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The Berkeley School of Education (BSE) is committed to high-quality scholarship and professionalism in order to prepare future leaders of education practice, policy, and research. Faculty research and teaching are grounded equally in theory and practice. Our research, teaching, and practice approaches support a vision of public education that has as its goal equity and inclusion at all levels — classroom, school, community, district, state, national, and global — and that positively impacts personal growth and social transformation. Our renowned faculty engage students in theoretical and practical studies, providing opportunities to develop interdisciplinary scholarship, as well as to participate in field studies, unpack the history and philosophy of education, and explore cutting-edge research.

BSE offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master's of Arts (MA), and credential degree programs. The PhD degree is designed for students interested in pursuing scholarly research and academic careers in education. The MA degree serves the interest of students who want to carve out a career in education, either as an education researcher or as an education practitioner. Credential programs, which all contain an MA component, are designed for students who plan to work in schools as teachers, principals, district and county administrators, and school psychologists.

The school also offers an undergraduate minor in Education.

MA/PhD Program

Students build their knowledge about education and its policies and practices in a dynamic learning environment; facilitating the development of human, organizational, and systemic capacities. The breadth of our faculty’s expertise allows students to conduct research in a number of areas, including:

Preparing for K-12

Students learn how to develop professional leadership skills and elevate their understanding of the causes of educational inequality, and contribute to the development of pedagogical, curricular, and policy innovations that provide for greater educational opportunities. We prepare students for a career in one of these fields:

  • Classroom teaching
  • School site leadership (principals and other administrators)
  • District-level/systems leadership; or
  • Other education-related fields

Learn more about GSE's Professional Programs.

Additional Programs

Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME) 
Informally known as SESAME, this interdisciplinary graduate program is for students who seek advanced expertise in a scientific discipline as well as in educational theory and research methodologies. The course of study leads to a doctoral degree in science, mathematics, or engineering education.

Intersection of Sport and Education
We investigate the ways in which institutionalized sport both conflicts with and complements the educational missions of American secondary and post-secondary schools.

School Psychology
Our School Psychology program is based on the assumption that school psychologists, through the skilled application of their knowledge, can work together with teachers and other education professionals to clarify and resolve problems regarding the educational and mental health needs of children in classrooms.

Special Education (Joint Doctoral Program with SF State University)
This program prepares leaders in research, teaching, administration, and supervision for the variety of professional needs facing children, youth, and adults with disabilities. It integrates the resources of Berkeley and SFSU, allowing students to combine theoretical interests with applied practices in a broad spectrum of specializations within Special Education.

Undergraduate Program

Education: Major, Minor

Graduate Programs

Education: MA, PhD, credential programs
Special Education: PhD (Joint Program with San Francisco State University)

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