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The Italian Studies Department is an interdisciplinary enterprise. You will find courses in Italian language, literature, history, cultural studies, film, and folklore offered by the department, both in Italian and in English. You will also discover that courses with significant Italian content are often taught in other departments and programs, including History of Art, Music, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, History, and Medieval Studies. The department's diverse faculty includes scholars of literature, history, music, anthropology, art history, architecture, and cinema. We are also fortunate to have frequent visiting faculty from Italy and elsewhere.

If you have a strong interest in things Italian but do not yet know the language, we offer a range of general education courses (both upper and lower division), including many that fulfill breadth requirements in Arts and Literature, Historical Studies, Philosophy and Values, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The department also offers reading and composition (R&C) courses. 

Undergraduate Programs

Italian Studies: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

Italian Studies: PhD
Romance Languages and Literatures (Italian): PhD (offered by the Graduate Group in Romance Languages and Literatures)

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Faculty and Instructors


Mia Fuller, Associate Professor. Anthropology, Italy, fascism, urban design, architecture, Italian colonialism.
Research Profile

Henrike Lange, Assistant Professor. Medieval art.

Diego Pirillo, Associate Professor. Renaissance Europe, History of Books and Reading, history of political thought, History of Historiography.
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Barbara Spackman, Professor. Feminist theory, psychoanalysis, culture, fascism, gender studies, comparative literature, Italian studies, narrative, European decadence, travel writing.
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Rhiannon Welch, Associate Professor.


* Anna M. Bellezza, Continuing Lecturer.

Giuliana Perco, Continuing Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Albert Russell Ascoli, Professor Emeritus. Italy, national identity, literature and history, Dante, authorship and authority, Ariosto, Machiavelli, Petrarch, Boccaccio, epic and romance, Renaissance, early modern, Middle Ages.
Research Profile

Gavriel Moses, Professor Emeritus. Violence, body, comparative literature, Italian studies, film studies, English literatures, philology, film making, Italian cinema history and genres, auteur effects in Antonioni Kieslowski and Rohmer, cultural objects in cinema, novels on film, love.
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Contact Information

Department of Italian Studies

6303 Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-2979

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Department Chair and Undergraduate Faculty Adviser

Mia Fuller

Graduate Faculty Adviser

Rhiannon Welch

6317 Dwinelle Hall

Undergraduate Student Services Adviser

Amanda Minafo

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Graduate Student Services Adviser

Seth Arnopole

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