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The Folklore Program trains intellectual leaders in folkloristics for the twenty-first century. The program seeks to provide a deep, critical, and theoretically-informed reading of folklore scholarship from the seventeenth century through the present. Students are urged to develop a particular field of expertise in folkloristics. At the same time, graduate students are advised to develop a strong grounding in another discipline or a multidisciplinary perspective — such as race and ethnic studies, performance studies, science, rhetoric, narrative theory, ethnomusicology, materiality, women's and queer theory, or others — in order to bring new perspectives into folkloristics work.

The program is truly international in scope, seeking to challenge the Eurocentric roots of folkloristics by bringing in critiques and alternatives from outside the Euro-American orbit, particularly through study with leading folklorists from around the world who come to Berkeley each year as visiting faculty members.

Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in Folklore, but relevant courses are available in Anthropology, Art History, Italian, Music, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish and Portuguese, and other departments.  Undergraduate research positions are available through the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP). Student applications and supporting materials are due in the Program Office in 301 Campbell Hall on the first day of the second week of classes each term.

Graduate Programs

Folklore: MA, Designated Emphasis (DE)

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Contact Information

Folklore Program

232 Anthropology and Art Practice Building #3710

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Folklore Director

Timothy Tangherlini

Faculty Head Graduate Advisor

Jeroen Dewulf

Faculty Equity Advisor

Laurie A. Wilkie

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Tabea Mastel

205 Anthropology and Art Practice Building

Phone: 510-642-3406

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