Metabolic Biology

University of California, Berkeley


Students in the Metabolic Biology Graduate Program will be engaged in research to understand metabolism and nutrition through basic and integrated research. Our inter-campus program is comprised of faculty from UC Berkeley and UCSF, and is engaged in groundbreaking research and interdisciplinary training in the areas of metabolic regulation; nutrient functions; and metabolic disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

The graduate program fosters close interaction between students and faculty from several graduate groups, such as Molecular Toxicology, Endocrinology, Comparative Biochemistry, and Chemistry. This unique multidisciplinary environment of the program encourages Metabolic Biology students to collaborate and pursue research in a variety of fields.

Graduate Program

Metabolic Biology: MS, PhD

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Contact Information

Graduate Group in Metabolic Biology

119 Morgan Hall

Phone: 510-642-6490

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Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Meaghan DeRespini

Phone: 510-642-2879

Graduate Student Affairs Advisor

Majabeen Samadi

Phone: 510-643-2863

Department Manager

Mariko Walton

Phone: 510-642-6490

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