Social and Behavioral Sciences

This page was updated on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.

The following courses satisfy the Social and Behavioral Sciences area of the Seven Course Breadth requirement.  No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Seven Course Breadth requirement (L&S Discovery courses are exempt). Courses numbered 84, 97, 98, 99, and 190 and above do not receive breadth credit. In cases where any of the courses listed below are offered online (indicated by a "W" prefix), that course will be treated in the same way as its regular semester counterpart and will satisfy this breadth area.

Students who have successfully completed  2 unit breadth prior to fall 2015 will be accepted for graduation requirements.

AFRICAM 4AAfrica: History and Culture4
AFRICAM 4BAfrica: History and Culture4
AFRICAM 5AAfrican American Life and Culture in the United States4
AFRICAM 5BAfrican American Life and Culture in the United States4
AFRICAM 27ACLives of Struggle: Minorities in a Majority Culture3
AFRICAM 28ACGlobalization and Minority American Communities3
AFRICAM 39DFreshman/Sophmore Seminar 12-4
AFRICAM 39EFreshman/Sophmore Seminar 12-4
AFRICAM 39GFreshman/Sophmore Seminar 12-4
AFRICAM 100Black Intellectual Thought4
AFRICAM 101Research Methods for African American Studies4
AFRICAM 109Black and Male in American Life3
AFRICAM 111Race, Class, and Gender in the United States3
AFRICAM 112APolitical and Economic Development in the Third World4
AFRICAM 112BPolitical and Economic Development in the Third World4
AFRICAM 114Linguistic Structure of Bantu Languages3
AFRICAM 116Slavery and African American Life Before 18654
AFRICAM 117African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-19704
AFRICAM 121Black Political Life in the United States4
AFRICAM 122African American Families in American Society3
AFRICAM 131Caribbean Societies and Cultures3
AFRICAM N131Caribbean Societies and Cultures3
AFRICAM C133ARace, Identity, and Culture in Urban Schools3
AFRICAM C134Information Technology and Society4
AFRICAM 137Multicultural Communities3
AFRICAM 138Black Nationalism4
AFRICAM 144Introduction to Cultural Studies: Black Visual Culture4
AFRICAM 152FNeo-Slave Narratives3
AFRICAM 173ACGandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America3
AFRICAM C178Cultural Studies4
AMERSTD 10Introduction to American Studies4
AMERSTD 10ACIntroduction to American Studies4
AMERSTD 101Examining U.S. Cultures in Time4
AMERSTD 101ACExamining U.S. Cultures in Time4
AMERSTD 102Examining U.S. Cultures in Place4
AMERSTD C111AArchitecture in Depression and War4
AMERSTD C112AAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1600 to 19004
AMERSTD C112BAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1900 to Present4
AMERSTD C112FThe American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
AMERSTD C132BIntellectual History of the United States since 18654
AMERSTD C134Information Technology and Society4
AMERSTD C171The American Designed Landscape Since 18503
AMERSTD C172History of American Business3
AMERSTD 179ACRepresenting Race and Ethnicity in American Culture3
ANTHRO 1Introduction to Biological Anthropology4
ANTHRO 2Introduction to Archaeology4
ANTHRO 2ACIntroduction to Archaeology4
ANTHRO 3Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology4
ANTHRO 3ACIntroduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology (American Cultures)4
ANTHRO 10ACThe California Frontier4
ANTHRO 15Seminar in Physical Anthropology3
ANTHRO 106Primate Behavior4
ANTHRO 111Evolution of Human Behavior4
ANTHRO 114History of Anthropological Thought4
ANTHRO 115Introduction to Medical Anthropology4
ANTHRO 116Environmental Effects on Human Health and Disease4
ANTHRO 117The Anthropology of Aging and the Life Course4
ANTHRO 119Special Topics in Medical Anthropology4
ANTHRO 121AHistorical Archaeology: American Material Culture4
ANTHRO 121ACAmerican Material Culture4
ANTHRO 121BHistorical Archaeology: Theoretical Approaches in American Historical Archaeology4
ANTHRO 122AArchaeology of the Americas: Archaeology of North America4
ANTHRO 122BCulture Contact in North America4
ANTHRO 122CArchaeology of the Americas: Archaeology of Central America4
ANTHRO 122DArchaeology of the Americas: World of Ancient Maya4
ANTHRO 122EArchaeology of the Americas: Andean Archaeology: People of the Andes4
ANTHRO 122FArchaeology of the Americas: California Archaeology4
ANTHRO 123AOld World Cultures: Stone Age Archaeology4
ANTHRO 123BOld World Cultures: Archaeology of Africa4
ANTHRO 123COld World Cultures: Archaeology of Europe4
ANTHRO 123EOld World Cultures: Mediterranean Archaeology4
ANTHRO 124APacific Cultures: Archaeology of the South Pacific4
ANTHRO 124ACHawaiian Ethnohistory4
ANTHRO C125AArchaeology of East Asia4
ANTHRO C125BArchaeology and Japanese Identities4
ANTHRO 128Special Topics in Archaeology4
ANTHRO 129ATopical Areas in Archaeology: Prehistoric Art4
ANTHRO 129CTopical Areas in Archaeology: Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers4
ANTHRO 129ETopical Areas in Archaeology: Household Archeology4
ANTHRO C129FThe Archaeology of Health and Disease4
ANTHRO 130History and Theory of Archaeology4
ANTHRO 134Analysis of the Archaeological Record4
ANTHRO 134AField Course in Archaeological Methods6
ANTHRO C136KWho Owns the Past? Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age4
ANTHRO 137Energy, Culture and Social Organization4
ANTHRO 138AHistory and Theory of Ethnographic Film4
ANTHRO 138BField Production of Ethnographic Film5
ANTHRO 139Controlling Processes4
ANTHRO 140The Anthropology of Food4
ANTHRO 141Comparative Society4
ANTHRO 142Kinship and Family4
ANTHRO 145Urban Anthropology4
ANTHRO C146Mobile City Chronicles: Gaming with New Technologies of Detection and Security5
ANTHRO 147AAnthropology of Gender4
ANTHRO C147BSexuality, Culture, and Colonialism4
ANTHRO 148Anthropology of the Environment4
ANTHRO 149Psychological Anthropology4
ANTHRO 150Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times4
ANTHRO 152Art and Culture4
ANTHRO 156APolitics and Anthropology4
ANTHRO 156BCulture and Power4
ANTHRO 157Anthropology of Law4
ANTHRO 158Religion and Anthropology4
ANTHRO 160ACForms of Folklore4
ANTHRO 161Narrative Folklore4
ANTHRO 162Topics in Folklore4
ANTHRO 166Language, Culture, and Society4
ANTHRO 169BResearch Theory and Methods in Socio-Cultural Anthropology5
ANTHRO 170China4
ANTHRO 171Japan4
ANTHRO 172ACSpecial Topics in American Cultures4
ANTHRO 174ACCalifornia Historical Anthropology4
ANTHRO 178Oceania4
ANTHRO 179Ethnography of the Maya4
ANTHRO 180European Society4
ANTHRO 181Themes in the Anthropology of the Middle East and Islam4
ANTHRO 183Topics in the Anthropological Study of Africa4
ANTHRO 184South Asia4
ANTHRO 189Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology4
ARCH 39BFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
ARCH 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
ARCH 100AFundamentals of Architectural Design6
ARCH 100BFundamentals of Architectural Design6
ARCH 101Case Studies in Architecture5
ARCH 105Deep Green Design4
ARCH 110ACThe Social and Cultural Basis of Design4
ARCH 122Principles of Computer Aided Architectural Design4
ARCH 130Introduction to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism4
ARCH 136The Literature of Space3
ARCH 175Introduction to Architectural Theory 1945-Present3
ARCH 176American Architecture3
ARCH 180ACPrison4
ART C178Game Design Methods4
ART C179Mobile City Chronicles: Gaming with New Technologies of Detection and Security5
ASAMST 20AIntroduction to the History of Asians in the United States4
ASAMST 20CCultural Politics and Practices in Asian American Communities4
ASAMST 121Chinese American History4
ASAMST 122Japanese American History4
ASAMST 123Korean American History4
ASAMST 124Filipino American History4
ASAMST 125Contemporary Issues of Southeast Asian Refugees in the U.S4
ASAMST 126Southeast Asian Migration and Community Formation4
ASAMST 127South Asian American Historical and Contemporary Issues4
ASAMST 128ACMuslims in America4
ASAMST 131Asian Diaspora(s) from an Asian American Perspective4
ASAMST 132Islamaphobia and Constructing Otherness4
ASAMST 141Law in the Asian American Community4
ASAMST 143Asian American Health3
ASAMST 144Religions of Asian America4
ASAMST 146Asian Americans and Education4
ASAMST 150Gender and Generation in Asian American Families4
ASAMST 151Asian American Women: Theory and Experience4
ASAMST 165Research Methodologies in Asian American Communities4
ASAMST 171Asian Americans in Film and Video4
ASAMST 175Contemporary Narratives on the Philippines and the United States3
ASAMST 190Seminar on Advanced Topics in Asian American Studies4
ASIANST 10Introduction to Asia4
ASIANST 150Special Topics4
BUDDSTD C126Buddhism and the Environment4
BUDDSTD 128/EA LANG C128Buddhism in Contemporary Society4
CELTIC 70The World of the Celts4
CELTIC 128Medieval Celtic Culture4
CELTIC 161Celtic Linguistics4
CHICANO 20Introduction to Chicano Culture4
CHICANO 50Introduction to Chicano History4
CHICANO 70Latino Politics4
CHICANO 110Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought4
CHICANO 133Chicano Music4
CHICANO 135ALatino Narrative Film: to the 1980s4
CHICANO 135BLatino Narrative Film Since 19904
CHICANO 135CLatino Documentary Film4
CHICANO 150BHistory of the Southwest: Mexican-United States War to Present4
CHICANO 159Mexican Immigration4
CHICANO 161Central American Peoples and Cultures4
CHICANO C161Central American Peoples and Cultures4
CHICANO 163Caribbean Migration to Western Europe and the United States4
CHICANO 172Chicanos and the Educational System4
CHICANO 174Chicanos, Law, and Criminal Justice4
CHICANO 176Chicanos and Health Care3
CHICANO 180Topics in Chicano Studies 11-4
CHINESE 102Fourth-Year Chinese Readings: Social Sciences and History4
CHINESE 159Cities and the Country4
CHINESE 161Structure of the Chinese Language4
CHINESE 165History of the Chinese Language4
CIV ENG 167Engineering Project Management3
CLASSIC R44Roots of Western Civilization5
CLASSIC 121Ancient Religion4
COG SCI C101The Mind and Language4
COG SCI C102Scientific Approaches to Consciousness3
COG SCI C103History of Information3
COG SCI C104The Mind, Language, and Politics4
COG SCI C142Language and Thought3
COG SCI C147Language Disorders3
COLWRIT 25ACReading in and about U.S. Education Institutions3
COLWRIT 50ACResearching Water in the West: Its Presence, Its Absence, and Its Consequences for the Peoples of California3
COLWRIT 150ACResearching Water in the West: Its Presence, Its Absence, and Its Consequences for the Peoples of California3
COM LIT 20Episodes in Literary Cultures4
COM LIT N40Women and Literature3
COMPSCI 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
CY PLAN 110Introduction to City Planning4
CY PLAN 111Introduction to Housing: An International Survey3
CY PLAN 113AEconomic Analysis for Planning3
CY PLAN 113BCommunity and Economic Development3
CY PLAN 114Introduction to Urban and Regional Transportation3
CY PLAN 115Urbanization in Developing Countries4
CY PLAN 116Urban Planning Process--The Undergraduate Planning Studio4
CY PLAN 118ACThe Urban Community4
CY PLAN 119Planning for Sustainability3
DEMOG 110Introduction to Population Analysis3
DEMOG C126Social Consequences of Population Dynamics4
DEMOG 145ACThe American Immigrant Experience4
DEMOG C165Family and Household in Comparative Perspective3
DEMOG C175Economic Demography3
DEV STD C10Introduction to Development4
DEV STD C100History of Development and Underdevelopment4
DEV STD 150Advanced Studies in Development Studies4
DUTCH 39ACultural History of the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)3
DUTCH C170Dutch Culture and Society: Amsterdam and Berkeley in the Sixties4
DUTCH 173Dutch Post-Colonial Studies4
DUTCH 174Brussels: A Global Study of a European Capital City4
DUTCH C178Cultural Studies4
DUTCH 179Cultural Studies3,4
EA LANG 103Writing, Visuality, and the Powers of Images4
EA LANG 109History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan4
EA LANG C126Buddhism and the Environment4
ECON 1Introduction to Economics4
ECON 2Introduction to Economics--Lecture Format4
ECON C3Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy4
ECON 100AEconomic Analysis--Micro4
ECON 100BEconomic Analysis--Macro4
ECON 101AEconomic Theory--Micro4
ECON 101BEconomic Theory--Macro4
ECON C102Natural Resource Economics4
ECON C103Introduction to Mathematical Economics4
ECON 104Advanced Microeconomic Theory4
ECON 105History of Economic Thought4
ECON C110Game Theory in the Social Sciences4
ECON N110Game Theory in the Social Sciences4
ECON 113American Economic History4
ECON N113American Economic History4
ECON 115The World Economy in the Twentieth Century4
ECON 119Psychology and Economics4
ECON 121Industrial Organization and Public Policy4
ECON 122Industrial Organization Seminar4
ECON 123Government Regulation of Industry3
ECON 124Special Topics in Industrial Organization4
ECON C125Environmental Economics4
ECON 131Public Economics4
ECON 132Seminar in Public Sector Economics4
ECON 134Macroeconomic Policy from the Great Depression to Today4
ECON 136Financial Economics4
ECON N136Financial Economics4
ECON 138Financial and Behavioral Economics4
ECON 140Economic Statistics and Econometrics4
ECON 141Econometric Analysis4
ECON C142Applied Econometrics and Public Policy4
ECON 151Labor Economics4
ECON 152Wage Theory and Policy4
ECON N152Wage Theory and Policy4
ECON 153Labor Economics Seminar4
ECON 154Economics of Discrimination4
ECON 155Urban Economics3
ECON 157Health Economics4
ECON 161Economics of Transition: Eastern Europe4
ECON 162The Chinese Economy3
ECON C171Economic Development4
ECON N171Economic Development4
ECON 172Case Studies in Economic Development4
ECON 173Economic Development Seminar4
ECON 174Global Poverty and Impact Evaluation4
ECON C175Economic Demography3
ECON N175Economic Demography3
ECON C181International Trade4
ECON N181International Trade4
ECON 182International Monetary Economics4
EDUC 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar3
EDUC 40ACExperiencing Education: Diversity and (In)Equality in and Beyond Schools5
EDUC 75ACAmerican Sports, Culture, and Education3
EDUC 112Reforms in Elementary Education: Psychological and Sociocultural Foundations3
EDUC 114AEarly Development and Education4
EDUC 130Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science3
EDUC 140ACLiteracy: Individual and Societal Development3
EDUC N140Literacy: Individual and Societal Development4
EDUC 142Education in a Global World3
EDUC 180Logic of Inquiry3
EDUC 182ACThe Politics of Educational Inequality4
EDUC 183High School, The Movie3
EDUC 184Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDUC 185Gender and Education: International Perspectives3
EDUC 186ACThe Southern Border4
EDUC 188Latinas/os and Education: Critical Issues and Perspectives3
EDUC 189Democracy and Education4
EDUC 190Critical Studies in Education4
ENE,RES C100Energy and Society4
ENE,RES 102Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems4
ENE,RES 190Seminar in Energy, Environment, Development and Security Issues3
ENGIN 120Principles of Engineering Economics3
ENGIN 125Ethics, Engineering, and Society3
ENGLISH 25English as a Language4
ENGLISH C77Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ENGLISH 101The History of the English Language4
ENGLISH 102Topics in the English Language4
ENGLISH 175Literature and Disability4
ENV DES 1Introduction to Environmental Design3
ENV DES 4ADesign and Activism3
ENV DES 4BGlobal Cities3
ENV DES 10The History of Thought in Environmental Design3
ENV DES 100The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies4
ENV DES 102Critical Debates in Sustainable Urbanism3
ENV DES 106Sustainable Environmental Design Workshop5
ENV DES C169AAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1600 to 19004
ENV DES C169BAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1900 to Present4
ENV SCI 10Introduction to Environmental Sciences3
ENVECON C1Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy4
ENVECON 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
ENVECON 100Microeconomic Theory with Application to Natural Resources4
ENVECON C101Environmental Economics4
ENVECON C102Natural Resource Economics4
ENVECON C115Modeling and Management of Biological Resources4
ENVECON C118Introductory Applied Econometrics4
ENVECON 131Globalization and the Natural Environment3
ENVECON 140ACEconomics of Race, Agriculture, and the Environment3
ENVECON 142Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources4
ENVECON 143Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property3
ENVECON 145Health and Environmental Economic Policy4
ENVECON 147Regulation of Energy and the Environment4
ENVECON C151Economic Development4
ENVECON 152Advanced Topics in Development and International Trade3
ENVECON 153Population, Environment, and Development3
ENVECON 154Economics of Poverty and Technology3
ENVECON 161Advanced Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics4
ENVECON 162Economics of Water Resources3
ENVECON C175The Economics of Climate Change4
ENVECON C180Ecological Economics in Historical Context3
ENVECON C181International Trade4
ENVECON C183Forest Ecosystem Management4
ESPM C10Environmental Issues4
ESPM C11Americans and the Global Forest4
ESPM C12Introduction to Environmental Studies4
ESPM 50ACIntroduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management4
ESPM 60Environmental Policy, Administration, and Law4
ESPM 100Environmental Problem Solving4
ESPM 102ATerrestrial Resource Ecology4
ESPM 102CResource Management4
ESPM 102DClimate and Energy Policy4
ESPM C103Principles of Conservation Biology4
ESPM 117Urban Garden Ecosystems4
ESPM 151Society, Environment, and Culture4
ESPM 155Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems4
ESPM 156Animal Communication3
ESPM C159Human Diet4
ESPM 160ACAmerican Environmental and Cultural History4
ESPM 161Environmental Philosophy and Ethics4
ESPM 162Bioethics and Society4
ESPM 163ACEnvironmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, and the Environment4
ESPM 164GIS and Environmental Science3
ESPM 165International Rural Development Policy4
ESPM 166Natural Resource Policy and Indigenous Peoples4
ESPM 168Political Ecology4
ESPM 169International Environmental Politics4
ESPM 182Forest Operations Management3
ESPM 183Forest Planning and Management4
ESPM C183Forest Ecosystem Management4
ESPM 185Applied Forest Ecology4
ESPM C191The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
ETH STD 10ACA History of Race and Ethnicity in Western North America, 1598-Present4
ETH STD 11ACTheories and Concepts in Comparative Ethnic Studies An Introduction4
ETH STD 20ACIntroduction to Ethnic Studies4
ETH STD 21ACA Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S4
ETH STD 41ACA Comparative Survey of Protest Movements Since the 60's4
ETH STD C73ACIndigenous Peoples in Global Inequality4
ETH STD 100Comparative Ethnic Literature in America4
ETH STD 101ASocial Science Methods in Ethnic Studies4
ETH STD 101BHumanities Methods in Ethnic Studies4
ETH STD 103AProseminar: Issues in the Fields of Ethnic Studies: Racialization and Empire4
ETH STD 103CProseminar: Issues in the Fields of Ethnic Studies: Racialization and Contemporary Communities4
ETH STD 103EProseminar: Issues in the Fields of Ethnic Studies: Racialization, Gender, and Popular Culture4
ETH STD 122ACEthnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films4
ETH STD C126Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality4
ETH STD 135Contemporary U.S. Immigration4
ETH STD 136Immigrant Women4
ETH STD 141Racial Politics in America4
ETH STD 144ACRacism and the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color4
ETH STD 147Women of Color in the United States4
ETH STD 150People of Mixed Racial Descent4
ETH STD 159ACThe Southern Border4
ETH STD 181ACPrison4
FILM C181Game Design Methods4
FRENCH 35Practical Phonetics and Listening Comprehension3
FRENCH 43AAspects of French Culture3
FRENCH 43BAspects of French Culture3
FRENCH 138French for Future Teachers of the Language4
FRENCH 145History of the French Language4
FRENCH 146AIntroduction to French Linguistics4
FRENCH 147Special Topics in French Linguistics4
FRENCH 148Translation Methodology and Practice4
FRENCH 161AA Year in French History4
FRENCH 161BA Year in French History4
FRENCH 162APerspectives on History4
FRENCH 162BPerspectives on History4
FRENCH 171AA Concept in French Cultural History4
FRENCH 171BA Concept in French Cultural History4
FRENCH 172APsychoanalytic Theory and Literature4
FRENCH 180AFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180BFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180CFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 180DFrench Civilization4
FRENCH 183AConfigurations of Crisis4
FRENCH 183BConfigurations of Crisis4
GEOG 4World Peoples and Cultural Environments4
GEOG N4World Peoples and Cultural Environments3
GEOG 10World Regions, Peoples, and States4
GEOG 20Globalization4
GEOG N20Globalization3
GEOG 31Justice, Nature, and the Geographies of Identity4
GEOG C32Introduction to Development4
GEOG 35Global Ecology and Development4
GEOG 50ACCalifornia4
GEOG N50ACCalifornia3
GEOG C55Introduction to Central Asia3
GEOG 70ACThe Urban Experience3
GEOG 109Prehistoric Agriculture4
GEOG 130Food and the Environment4
GEOG N130Food and the Environment3
GEOG 137Top Ten Global Environmental Problems4
GEOG 138Global Environmental Politics4
GEOG C152Multicultural Europe4
GEOG C157Central American Peoples and Cultures4
GEOG 159ACThe Southern Border4
GEOG C160AAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1600 to 19004
GEOG C160BAmerican Cultural Landscapes, 1900 to Present4
GEOG 164The Geography of Economic Development in China4
GEOG 180Field Methods for Physical Geography5
GEOG 181Urban Field Study4
GEOG C188Geographic Information Systems4
GERMAN 102DAdvanced Language Practice: Popular Culture in Germany3
GERMAN 103Introduction to German Linguistics3
GERMAN C109Language and Power4
GERMAN 160APolitics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: A Century of Extremes4
GERMAN 160BPolitics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: Facism and Propaganda4
GERMAN 160CPolitics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: A Divided Nation. Politics and Culture in Germany 1945-19904
GERMAN 160DPolitics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: Multicultural Germany4
GERMAN 160KPolitics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: The Weimar Republic: Politics and Culture in Germany 1918-19334
GERMAN 172German Dialects3
GERMAN 173The Phonetics and Phonology of Modern German3
GERMAN 174The Morphology and Syntax of Modern German3
GERMAN 177The Cultural History of Switzerland in Literature and Film4
GERMAN 178Semiotics3
GPP 105The Ethics, Methods, and Pragmatics of Global Practice4
GPP 115Global Poverty: Challenges and Hopes in the New Millennium4
GWS 10Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies4
GWS 14Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Global Political Issues4
GWS 20Introduction to Feminist Theory4
GWS 40Special Topics3
GWS 50ACGender in American Culture3
GWS 100ACWomen in American Culture3
GWS 101Doing Feminist Research4
GWS 102Transnational Feminism4
GWS 103Identities Across Difference4
GWS 104Feminist Theory4
GWS 111Special Topics 11-4
GWS 116ACQueer Theories: Activist Practices4
GWS 120The History of American Women4
GWS 125Women and Film4
GWS 129Bodies and Boundaries4
GWS 131Gender and Science4
GWS 133ACWomen, Men, and Other Animals: Human Animality in American Cultures4
GWS 134Gender and the Politics of Childhood4
GWS 139Women, Gender, and Work4
GWS 140Feminist Cultural Studies4
GWS 141Interrogating Global Economic "Development"4
GWS 142Women in the Muslim and Arab Worlds4
GWS 143Women, Proverty, and Globalization4
GWS 144Alternate Sexualities in a Transnational World4
GWS C146ACultural Representations of Sexualities: Queer Literary Culture4
GWS 155Gender and Transnational Migration4
HEBREW 105AThe Structure of Modern Hebrew3
HEBREW 105BThe Structure of Modern Hebrew3
HISTART 108Cities and the Arts4
HISTART C189The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
HISTORY 2Comparative World History4
HISTORY 3After the Roman Empire: the East4
HISTORY 4AOrigins of Western Civilization: The Ancient Mediterranean World4
HISTORY 4BOrigins of Western Civilization: Medieval Europe4
HISTORY 5European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present4
HISTORY W5European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present4
HISTORY 6Chinese Civilization4
HISTORY 6AHistory of China: Origins to the Mongol Conquest4
HISTORY 6BIntroduction to Chinese History from the Mongols to Mao4
HISTORY 7AIntroduction to the History of the United States: The United States from Settlement to Civil War4
HISTORY 7BIntroduction to the History of the United States: The United States from Civil War to Present4
HISTORY 8ALatin American History: Becoming Latin America, 1492 to 18244
HISTORY 8BLatin American History: Modern Latin America4
HISTORY 10African History4
HISTORY 11India4
HISTORY 12The Middle East4
HISTORY 14Introduction to the History of Japan4
HISTORY 30Science and Society4
HISTORY 39CFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39DFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39EFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39FFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39GFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39HFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39IFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39JFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39KFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39LFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 39MFreshman Sophomore Seminar4
HISTORY 100Special Topics4
HISTORY 100ACSpecial Topics in the History of the United States4
HISTORY 100APSpecial Topics in Ancient History4
HISTORY 100BSpecial Topics in European History4
HISTORY 100BPSpecial Topics in Medieval History4
HISTORY 100DSpecial Topics in the History of the United States4
HISTORY 100ESpecial Topics in Latin American History4
HISTORY 100FSpecial Topics in Asian History4
HISTORY 100HSpecial Topics in African History4
HISTORY 100LSpecial Topics in Legal History4
HISTORY 100MSpecial Topics in the History of the Middle East4
HISTORY 100SSpecial Topics in the History of Science4
HISTORY 100USpecial Topics in Comparative History4
HISTORY 100UPSpecial Topics in Comparative History4
HISTORY 101Seminar in Historical Research and Writing for History Majors5
HISTORY 103AProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Ancient4
HISTORY 103BProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Europe4
HISTORY 103CProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: England4
HISTORY 103DProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: United States4
HISTORY 103EProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Latin America4
HISTORY 103FProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Asia4
HISTORY 103HProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Africa4
HISTORY 103SProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: History of Science4
HISTORY 103UProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Studies in Comparative History4
HISTORY 104The Craft of History4
HISTORY 105AAncient Greece: Archaic and Classical Greek History4
HISTORY 105BAncient Greece: The Greek World: 403-31 BCE4
HISTORY 106AAncient Rome: The Roman Republic4
HISTORY 106BAncient Rome: The Roman Empire4
HISTORY N106AThe Roman Republic4
HISTORY N106BThe Roman Empire4
HISTORY 108Byzantium4
HISTORY 109AThe Rise of Islamic Civilization, 600-12004
HISTORY 109BThe Middle East, 1000-17504
HISTORY 109CThe Middle East From the 18th Century to the Present4
HISTORY N109CThe Middle East From the 18th Century to the Present4
HISTORY 111ATopics in the History of Southest Asia: Southeast Asia to the 18th Century4
HISTORY 111BTopics in the History of Southest Asia: Modern Southeast Asia4
HISTORY 111CTopics in the History of Southest Asia: Political and Cultural History of Vietnam4
HISTORY 111DVietnam at War4
HISTORY C111BModern Southeast Asia4
HISTORY 112BAfrica: Modern South Africa, 1652-Present4
HISTORY 112CColonialism and Nationalism in Africa4
HISTORY N112BModern South Africa, 1652-Present4
HISTORY 113ATraditional Korean History4
HISTORY 113BModern Korean History4
HISTORY 114AIndia: Medieval and Early Modern India to the Coming of the British4
HISTORY 114BIndia: Modern South Asia4
HISTORY 116AChina: Early China4
HISTORY 116BChina: Two Golden Ages: China During the Tang and Song Dynasties4
HISTORY 116CChina: Modern China4
HISTORY 116DChina: Twentieth-Century China4
HISTORY 116GImperial China and the World4
HISTORY 117ATopics in Chinese History: Chinese Popular Culture4
HISTORY 117DTopics in Chinese History: The Chinese Body: Gender and Sex, Health, and Medicine4
HISTORY 118AJapan: Japan, Archaeological Period to 18004
HISTORY 118BJapan: Japan 1800-19004
HISTORY 118CJapan: Empire and Alienation: The 20th Century in Japan4
HISTORY 119ATopics in Japanese History: Postwar Japan4
HISTORY N119APostwar Japan4
HISTORY 120ACAmerican Environmental and Cultural History4
HISTORY 121BThe Colonial Period and American Revolution: The American Revolution4
HISTORY 122ACAntebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society4
HISTORY 123Civil War and Reconstruction4
HISTORY 124AThe Recent United States: The United States from the Late 19th Century to the Eve of World War II4
HISTORY 124BThe Recent United States: The United States from World War II to the Vietnam Era4
HISTORY N124AThe United States from the Late 19th Century to the Eve of the World War II4
HISTORY N124BThe United States from World War II to the Vietnam Era4
HISTORY 125AHistory of African-Americans and Race Relations in the United States: The History of Black People and Race Relations, 1550-18614
HISTORY 125BHistory of African-Americans and Race Relations in the United States: Soul Power: African American History 1861-19804
HISTORY N125BSoul Power: African American History 1861-20084
HISTORY 126AThe American West since 18504
HISTORY 126BThe American West since 18504
HISTORY 127ACCalifornia4
HISTORY 130American Foreign Policy4
HISTORY 130BDiplomatic History of the United States: The United States and the World Since 19454
HISTORY 131BSocial History of the United States: Creating Modern American Society: From the End of the Civil War to the Global Age4
HISTORY N131BSocial History of the United States: 1914-Present4
HISTORY C132BIntellectual History of the United States since 18654
HISTORY 134AThe Age of the City: The Age of the City, 1825-19334
HISTORY 135American Indian History: Precontact to the Present4
HISTORY 136Gender Matters in 20th Century America4
HISTORY 136ACGender Matters in 20th Century America4
HISTORY 137ACThe Repeopling of America4
HISTORY 138History of Science in the U.S4
HISTORY 138THistory of Science in the US CalTeach4
HISTORY C139BThe American Immigrant Experience4
HISTORY C139CCivil Rights and Social Movements in U.S. History4
HISTORY 140BMexico: Modern Mexico4
HISTORY 141BSocial History of Latin America: Social History of Modern Latin America4
HISTORY 143Brazil4
HISTORY N143Brazil4
HISTORY 146Latin American Women4
HISTORY 149BMedieval Italy: Italy in the Age of Dante (1000-1350)4
HISTORY 150BMedieval England: From the Conquest to 12904
HISTORY 151ABritain 1485-Present: Tudor Stuart Britain, 1485-16604
HISTORY 151BBritain 1485-Present: Britain, 1660-18514
HISTORY 151CBritain 1485-Present: The Peculiar Modernity of Britain, 1848-20004
HISTORY N151CThe Peculiar Modernity of Britain, 1848-20004
HISTORY 152ATopics in the History of the British Isles: Ireland Since the Union4
HISTORY 154Canada4
HISTORY 155AMedieval Europe: From the Late Empire to the Investiture Conflict4
HISTORY 155BMedieval Europe: From the Investiture Conflict to the Fifteenth Century4
HISTORY C157The Renaissance and the Reformation4
HISTORY 158AModern Europe: Old Regime and Revolutionary Europe, 1715-18154
HISTORY 158BModern Europe: Europe in the 19th Century4
HISTORY 158CModern Europe: Old and New Europe, 1914-Present4
HISTORY N158COld and New Europe, 1914-Present4
HISTORY 159AEuropean Economic History4
HISTORY 159BEuropean Economic History4
HISTORY 160The International Economy of the 20th Century4
HISTORY N160The International Economy of the 20th Century4
HISTORY 162AEurope and the World: Wars, Empires, Nations 1648-19144
HISTORY 162BWar and Peace: International Relations since 19144
HISTORY N162AEurope and the World: Wars, Empires, Nations 1648-19144
HISTORY 163AModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History from the Enlightenment to 18704
HISTORY 163BModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History, 1870 to the Present4
HISTORY 164AModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History from Renaissance to Enlightenment4
HISTORY 164BModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History from Enlightenment to 18704
HISTORY 164CModern European Intellectual History: European Intellectual History 1870 to the Present4
HISTORY S164BSocial History of Western Europe4
HISTORY 165ATopics in Modern European History: The Reformations of Christendom4
HISTORY 165BTopics in Modern European History: The World, the Picture, and the Page: The Revolution in European Culture since the late 18th Century4
HISTORY 165DThe Social and Cultural History of Early Modern Europe4
HISTORY 166AModern France: Early Modern France to 17154
HISTORY 166BModern France: Old Regime and Revolutionary France4
HISTORY 166CModern France4
HISTORY 167AModern Germany: Early Modern Germany4
HISTORY 167BModern Germany: The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich: Germany 1770-19184
HISTORY 167CModern Germany: Germany 1914 to the Present4
HISTORY 168ASpain and Portugal: The Spanish and Portuguese Empires in the Golden Age: 1450-17004
HISTORY 169AModern Italy: Renaissance and Baroque Italy 1350-18004
HISTORY 170The Netherlands4
HISTORY 171ARussia: Russia to 17004
HISTORY 171BRussia: Imperial Russia: From Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution4
HISTORY 171CRussia: The Soviet Union, 1917 to the Present4
HISTORY 172Russian Intellectual History4
HISTORY 173BHistory of Eastern Europe: The Habsburg Empire, 1740-19184
HISTORY 173CHistory of Eastern Europe: History of Eastern Europe: From 1900 to the Present4
HISTORY 174ATopics in the History of Eastern Europe: A History of Poland-Lithuania4
HISTORY 174BTopics in the History of Eastern Europe: Poles and Others: the Making of Modern Poland4
HISTORY C175BJewish Civilization: Modern Period4
HISTORY C176Multicultural Europe4
HISTORY 177AArmenia: Armenia from Ethnogenesis to the Dark Ages4
HISTORY 177BArmenia: From Pre-modern Empires to the Present4
HISTORY 178History of the Holocaust4
HISTORY 180The Life Sciences since 17504
HISTORY 180THistory of the Life Sciences Since 1750 (Cal Teach)4
HISTORY 182ATopics in the History of Technology: Technology and Society4
HISTORY 182ATTopics in the History of Technology: Technology and Society (Cal Teach)4
HISTORY C182CIntroduction to Science, Technology, and Society4
HISTORY 183Topics in the History of Medicine4
HISTORY 183AHealth and Disease4
HISTORY 185AHistory of Christianity: History of Christianity to 12504
HISTORY 185BHistory of Christianity: History of Christianity from 12504
HISTORY 186International and Global History since 19454
HISTORY C187The History and Practice of Human Rights4
HISTORY C188AArt and Science4
HISTORY C188BArt and Science4
HISTORY C188CMagic, Religion, and Science: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds4
HMEDSCI C133Death, Dying, and Modern Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives4
IND ENG 166Decision Analysis3
IND ENG 170Industrial Design and Human Factors3
IND ENG 171Technology Firm Leadership3
IND ENG 172Probability and Risk Analysis for Engineers3
IAS 45Survey of World History4
IAS 102Scope and Methods of Research in International and Area Studies4
IAS 106Intermediate Microeconomic Theory4
IAS 107Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory4
IAS 150Advanced Studies in International and Area Studies4
IAS 160Berkeley Summer Institute for the Global Generation4
IAS 180Current Issues in International and Area Studies 12,3
INFO W10Introduction to Information3
INFO C103History of Information3
INFO 146Foundations of New Media3
INTEGBI 35ACHuman Biological Variation4
INTEGBI C156Principles of Conservation Biology4
ISF 100AIntroduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis4
ISF 100BIntroduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis4
ISF 100DIntroduction to Technology, Society, and Culture4
ISF 100EThe Globalization of Rights, Values, and Laws in the 21st Century4
ISF 100FTheorizing Modern Capitalism: Controversies and Interpretations4
ISF 100HIntroduction to Media and International Relations4
ISF C100GIntroduction to Science, Technology, and Society4
ISF C145Multicultural Europe4
ITALIAN 39FFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 11.5-4
ITALIAN 40Italian Culture (in English)4
ITALIAN 103History of Italian Culture4
ITALIAN 160Studies in the History, Society, and Politics of the Italian Peninsula4
JAPAN 102Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Culture4
JAPAN 104Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese History4
JAPAN 160Introduction to Japanese Linguistics: Grammar4
JAPAN 161Introduction to Japanese Linguistics: Usage4
JEWISH 101The Cultural Legacies of the Jews3
JOURN 102ACThe Wire: When Journalism Meets Drama3
JOURN C141Understanding Journalism4
KOREAN 102Fourth-Year Readings: Korean Social Sciences and History4
L & S 20CArts and Literature3,4
L & S 23The Humanities4
L & S C30UAmericans and the Global Forest4
L & S C30VEnvironmental Issues4
L & S C30YBiology for Voters3
L & S 70BPhysical Science 12-4
L & S 120CArts and Literature3,4
L & S 122Time4
L & S 140DHistorical Studies3,4
L & S C140UThe Archaeology of Health and Disease4
L & S C140VThe History and Practice of Human Rights4
L & S 150AInternational Studies3,4
L & S C160VHuman Happiness3
L & S 180ASocial and Behavioral Sciences3,4
L & S 180ACArchaeology of Sex and Gender4
L & S C180TLanguage and Power4
L & S C180UWealth and Poverty4
L & S C180WWho Owns the Past? Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age4
L & S C180XArts and Cultural Policy4
LATAMST 10Introduction to Latin American Studies4
LATAMST 150Advanced Studies in Latin American Studies4
LD ARCH 12Environmental Science for Sustainable Development4
LD ARCH 110Ecological Analysis3
LD ARCH 130Sustainable Landscapes and Cities4
LD ARCH 138ACThe Metropolitan Landscape3
LD ARCH 170History and Literature of Landscape Architecture3
LD ARCH C171The American Designed Landscape Since 18503
LD ARCH C188Geographic Information Systems4
LEGALST 39BFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
LEGALST 39DFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
LEGALST 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
LEGALST 100Foundations of Legal Studies4
LEGALST 102Policing and Society4
LEGALST 103Theories of Law and Society4
LEGALST 104ACYouth Justice and Culture4
LEGALST 105Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Law3
LEGALST 107Theories of Justice4
LEGALST 109Aims and Limits of the Criminal Law4
LEGALST 116Legal Discourse 1500-17004
LEGALST 119Philosophy and Law in Ancient Athens4
LEGALST 132ACImmigration and Citizenship4
LEGALST 138The Supreme Court and Public Policy4
LEGALST 139Comparative Perspectives on Norms and Legal Traditions4
LEGALST 140Property and Liberty4
LEGALST 145Law and Economics I4
LEGALST 146The Law and Economics of Innovation4
LEGALST 147Law and Economics II4
LEGALST 151Law, Self, and Society3
LEGALST 153Law and Society in Asia4
LEGALST 154International Human Rights4
LEGALST 155Government and the Family4
LEGALST 156Bioethics and the Law4
LEGALST 158Law and Development4
LEGALST 160Punishment, Culture, and Society4
LEGALST 161Law in Chinese Society4
LEGALST 162ACRestorative Justice4
LEGALST 163Adolescence, Crime and Juvenile Justice4
LEGALST 168Sex, Reproduction and the Law4
LEGALST 170Crime and Criminal Justice4
LEGALST 171European Legal History4
LEGALST 174Comparative Constitutional Law: The Case of Israel4
LEGALST 176Twentieth-Century American Legal and Constitutional History4
LEGALST 177Survey of American Legal and Constitutional History4
LEGALST 178Seminar on American Legal and Constitutional History3
LEGALST 179Comparative Constitutional Law4
LEGALST 180Implicit Bias4
LEGALST 181Psychology and the Law4
LEGALST 182Law, Politics and Society4
LEGALST 183Psychology of Diversity and Discrimination in American Law4
LEGALST 184Sociology of Law4
LEGALST 185ACPrison4
LEGALST 189Feminist Jurisprudence4
LGBT 20ACAlternative Sexual Identities and Communities in Contemporary American Society4
LGBT 145Interpreting the Queer Past: Methods and Problems in the History of Sexuality4
LGBT C147BSexuality, Culture, and Colonialism4
LINGUIS 1AAmerican Sign Language I5
LINGUIS 1BAmerican Sign Language II5
LINGUIS 3Linguistic Diversity3
LINGUIS 5Language and Linguistics4
LINGUIS 11Writing Systems3
LINGUIS 16The English Vocabulary3
LINGUIS S16The English Vocabulary3
LINGUIS 22Introduction to the History of the English Language3
LINGUIS 23Language and Sex3
LINGUIS 40Language of Advertising3
LINGUIS 51The Brain's Politics: How the Framing of Issues Works3
LINGUIS S55The American Languages3
LINGUIS S55XThe American Languages3
LINGUIS 65Music and Language3
LINGUIS 100Introduction to Linguistic Science4
LINGUIS C104The Mind, Language, and Politics4
LINGUIS C105The Mind and Language4
LINGUIS 106Metaphor4
LINGUIS 110Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology4
LINGUIS 113Experimental Phonetics3
LINGUIS 115Phonology and Morphology4
LINGUIS 120Introduction to Syntax and Semantics4
LINGUIS 121Logical Semantics4
LINGUIS 122Language Typology and Linguistic Universals3
LINGUIS 123Pragmatics3
LINGUIS 124Discourse3
LINGUIS 125Gesture, Cognition, and Culture3
LINGUIS 127Cross-Cultural Verbal Art3
LINGUIS 128Linguistic Analysis of Literature3
LINGUIS 130Comparative and Historical Linguistics4
LINGUIS 131Indo-European Comparative Linguistics3
LINGUIS C137Introduction to Slavic Linguistics4
LINGUIS C139Language Spread3
LINGUIS 140Introduction to Field Methods3
LINGUIS 141Empiricism and Linguistics3
LINGUIS C142Language and Thought3
LINGUIS 146Language Acquisition3
LINGUIS C146Language Acquisition3
LINGUIS C147Language Disorders3
LINGUIS 150Sociolinguistics3
LINGUIS 151Language and Gender3
LINGUIS 152Pidgin and Creole Languages3
LINGUIS 155ACLanguage in the United States: a Capsule History4
LINGUIS 158Computational Methods3
LINGUIS 159The Deaf Community and American Sign Language3
LINGUIS C160Quantitative Methods in Linguistics4
LINGUIS 165Topics in Music and Linguistics: Rhythm, Meter, and Text-setting3
LINGUIS 170History, Structure, and Sociolinguistics of a Particular Language3
LINGUIS 175American Indian Languages3
LINGUIS 181Lexical Semantics3
MED ST 150Studies in Medieval Culture 12-4
M E STU 20Perspectives on the Middle East2
M E STU 130Cross-Listed Topics 11-4
M E STU 150Advanced Study in the Middle East4
MCELLBI 41Genetics and Society3
MCELLBI C44Biology for Voters3
MCELLBI C61Brain, Mind, and Behavior3
MEDIAST 10Introduction to Media Studies4
MEDIAST N10Introduction to Media Studies4
MEDIAST 101Visual Communications4
MEDIAST 102Effects of Mass Media4
MEDIAST C103Understanding Journalism4
MEDIAST 104DPrivacy in the Digital Age4
MEDIAST 104AFreedom of Speech and the Press3
MEDIAST 104BThe History of Journalism3
MEDIAST C104CHistory of Information3
MEDIAST 130Research Methods in Media Studies4
MEDIAST 140Media and Politics4
MEDIAST 150Topics in Film4
MEDIAST 160International Media4
MEDIAST 165Internet and Culture4
MEDIAST 170Cultural History of Advertising4
MEDIAST 180Television Studies4
MIL AFF 20Evolution of Warfare3
MIL AFF 145ANational Security Forces in Contemporary American Society3
MIL AFF 154The History of Littoral Warfare3
MUSIC 26ACMusic in American Culture4
MUSIC 109MMusic Cognition: The Mind Behind the Musical Ear3
MUSIC 135AMusics of the Caribbean4
MUSIC 136World Music: Power, Aesthetics, and Connections4
NATAMST 20AIntroduction to Native American Studies4
NATAMST 71Native Americans in North America to 19004
NATAMST 72Native Americans in North America 1900-Present4
NATAMST C73ACIndigenous Peoples in Global Inequality4
NATAMST 90Freshman Seminar--Myth, Memory and History4
NATAMST 100Native American Law4
NATAMST 101Native American Tribal Governments4
NATAMST 102Critical Native American Legal and Policy Studies4
NATAMST 110Theories and Methods in Native American Studies4
NATAMST 120ACPhotography and the American Indian: Manifest Destiny, American Frontier, and Images of American Indians4
NATAMST 145Images of Native Americans in American History4
NATAMST 149Gender in Native American Society4
NATAMST 158Native Americans and the Cinema4
NATAMST 175History of Native Americans in California4
NATAMST 176History of Native Americans in the Southwest4
NATAMST 178Topics in Native American History4
NATAMST 178ACAfricans in Indian Country4
NATAMST 190Seminar on Advanced Topics in Native American Studies 11-4
NE STUD 10Introduction to the Near East4
NE STUD 15Introduction to Near Eastern Art and Archaeology4
NE STUD 18Introduction to Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD C26Introduction to Central Asia3
NE STUD C92Imagining Arab Civilization4
NE STUD 102AArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 102BArchaeology of Ancient Egypt4
NE STUD 122Iranian Archaeology4
NE STUD 123Mesopotamian Archaeology4
NE STUD 124Levantine Archaeology4
NE STUD 126Silk Road Art and Archaeology3
NE STUD 127Art and Archaeology of Ancient Syria4
NE STUD 128The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Turkey4
NE STUD 130AHistory of Ancient Israel3
NE STUD 130BHistory of Ancient Israel3
NE STUD 143AIslam in Iran3
NE STUD 143BIslam in Iran3
NE STUD 146AIslam3
NE STUD 146BIslam3
NE STUD 147The Rise of Islamic Civilization4
NE STUD 154Narratives of Identity in Israeli and Palestinian Fiction4
NE STUD 165Film and Fiction of Iran4
NE STUD 173ATopics in the History of Central Asia and the Turks3
NE STUD 173BTopics in the History of Central Asia and the Turks3
NE STUD 174Law and Society in the Early Modern Middle East3
NE STUD 175History and Culture of Afghanistan3
NUSCTX 135Food Systems Organization and Management4
NUSCTX C159Human Diet4
OPTOM 39BFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PACS 10Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies4
PACS 100Peace Theory: Approaches and Analyses3
PACS 125ACWar, Culture, and Society4
PACS 126International Human Rights4
PACS 127Human Rights and Global Politics4
PACS 128ACHuman Rights and American Cultures4
PACS 149Global Change and World Order3
PACS 150Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice3
PACS 151International Conflict: Analysis and Resolution3
PACS 154Multicultural Conflict Resolution4
PACS 164AIntroduction to Nonviolence3
PACS 164BNonviolence Today3
PHILOS 2Individual Morality and Social Justice4
PHILOS 5Science and Human Understanding4
PHILOS 115Political Philosophy4
PHYS ED 60Cultural Sources of Dance, Rhythm, and Movement3
PB HLTH 14Healthy People: Introduction to Health Promotion4
PB HLTH 39CFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PB HLTH 39EFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PB HLTH 39GFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PB HLTH 39HFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PB HLTH 105Policy, Planning, and Evaluation of Health Promotion in a College Setting3
PB HLTH 112Global Health: A Multidisciplinary Examination4
PB HLTH 116Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine3
PB HLTH 126Health Economics and Public Policy3
PB HLTH 150AIntroduction to Epidemiology and Human Disease4
PB HLTH 150BIntroduction to Environmental Health Sciences3
PB HLTH 150EIntroduction to Community Health and Human Development3
PB HLTH C160Environmental Health and Development4
PB HLTH 181Poverty and Population3
POL SCI 1Introduction to American Politics4
POL SCI 2Introduction to Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 3Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods4
POL SCI 4Introduction to Political Theory4
POL SCI 5Introduction to International Relations4
POL SCI 18ACRace, Culture, and Politics in the Golden State4
POL SCI 39BFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
POL SCI 41Freshman Seminar4
POL SCI C79Societal Risks and the Law3
POL SCI 102The American Presidency4
POL SCI 103Congress4
POL SCI 103WThe Congress4
POL SCI 104Political Parties4
POL SCI 105The Politician4
POL SCI 106AAmerican Politics: Campaign Strategy - Media4
POL SCI 109ASpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109BSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109GSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109HSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109LSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109MSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109RSpecial Topics in American Politics4
POL SCI 109WSelected Topics in American Politics-UCDC4
POL SCI 111ACThe Politics of Displacement4
POL SCI 112AHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112BHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112CHistory of Political Theory4
POL SCI 112DHistory of European Political Theory: The 20th Century4
POL SCI N113AAmerican Political Theory4
POL SCI 114ATheories of Governance: Late 20th Century4
POL SCI 116ASpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116BSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116CSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116DSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116ESpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116FSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116GSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116HSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116ISpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116JSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116KSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116LSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116MSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116NSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116OSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116PSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116QSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116RSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116SSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116TSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116USpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116VSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116WSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116XSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116YSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 116ZSpecial Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 118ACThree American Cultures4
POL SCI 122APolitics of European Integration4
POL SCI 123ASpecial Topics in International Relations4
POL SCI 123GSpecial Topics in International Relations4
POL SCI 123HSpecial Topics in International Relations4
POL SCI 123MConflict Management4
POL SCI 123SSpecial Topics in International Relations4
POL SCI 124AWar!4
POL SCI 124CEthics and Justice in International Affairs4
POL SCI 124MThe Scientific Study of International Conflict4
POL SCI 126AInternational Political Economy4
POL SCI 128Chinese Foreign Policy4
POL SCI 128AChinese Foreign Policy4
POL SCI 129BRussia after Communism4
POL SCI C131AApplied Econometrics and Public Policy4
POL SCI C135Game Theory in the Social Sciences4
POL SCI W135Game Theory in the Social Sciences4
POL SCI 137ARevolutionary Change4
POL SCI 138EThe Varieties of Capitalism: Political Economic Systems of the World4
POL SCI 138GNational Success and Failure in the Age of a Global Economy: from Pleats to Cleats4
POL SCI 139BDevelopment Politics4
POL SCI 139DUrban and Sub-national Politics in Developing Countries4
POL SCI C139Urban and Sub-national Politics in Developing Countries4
POL SCI 140ESelected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 140FSelected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 140RSelected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 140SSelected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 141CPolitics and Government in Eastern Europe4
POL SCI 142AMiddle East Politics4
POL SCI 143ANortheast Asian Politics4
POL SCI 143BJapanese Politics4
POL SCI 143CChinese Politics4
POL SCI 143TChinese Politics and Society4
POL SCI 144American Foreign Policy Toward Asia4
POL SCI 144BPolitics of Divided Korea4
POL SCI 145ASouth Asian Politics4
POL SCI 145BSouth Asian Politics4
POL SCI W145AUnderstanding Political Developments in India4
POL SCI 146AAfrican Politics4
POL SCI 146DEnvironment, Culture, and Peacebuilding6
POL SCI N146CConflict and Change in Southern Africa4
POL SCI 147FContemporary French Politics: The Republican Model in Transition4
POL SCI 147GThe Welfare State in Comparative Perspective4
POL SCI 147TGerman History and Politics4
POL SCI 148ALatin American Politics4
POL SCI 149BSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149CSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ESpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149FSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ISpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149JSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149PSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149WSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149YSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 149ZSpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 150The American Legal System4
POL SCI 157AConstitutional Law of the United States4
POL SCI 157BConstitutional Law of the United States4
POL SCI 161Public Opinion, Voting and Participation4
POL SCI 164APolitical Psychology and Involvement4
POL SCI N164APsychology of Politics4
POL SCI 166Latinos and the U.S. Political System4
POL SCI 167ACRacial and Ethnic Politics in the New American Century4
POL SCI 169Selected Topics in Political Behavior4
POL SCI 171California Politics4
POL SCI 173SPolitical Economy of the California Crisis4
POL SCI 175AUrban and Metropolitan Government and Politics4
POL SCI 179Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science1
POL SCI 181Public Organization and Administration4
POLECON 100Classical Theories of Political Economy4
POLECON 101Contemporary Theories of Political Economy4
POLECON 130Cross-Listed Topics 11-4
POLECON 133Junior Seminar in Political Economy3
POLECON 150Advanced Study in Political Economy of Industrial Societies4
POLECON 155Developments in Modern Political Economy4
POLECON 160Political Economy in Historical Context4
POLECON W160APolitical Economy in Historical Context: The Twentieth Century: Economies, Societies, Polities, Technologies4
PORTUG 112Portuguese Civilization3
PORTUG 113Brazilian Civilization3
PSYCH 1General Psychology3
PSYCH W1General Psychology3
PSYCH 2Principles of Psychology3
PSYCH 14Psychology of Gender3
PSYCH 39JFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PSYCH 39KFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PSYCH 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
PSYCH 101Research and Data Analysis in Psychology4
PSYCH 106Psychology of Dreams3
PSYCH 107Buddhist Psychology3
PSYCH 109History of Psychology3
PSYCH 110Introduction to Biological Psychology3
PSYCH 125The Developing Brain3
PSYCH C129Scientific Approaches to Consciousness3
PSYCH 130Clinical Psychology3
PSYCH 131Developmental Psychopathology3
PSYCH 133Psychology of Sleep3
PSYCH 136Human Sexuality3
PSYCH 139Case Studies in Clinical Psychology3
PSYCH 140Developmental Psychology3
PSYCH 141Development During Infancy3
PSYCH C143Language Acquisition3
PSYCH 146Developmental and Biological Processes in Attachment3
PSYCH 148Topical Seminars in Developmental Psychology3
PSYCH 150Psychology of Personality3
PSYCH 160Social Psychology3
PSYCH 162Human Happiness3
PSYCH C162Human Happiness3
PSYCH 164Social Cognition3
PSYCH 165Psychology of Creativity3
PSYCH 167ACStigma and Prejudice3
PSYCH 168Topical Seminars in Social Psychology3
PSYCH 180Industrial-Organizational Psychology3
PUB POL 101Introduction to Public Policy Analysis4
PUB POL C103Wealth and Poverty4
PUB POL 117ACRace, Ethnicity, and Public Policy4
PUB POL 156Program and Policy Design4
PUB POL 157Arts and Cultural Policy4
PUB POL C157Arts and Cultural Policy4
PUB POL 179Public Budgeting4
PUB POL 182Environment and Technology from the Policy and Business Perspective4
PUB POL C184Energy and Society4
RELIGST C124The Renaissance and the Reformation4
RELIGST C135Jewish Civilization: Modern Period4
RELIGST C162Religion in South India3
RELIGST 173ACGandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America3
RELIGST 190Topics in the Study of Religion4
RHETOR 109Aesthetics and Rhetoric4
RHETOR 116Rhetoric, Culture and Society4
RHETOR 123Rhetoric of Performance4
RHETOR 127Novel, Society, and Politics4
RHETOR 129ACAutobiography and American Individualism4
RHETOR 136Art and Authorship4
RHETOR 137Rhetoric of the Image4
RHETOR 151Rhetoric of Contact and Conquest4
RHETOR 152Rhetoric of Constitutional Discourse4
RHETOR 152ACRace and Order in the New Republic4
RHETOR 167Advanced Themes in Legal Theory, Philosophy, Argumentation4
RHETOR 168Advanced Topics in Contemporary Law and Legal Discourse4
RHETOR 170Rhetoric of Social Science4
RHETOR 171The Problem of Mass Culture and the Rhetoric of Social Theory4
RHETOR 172Rhetoric of Social Theory4
RHETOR 176Rhetoric of Material Culture4
RHETOR 182Rhetorics of Sexual Exchange and Sexual Difference4
S ASIAN C141Religion in South India3
S ASIAN 144Islam in South Asia4
S ASIAN 146Mughal India through Memoirs, Chronicles and other Texts4
S ASIAN 148Religious Nationalism in South Asia4
S ASIAN 151A History of Yoga: Origins, Innovations, and Modern Reinventions4
S,SEASN 39CFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SCANDIN 75Literature and Culture of the Nordic World4
SCANDIN 132Introduction to Finnish Culture and History4
SCANDIN 165Scandinavian Folklore4
SCANDIN 170Arctic Folklore and Mythology in Nordic Lands4
SEASIAN 130Articulations of the Female in Indonesia4
SEASIAN 137Islam and Society in Southeast Asia4
SEASIAN 138Southeast Asian Cultures, Texts, and Politics4
SLAVIC 39MFreshman/Sophomore Seminar 12-4
SLAVIC 50Introduction to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures3
SLAVIC 100Seminar: Russian, East European, and Eurasian Cultures4
SLAVIC 137Introduction to Slavic Linguistics3
SLAVIC C137Introduction to Slavic Linguistics4
SLAVIC C139Language Spread3
SLAVIC 147AEast Slavic Folklore3
SLAVIC 147BBalkan Folklore3
SLAVIC 158Topics in East European/Eurasian Cultural History4
SLAVIC 190Russian Culture Taught in Russian: Country, Identity, and Language4
SOC WEL 107Foundations, Philanthropy, and the Social Services: Grant Writing for Program Development3
SOC WEL 110Social Work As a Profession3
SOC WEL 112Social Welfare Policy3
SOC WEL 114Practice in Social Work3
SOCIOL 1Introduction to Sociology4
SOCIOL 3ACPrinciples of Sociology: American Cultures4
SOCIOL 5Evaluation of Evidence4
SOCIOL 7The Power of Numbers: Quantitative Data in Social Sciences4
SOCIOL 101Sociological Theory I5
SOCIOL 102Sociological Theory II5
SOCIOL 103Advanced Study in Social Theory4
SOCIOL 108Advanced Methods: In-depth Interviewing4
SOCIOL 110Organizations and Social Institutions4
SOCIOL 111Sociology of the Family4
SOCIOL 111ACSociology of the Family4
SOCIOL 111CSociology of Childhood4
SOCIOL 111PFamilies, Inequality and Social Policy4
SOCIOL C112Sociology of Religion4
SOCIOL 113Sociology of Education4
SOCIOL 113ACSociology of Education4
SOCIOL 114Sociology of Law4
SOCIOL 115BBiology, Genetics and Society4
SOCIOL 115GGlobal Health and Social Justice4
SOCIOL C115Sociology of Health and Medicine4
SOCIOL 116Sociology of Work4
SOCIOL 117Sport As a Social Institution4
SOCIOL 119SOrganizational Strategy and Design: A Sociological Perspective4
SOCIOL 120Economy and Society4
SOCIOL 121Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Social and Cultural Context4
SOCIOL 124Sociology of Poverty4
SOCIOL C126Social Consequences of Population Dynamics4
SOCIOL 127Development and Globalization4
SOCIOL 130Social Inequalities4
SOCIOL 130ACSocial Inequalities: American Cultures4
SOCIOL 131Race and Ethnic Relations: The United States Experience4
SOCIOL 131ACRace and Ethnic Relations: U.S. American Cultures4
SOCIOL 131FFour Centuries of Racial Vision and Division in the U.S.4
SOCIOL 133Sociology of Gender4
SOCIOL 135Sexual Cultures4
SOCIOL 136Urban Sociology4
SOCIOL 137ACEnvironmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, and the Environment4
SOCIOL 139Selected Topics in Social Inequality4
SOCIOL 140Politics and Social Change4
SOCIOL 142Sociology of War and Conflict4
SOCIOL 144Ethnic Politics4
SOCIOL 145Social Change4
SOCIOL 145ACSocial Change: American Cultures4
SOCIOL 145LSocial Change in Latin America4
SOCIOL 146Contemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCIOL 146ACContemporary Immigration in Global Perspective4
SOCIOL 148Social Policy4
SOCIOL 150Social Psychology4
SOCIOL 151Personality and Social Structure4
SOCIOL 152Deviance and Social Control4
SOCIOL 160Sociology of Culture4
SOCIOL 163Popular Culture3
SOCIOL 165Social Networks4
SOCIOL 166Society and Technology4
SOCIOL 167Virtual Communities/Social Media4
SOCIOL 169Selected Topics in Sociology of Culture4
SOCIOL 169FCultural Perspectives of Food3
SOCIOL 173Contemporary Chinese Society4
SOCIOL 179Selected Topics in Area Studies4
SOCIOL 180CComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Culture4
SOCIOL 180EComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Education4
SOCIOL 180IComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Inequality4
SOCIOL 180PComparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies: Political Economy4
SOCIOL 182Elementary Forms of Racial Domination: International Perspectives4
SOCIOL C184Family and Household in Comparative Perspective3
SOCIOL 185Global Sociology3
SOCIOL 186American Society4
SOCIOL 189Selected Topics in Comparative Perspectives4
SOCIOL 189GComparative Perspectives in Sociology: The Global Elite3
SOCIOL C189Dutch Culture and Society: Amsterdam and Berkeley in the Sixties4
SPANISH 100Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
SPANISH 113Topics in Latin American Culture3
SPANISH 161Spanish Phonetics and Phonology3
SPANISH 162The Structure of Spanish3
SPANISH 168The Language of Narrative3
SPANISH C178Cultural Studies4
SPANISH 179Advanced Course in Hispanic Linguistics3
UGBA 10Principles of Business3
UGBA 101AMicroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions3
UGBA 101BMacroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions3
UGBA 107The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business3
UGBA 118International Trade3
UGBA 152Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
UGBA 154Power and Politics in Organizations 12,3
UGBA 156ACDiversity in the Workplace3
UGBA 160Consumer Behavior3
UGBA C172History of American Business3
UGBA 178Introduction to International Business3
UGBA 184Urban and Real Estate Economics3
UGIS 110Introduction to Disability Studies3
UGIS 112Women and Disability3
UGIS 120Introduction to Applied Language Studies3
UGIS C133Death, Dying, and Modern Medicine: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives4
UGIS C136The American Forest: Its Ecology, History, and Representation4
UGIS C155Jewish Civilization: Modern Period4
UGIS 162APolitical Science: Behind the Bully Bulpit - The History of Presidental Speech4
UGIS 162BSports, Politics, and Society4
UGIS 162CRace and Politics in the American City4
UGIS 162EPolitical Science: Environmental Policymaking and the Politics of Climate Change4
UGIS 162IPolitical Science: Lobbying, Money, and Influence in Washington4
UGIS 162JPolitical Science: U.S. Supreme Court: Judicial Politics and Constitutional Interpretation4
UGIS 162KSpies! The Politics of Intelligence4
UGIS 162LMiddle East Politics and the Arab "Spring"4
UGIS 162MU.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East4
UGIS 162NAmerican Political Journalism4
UGIS 162OThe Science of Politics: Campaigns and Elections4
UGIS 162PBeyond Sovereignty4
UGIS 165A Window Into How Washington Works4
UGIS 173Museums and Society: The Power of Display in Washington DC3
UGIS 175Washington Ethics: Crisis, Reform, and Reaction4
UGIS 176ANegotiating with Terrorists4
UGIS 177The Politics of Education4

 Starting fall 2015, only courses offered for 3 or more units will count for breadth.

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