Global Metropolitan Studies

University of California, Berkeley


The twenty-first century is very likely to be an urban century, with more people around the world residing in metropolitan regions than in any other form of human settlement. This urbanization is taking place in both the global North and the global South. Its implications are widespread: from environmental challenges to entrenched patterns of segregation to new configurations of politics and social movements. The Global Metropolitan Studies Initiative is concerned with this urban condition. This multidisciplinary endeavor brings together many faculty and supports research. It is one of a handful of strategic initiatives selected by the UC Berkeley campus to mark a new generation of scholarship and to consolidate an emerging academic field.

The Designated Emphasis (DE) in Global Metropolitan Studies (GMS) is for UC Berkeley PhD students interested in urban and metropolitan issues across the globe. The objective of the GMS Designated Emphasis is to support multidisciplinary doctoral-level education and research on global metropolitan issues through a wide range of course offerings as well as through participation in seminars and conferences organized by GMS. The DE provides students with a context for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and development of research, opportunities for research funding, and a Designated Emphasis certification. Students applying to GMS may come from any discipline across campus.

Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in Global Metropolitan Studies.

Graduate Program

Global Metropolitan Studies: Designated Emphasis (DE)

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Global Metropolitan Studies

Contact Information

Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies

226 Wurster Hall, #1850

Phone: 510-643-6440

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Co-director, Head Graduate Advisor

Joan Walker, PhD (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Co-director, Head Graduate Advisor

G. Mathias Kondolf, PhD (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning)

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