Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

University of California, Berkeley


The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) educates students to become highly skilled in the quantitative modeling and analysis of a broad array of systems-level decision problems, such as:

  • Economic efficiency, productivity, and quality
  • The collection and analysis of data using a database and decision-support tools; the comprehensive modeling of uncertainty
  • The development and creative use of analytical and computational methods for solving these problems

Students obtain the broader skills, background, and knowledge necessary to be effective professionals in a rapidly-changing global economy. The department's mission includes creating knowledge that advances the state of the art in optimization, stochastic modeling and simulation, and the application of these tools to important societal systems.

IEOR students and faculty members are actively engaged in a variety of research projects that have made and continue to make important contributions to both the theory and practice of operations research and industrial engineering. Some of the research areas represented in the IEOR department are the analysis of algorithms, automation and robotics, combinatorics and integer programming, convex optimization, financial engineering, inventory theory, risk analysis, robust optimization, queueing theory, supply chain management, scheduling, and simulation.

Undergraduate Programs

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research: BS (offered through the College of Engineering), Minor
Operations Research and Management Science: BA (offered through the College of Letters and Science)

Graduate Programs

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research: MSA, MEng, MS, and PhD

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Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Faculty and Instructors


Ilan Adler, Professor. Financial engineering, optimization theory, combinatorial probability models.
Research Profile

Anil Jayanti Aswani, Assistant Professor.

Alper Atamturk, Professor. Logistics, integer programming, computational optimization, robust optimization.
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Laurent El Ghaoui, Professor. Decision-making under uncertainty, convex optimization, robust solutions, semidefinite programming, exhaustive simulation.
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Lee Fleming, Professor. Invention, innovation, patents, big data, leadership.
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Ken Goldberg, Professor. Robotics, art, social media, new media, automation.
Research Profile

Paul Grigas, Assistant Professor. Large-scale convex optimization, statistical machine learning, and data-driven decision making.
Research Profile

Xin Guo, Professor. Financial engineering, industrial engineering and operations, stochastic processes and applications, stochastic control, semi-martingale and filteration expansions, credit risk, (ir)reversible investment.
Research Profile

Dorit S. Hochbaum, Professor. Data mining, integer programming, discrete optimization, network flow techniques, clustering, image segmentation, machine vision, pattern recognition.
Research Profile

Philip M. Kaminsky, Professor. Biotechnology, logistics, distribution, algorithms, planning, optimization, control, manufacturing, semiconductors, scheduling, biomanufacturing, probabilistic methods, production scheduling, supply chain management, operations management, logistic.
Research Profile

Javad Lavaei, Associate Professor. Control theory, optimization theory, power systems, and data science.
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Robert C. Leachman, Professor. Logistics, manufacturing, semiconductors, scheduling, supply chain systems, dynamic production models, production planning and scheduling.
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Shmuel S. Oren, Professor Emeritus. Economics, algorithms, financial engineering, risk management, planning, optimization, operation of electric power systems, market based coordination of network systems, trading instruments.
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Rhonda L. Righter, Professor. Modeling, optimization, stochastic systems, systems with uncertainty.
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Lee W. Schruben, Professor. Health care systems, simulation, optimization of simulation system response, foundations of simulation modeling, supply chains, experimental designs, biopharmaceuticals, Production.
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Zuo-Jun Shen, Professor. Logistics, supply chain design and management, inventory management, auction mechanism design.
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Ikhlaq Sidhu, Adjunct Professor. Technology management, industrial engineering and operations, technology commerialization, interdisciplinary engineering.
Research Profile

Candace Yano, Professor. Inventory control, production planning, distribution systems planning, integrated production-quality models, integrated manufacturing-marketing models.
Research Profile

Zeyu Zheng, Assistant Professor.


David Law, Lecturer.

Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Lecturer.

Kenneth Sandy, Lecturer.

Ken Singer, Lecturer.

Naeem Zafar, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Richard E. Barlow, Professor Emeritus. Industrial engineering and operations, reliability theory, statistical data analysis, Bayesian probability modeling.
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Stuart E. Dreyfus, Professor Emeritus. Neural networks, dynamic programming, limits of operations research modeling, cognitive ergonomics.
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C. Roger Glassey, Professor Emeritus. Simulation of manufacturing systems, production planning and scheduling, mathematical optimization.
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Robert M. Oliver, Professor Emeritus. Risk management, operations research, industrial engineering, prediction of rare events, default and fraud detection, credit risk scoring, analysis tools, computer software, acquisition and negotiation strategies.
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Sheldon M. Ross, Professor Emeritus. Financial engineering, simulations, stochastics, statistical analysis.
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J. George Shanthikumar, Professor Emeritus. Scheduling, production system modelling and analysis, queueing theory and applications, reliability and probability theory, sequencing, simulation methodology, stochastic processes and modelling.
Research Profile

Ronald W. Wolff, Professor Emeritus. Stochastic processes, queueing theory, queuing network, transmission systems.
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Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

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