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The Biophysics Graduate Group is an independent PhD program at UC Berkeley. The program trains graduate students for careers at the interface of the biological and physical sciences.

Approximately 60 faculty members, spanning over a dozen departments and groups at UC Berkeley, are affiliated with the Biophysics Group. Students can also work with faculty who are outside of the group.

Many of the tools and methods that drive progress in the biosciences are drawn from the physical and computational sciences. Current trends require that the next generation of scientists acquire expertise in both the biological and physical sciences, with research experience that overlaps traditional academic boundaries. The Biophysics Graduate Group strives to offer that experience to its PhD students.

Research within the group is conducted in the broad areas of structural biophysics and protein dynamics; systems neuroscience; molecular microscopy and optical probes; cell signaling and cellular physiology; computational biology and genomics; brain imaging and bioelectronics; and comparative biomechanics.

The Biophysics Graduate Group is a member of the QB3-Berkeley Program in Quantitative Biosciences and is also part of the Division of Biological Sciences.

Graduate Program

Biophysics: PhD

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Contact Information

Biophysics Graduate Group

574 Stanley Hall

Phone: 510-642-0379

Fax: 510-666-3399

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Program Chair

Ahmet Yildiz, PhD (Physics)

Phone: 510-666-3792

Graduate Program Manager

Kate Chase

574 Stanley Hall, MC 3220

Phone: 510-642-0379

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