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The MA degree in Global Studies (GS) is a one-year Masters program. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the fundamentals of contemporary international issues as well as detailed knowledge on particular world regions or countries. The MA degree in Global Studies provides wide flexibility in crafting an individual interdisciplinary program. Students tailor the content of their programs within a defined framework to suit their interests. Specific course work is chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser.


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Master's Degree Requirements

  1. Students must COMPLETE a minimum of 24 units, at least twelve of which must be graduate-level course work (courses numbered 200-299). Two-thirds of all course work must be letter-graded. Thus no more than a third of all units may be taken on an S/U or P/NP grading basis.
  2. Students are required to complete two Global Studies proseminars, one in the fall, the other in the spring. They must also enroll in at least two social science and two area studies courses (in the same area).
  3. Capstone – The Capstone project focuses on synthesizing the material from students’ coursework and independent research on their declared region of interest. This project includes two parts: a Capstone paper and a Conference presentation. Students will write a 20-25 page Capstone paper during the Spring term (Due one week before the conference) and present their paper on a panel at the Capstone Conference in early May.
Possible courses include:
AFRICAM 240Special Topics in Cultural Studies of the Diaspora1-4
AFRICAM 299Individual Study or Research1-4
ANTHRO 250ASeminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Psychological Anthropology4
ANTHRO 250VSeminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Tourism4
ANTHRO 250XSeminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Special Topics4
ANTHRO 280BSeminars in Area Studies: Africa4
ANTHRO 299Directed Research1-12
CHICANO 159Mexican Immigration4
CY PLAN 284Urban Theory3
DEV ENG 215Global Poverty: Challenges and Hopes in the New Millennium4
DEVP 221Climate, Energy and Development3
DEVP C253International Economic Development Policy3
EDUC 290ASpecial Topics Seminars: Policy, Organization, Measurement, and Evaluation1-4
ECON 162The Chinese Economy3
ECON 210BTopics in European Economic History3
ECON 281Seminar in International Trade and Finance3
ENGIN 157ACEngineering, The Environment, and Society4
ENE,RES 273Research Methods in Social Sciences3
ENE,RES 290Seminar in Energy and Resources1-4
ESPM 260Governance of Global Production3
ETH STD 240Series in Comparative Transnational Theories and Methods4
GEOG C155Race, Space, and Inequality4
GEOG 167ACDecolonial Border Geographies4
GLOBAL 210MA Seminar for Global Studies4
GLOBAL 150QSpecial Topics In Asia4
GLOBAL 154MSpecial Topics: Global Middle East4
HISTORY 103FProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Asia4
HISTORY 103UProseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Comparative History4
HISTORY 130American Foreign Policy4
HISTORY 152ATopics in the History of the British Isles: Ireland Since the Union4
HISTORY 280BAdvanced Studies: Sources/General Literature of the Several Fields: Europe4
HISTORY 280FAdvanced Studies: Sources/General Literature of the Several Fields: Asia4
HISTORY 280HAdvanced Studies: Sources/General Literature of the Several Fields: Africa4
HISTORY 280MAdvanced Studies: Sources/General Literature of the Several Fields: Middle East4
HISTORY 280UAdvanced Studies: Sources/General Literature of the Several Fields: Studies in Comparative History4
HISTORY 283Historical Method and Theory4
HISTORY 285BResearch Seminars: Europe4
IAS 299Directed Reading1-4
INFO 290Special Topics in Information1-4
MELC 298Seminar1-4
NUC ENG C285Nuclear Security: The Nexus Between Policy and Technology4
PB HLTH 206DPrograms and Policies in Global Nutrition3
PB HLTH 211Health and Human Rights3
POL SCI 144American Foreign Policy Toward Asia4
POL SCI 146AAfrican Politics4
POL SCI C203Subnational and Urban Politics in Low and Middle-Income Countries4
POL SCI 209AComparative Political Economy4
POL SCI 210Selected Topics in Comparative Politics4
POL SCI 211Special Topics in Political Theory4
POL SCI 211AThe Law of Nations4
POL SCI 212CHistory of Political Thought: Modern (French Revolution through World War II)4
POL SCI 215AApproaches to Contemporary Political Theory4
POL SCI 220ATheories of International Relations4
POL SCI 221International Security4
POL SCI 222Religion and International Relations4
POL SCI 226AInternational Political Economy4
POL SCI 228Civil Conflict and International Intervention4
POL SCI 244CApproaches to Chinese Politics4
POL SCI 245BInternational Relations in East Asia4
POL SCI 247GThe Comparative Politics of the Welfare State4
POL SCI 249ASpecial Topics in Area Studies4
POL SCI 274American Political Development4
POL SCI 292Directed Advanced Study0.5-12
POL SCI 290Dissertation Research4
PUB POL 240ADecision Analysis, Modeling, and Quantitative Methods4
PUB POL 255Introduction to Security Policy4
PUB POL 286US National Security Policy4
PUB POL 290Special Topics in Public Policy1-4
SEASIAN 175Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia4
SOCIOL 145Social Change4
SOCIOL 169CCross-Cultural Communications3-4
SOCIOL 179Selected Topics in Area Studies4
SOCIOL 280AAdvanced Study in Substantive Sociological Fields: Law3
SOCIOL 280PAdvanced Study in Substantive Sociological Fields: Area Studies3
SOCIOL 280YSociology of Globalization3
SOCIOL 280ZAdvanced Study in Substantive Sociological Fields: Sociol Policy3

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