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Computational biology is an academic growth area that binds together multiple areas of biological research with the mathematical and computational sciences. It takes center stage in the new data-oriented biology by facilitating scientific discoveries based on high-throughput methods. The genomic revolution has fundamentally changed the biological sciences, and computational biology provides the means for translation of genomic discoveries into a new understanding of complex biological systems and eventually into improvements of the human condition through the development of solutions to environmental problems, new drug discoveries, and personalized medicine.

The Center for Computational Biology is Berkeley’s hub for research and training in computational biology and bioinformatics. Through courses, seminars, scientific meetings, and innovative training programs for PhD students administered by the Graduate Group in Computational Biology, the center catalyzes biological discoveries at the interface of biology, computation, and mathematics/statistics. As a campus strategic initiative, the center fosters an interactive, innovative, and collegiate environment for faculty, students, and postdoctorates drawn from five colleges and over a dozen academic departments. Faculty research interests are likewise diverse, ranging from computational and statistical genomics to population, comparative, and functional genomics; from bioinformatics and proteomics to evolutionary biology, phylogenomics, and statistical and computational methods development for modeling biological systems.

Graduate Programs

Computational Biology: Designated Emphasis (DE), PhD

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Computational Biology

Contact Information

Computational Biology Graduate Group

574 Stanley Hall

Phone: 510-642-0379

Fax: 510-666-3399

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Director, CCB

Elizabeth Purdom

Executive Director, CCB

Xuan Quach

Phone: 510-666-3342

Fax: 510-666-3399

Graduate Program Manager

Kate Chase

574 Stanley Hall, MC #3220

Phone: 510-642-0379

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