corrosion (Chemical Properties)3
MAT SCI 117Properties of Dielectric and Magnetic Materials3
MAT SCI 120Materials Production3
MAT SCI 121Metals Processing3
MAT SCI 122Ceramic Processing3
MAT SCI 123Semiconductor Processing3
MAT SCI 125Thin-Film Materials Science3
MEC ENG 101Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Systems3
MEC ENG 104Engineering Mechanics II3
MEC ENG 106Fluid Mechanics3
MEC ENG 109Heat Transfer3
MEC ENG 110Introduction to Product Development3
MEC ENG 122Processing of Materials in Manufacturing3
MEC ENG 130Design of Planar Machinery3
MEC ENG 132Dynamic Systems and Feedback3
MEC ENG 133Mechanical Vibrations3
MEC ENG C134Feedback Control Systems4
MEC ENG 135Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems4
MEC ENG 140Combustion Processes3
MEC ENG 151Advanced Heat Transfer3
MEC ENG 163Engineering Aerodynamics3
MEC ENG 170Engineering Mechanics III3
MEC ENG 173Fundamentals of Acoustics3
MEC ENG 175Intermediate Dynamics3
MEC ENG 185Introduction to Continuum Mechanics3
NUC ENG 107Introduction to Imaging3
NUC ENG 124Radioactive Waste Management3
NUC ENG 150Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory4
NUC ENG 161Nuclear Power Engineering4
NUC ENG 162Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry3
NUC ENG 180Introduction to Controlled Fusion3
PHYSICS 7APhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS 7BPhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS 7CPhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS H7APhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS H7BPhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS H7CPhysics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYSICS 8AIntroductory Physics4
PHYSICS 8BIntroductory Physics4
PHYSICS C10Descriptive Introduction to Physics3
PHYSICS 21Physics of Music3
PHYSICS C21Physics and Music3
PHYSICS 49Supplementary Work in Lower Division Physics1-3
PHYSICS 89Introduction to Mathematical Physics4
PHYSICS 105Analytic Mechanics4
PHYSICS 110AElectromagnetism and Optics4
PHYSICS 110BElectromagnetism and Optics4
PHYSICS 111AInstrumentation Laboratory3
PHYSICS 111BAdvanced Experimentation Laboratory1-3
PHYSICS 112Introduction to Statistical and Thermal Physics4
PHYSICS 129Particle Physics4
PHYSICS 130Quantum and Nonlinear Optics3
PHYSICS 137AQuantum Mechanics4
PHYSICS 137BQuantum Mechanics4
PHYSICS 138Modern Atomic Physics3
PHYSICS 139Special Relativity and General Relativity3
PHYSICS 141ASolid State Physics4
PHYSICS 141BSolid State Physics3
PHYSICS 142Introduction to Plasma Physics4
PHYSICS 151Elective Physics: Special Topics3
PHYSICS C161Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology4
PHYSICS 177Principles of Molecular Biophysics3
PUB POL C184Energy and Society4
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