Buddhist Studies

University of California, Berkeley


The Berkeley Group in Buddhist Studies offers an interdisciplinary program of study and research leading to a PhD in Buddhist Studies. The group, which cooperates closely with the Departments of South and Southeast Asian Studies (SSEAS) and East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC), emphasizes the study of Buddhism in its many forms within its Asian historical and cultural context. The group also offers an undergraduate minor in Buddhist Studies.

Center for Buddhist Studies

The Center for Buddhist Studies oversees a variety of research programs, scholarly events, and outreach activities, often in collaboration with units on and off campus. Activities include a colloquium series, conferences, a visiting scholar program, a film series (with the PFA), the Numata Visiting Professorship, and the International Buddhist Film Festival (with the Buddhist Film Society).

Undergraduate Program

Buddhist Studies: Minor

Graduate Program

Buddhist Studies: PhD

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Buddhist Studies

Contact Information

Group in Buddhist Studies

3413 Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-3480

Fax: 510-642-6031


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Group Chair

Robert Sharf

3121 Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-6369


Head Graduate Advisor

Alexander von Rospatt, PhD

347B Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-1610


Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Grant Tompkins

3414 Dwinelle

Phone: 510-642-4497


Student Services Advisor

Cassandra Dunn

7228 Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-3480


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