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The Department of Demography offers an interdisciplinary training program leading to the MA and PhD in demography. Demography is the systematic study of human populations, a topic central to many pressing policy issues such as the economic development of Third World countries, population aging, the environment, health and mortality, family and household change, immigration, and ethnicity. Demography also has strong intellectual and institutional ties to other fields such as sociology, economics, social history, anthropology, biology, public health, and statistics.

Faculty in the Demography Department also participate in the Graduate Group in Sociology and Demography, which administers a PhD in Sociology and Demography.

There is no undergraduate major in Demography, but the department offers an undergraduate minor in Demography. Seniors may take graduate courses with the consent of the instructor.

Facilities and Library

Training and research explore anthropological, economic, historical, mathematical, statistical, and social aspects of demography. Computer applications — including exploratory statistical analysis and microsimulation techniques — are strongly emphasized. The department has advanced computing facilities consisting of a network of unix servers supporting statistical computing, instructional computing, web services, large data storage and backup, and provisions for research projects with protected data.  Multiple modes of secure remote connection to the network are supported.

Events and Colloquia

The Demography Brown Bag series is an opportunity for the campus demography community to present either works in progress or completed works in an informal setting. The lectures are hosted during the school year every Wednesday at noon in the Demography Conference Room.

The Demography Department offers conferences and workshops throughout the year sponsored jointly with the Berkeley Population Center at UC Berkeley, and/or the Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging (CEDA). Noted demographers and scholars from related fields contribute to these events, which brings together specialists interested in demography from the entire Bay Area, including Stanford University and UC Davis, and beyond. The Demography Department also offers a Formal Demography Workshop once a year in the summer.

Undergraduate Program

Demography: Minor

Graduate Programs

Demography: MA, PhD

Sociology and Demography: PhD

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Faculty and Instructors


William Dow, Professor. Health economics, global health, economic demography.
Research Profile

Dennis Feehan, Assistant Professor. Demography, social networks, sociology, statistics, sampling, mortality, computational social science, migration, Facebook.
Research Profile

Joshua R. Goldstein, Professor. Fertility, marriage, social demography, historical demography, population aging, formal demography.
Research Profile

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Professor. Culture, population, social action, intentions, Africa, gender, fertility, marriage.
Research Profile

Mara Loveman, Professor. Comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, ethnoracial politics, development, demography, Latin America.
Research Profile

Ayesha Mahmud, Assistant Professor. Infectious disease dynamics, disease ecology, mathematical models, Asia, Africa, Central America.
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Ryan Edwards, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Eugene A. Hammel, Professor Emeritus. Kinship, social anthropology, stratification, statistical and formal analysis, computer applications, peasant society and culture, demography, Balkans.
Research Profile

Leora Lawton, Lecturer Emeritus. Comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, ethnoracial politics, development, demography, Latin America.
Research Profile

Ronald D. Lee, Professor Emeritus. Economics, evolutionary theory, mathematical demography, population aging, intergenerational transfers, economic demography, life history theory, population forecasting, national transfer accounts.
Research Profile

Kenneth Wachter, Professor Emeritus. Mathematical demography stochastic models, simulation, biodemography, federal statistical system.
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John R. Wilmoth, Professor Emeritus. Demography, sociology, methodological research, longevity, life expectancy, mortality differentials, familial resemblance, mortality and life expectancy forcasting, historical population trends, world population growth, international migration forecasting.
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Contact Information

Department of Demography

310 Social Sciences Building

Phone: 510-642-9800

Fax: 510-643-8558

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Department Chair

Mara Loveman

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Services Advisor

Monique Verrier

Phone: 510-642-9800

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