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Academic degree programs in the Graduate Group in Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) are recommended for individuals with clear research orientations who wish to complete work of an interdisciplinary nature. Applicants may apply to the MS program or the PhD program. EHS is administered within the Division of Environmental Health and the School of Public Health. Although students receive their academic degrees from the graduate group (under the jurisdiction of the Graduate Division of the UC Berkeley campus), students are also affiliated with and apply to the School of Public Health.

Much of the work at the Environmental Health Sciences Division is focused on the study of human populations exposed to chemical or biological agents in either the community or occupational environments. Faculty in the group are closely involved with epidemiological studies, often developing biological markers that can serve as indicators of human exposure before full-blown disease results. Many of these studies are done in collaboration with other first-rank research institutions in the U.S. and around the world. Collaborative research opportunities also exist with world-renowned exposure assessment groups in the College of Engineering at Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in Environmental Health Sciences.

Graduate Programs

Environmental Health Sciences: MS, PhD

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Contact Information

Graduate Group in Environmental Health Sciences

School of Public Health

2121 Berkeley Way #5302

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Division and Graduate Group Chair

Ellen Eisen, ScD


Program Manager

Gladys Ocampo Stout


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