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Physics at UC Berkeley has long been at the forefront of discovery and achievement. In 1931, Ernest O. Lawrence invented the cyclotron at Berkeley, ushering in the era of high-energy physics and a tradition of achievement that continues today. Nine of Berkeley’s 22 Nobel Prizes were awarded to Berkeley physicists. The most recent National Research Council nationwide rankings identify the department as one of the best in the nation.

In the last 50 years, Berkeley physicists have made many of the significant discoveries that support today’s science. These discoveries extend from fundamental properties of elementary particles to spin echoes—the basis of magnetic resonance imaging to cutting-edge breakthroughs for building an accurate model of how the universe took shape following the monster explosion commonly known as the Big Bang. Today, faculty members are leading the way in scientific research and discovery in ways that may challenge the fundamental laws of physics particularly in the areas of gravitation, matter, and energy. At the same time, undergraduate and graduate teaching—through formal courses and research activity — is an integral part of the faculty’s commitment to the development of tomorrow’s scientists.

In their pursuit of original research, physics faculty members collaborate with postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars. Research opportunities include a wide range of topics in theoretical and experimental physics, astrophysics, atomic physics, molecular physics, biophysics, condensed matter, cosmic rays, elementary particles and fields, energy and resources, fusion and plasma, geochronology, general relativity, low-temperature physics, mathematical physics, nuclear physics, optical and laser spectroscopy, space physics, and statistical mechanics.

Undergraduate Programs

Physics: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

Physics: MA, PhD

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Contact Information

Department of Physics

366 Physics North #7300

Phone: 510-642-3316

Fax: 510-643-8497

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Department Chair

Professor James Analytis

366 Physics North

Phone: 510-642-3316

Vice-Chair of Instruction

Professor Holger Mueller

366 Physics North

Director of Student Services

Claudia Trujillo

376 Physics North

Phone: 510-643-5261

Assistant Director of Student Services, Lead Graduate Advisor

Joelle Miles

378 Physics North

Phone: 510-642-7524

Graduate Advisor


370 Physics North

Phone: TBA


Undergraduate Advisor

Kathleen Cooney

374 Physics North

Phone: 510-664-7557

Undergraduate Advisor

Anna Hilke

368 Physics North

Phone: 510-642-0481

Scheduler and BPIE Advisor

Isabella Mariano

372 Physics North

Phone: 510-664-5506,

Visiting Student Program Coordinator

Alex Perry

372 Physics North

Phone: 510-664-5506

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