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The Master of Biotechnology (MBT) program is an accelerated one-year program offered by the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. This program is designed to prepare students to enter the exciting field of biotech through a combination of coursework, career development, and a 3-4 month internship.  

The MBT program integrates hands-on lab classes that train students to work with cutting edge methodologies used in biotech with courses that strengthen students’ knowledge of the biological concepts that underpin those technologies. These courses challenge students to think critically about key questions driving the field, encourage them to identify relevant avenues for further inquiry and devise experiments to investigate them.

Students’ scientific training is complemented by career and professional development courses. These courses provide opportunities for students to polish up their resumes, practice interviews, and fine-tune their cover letters, while also introducing them to the breadth of careers and topic areas in biotech.  

The MBT program’s signature component, a 3-4 month internship, takes place each Spring and allows students to apply what they have learned in their coursework to real-world problems. Not only do students gain valuable research experience but they also gain the opportunity to expand their network and connect with people working in biotech.    


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Apply to the Master of Biotechnology program to become a part of a diverse and driven community of students and faculty and expand your future career opportunities in biomedical research by taking advantage of UC Berkeley’s unique position as a world-class research institution and its location at the epicenter of U.S. biotech innovation.

Applying for Graduate Admission

Thank you for considering UC Berkeley for graduate study! UC Berkeley offers more than 120 graduate programs representing the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary scholarship. The Graduate Division hosts a complete list of graduate academic programs, departments, degrees offered, and application deadlines can be found on the Graduate Division website.

Prospective students must submit an online application to be considered for admission, in addition to any supplemental materials specific to the program for which they are applying. The online application and steps to take to apply can be found on the Graduate Division website.

Admission Requirements

The minimum graduate admission requirements are:

  1. A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution;

  2. A satisfactory scholastic average, usually a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 scale; and

  3. Enough undergraduate training to do graduate work in your chosen field.

For a list of requirements to complete your graduate application, please see the Graduate Division’s Admissions Requirements page. It is also important to check with the program or department of interest, as they may have additional requirements specific to their program of study and degree. Department contact information can be found here.

Where to apply?

Visit the Berkeley Graduate Division application page.

Master's Degree Requirements

Required coursework
Summer Session
MCELLBI 201ACRISPR Gene Editing, Stem Cell and Genomic Analysis6
Fall Semester
MCELLBI 201BCRISPR Gene Editing, Stem Cell and Genomic Analysis4
MCELLBI 227Science Writing and Professional Development2
MCELLBI 275Therapeutics Development in Biotech: Financing, Regulation and Social Ethics2
One elective course
Spring Semester
MCELLBI 276Sample Management, Drug Discovery and Lab Automation2
MCELLBI 289Master of Biotechnology Capstone Course5
MCELLBI 292Research3-12



Students are required to complete a 3-4 month internship during their Spring semester. This internship can take place either at a biotech company, campus lab or facility. 

Capstone Project

Students’ internship work is expected to culminate in a capstone project report and presentation. The presentation will take place in a one-day symposium towards the end of the Spring semester and will be in the form of a poster presentation.

Additional information on the internship and capstone project can be found on the MBT program website.

Contact Information

Molecular & Cell Biology

142 Weill Hall #3200

Phone: 510-643-3406

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Program Director

Dr. Kunxin Luo

Department Co-Chair

Dr. Rebecca Heald

Department Co-Chair

Dr. Matthew Welch

Academic Advisor

Dr. Tsai-Ching Hsi

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