Logic and the Methodology of Science

University of California, Berkeley


The Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science offers an interdisciplinary program of study and research leading to the PhD degree. Although the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Philosophy each offers a PhD degree toward which a student may write a dissertation in logic, the interdisciplinary program is designed for students with a broad interest in logic and the methodology of science who wish to explore the subject in both its mathematical and philosophical aspects. Here, methodology of science is understood to mean metascience, the study of the methods of the sciences by logical and mathematical means. The program is administered by an interdepartmental group which cooperates closely with the Computer Science Division, the Department of Mathematics, and the Department of Philosophy.

Tarski Lectures

Following the death of group founder Alfred Tarski in 1983, an endowment fund was established in his memory. Using income from this fund, a series of annual Alfred Tarski Lectures was inaugurated in 1989. Each spring, an outstanding scholar in a field to which Tarski contributed is selected to come to UC Berkeley and meet with faculty and students and to deliver several lectures. To see the schedule of these lectures, visit the group's website.

Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in Logic and the Methodology of Science.

Graduate Program

Logic and the Methodology of Science: PhD

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Contact Information

Graduate Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science

910 Evans Hall #3840

Phone: 510-642-0665

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Head Graduate Advisor

Wesley Holliday

246 Moses Hall



Graduate Student Affairs Officer - Academic Advising

Clay Calder

910 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-642-0665


Graduate Student Affairs Officer - Funding & Employment

Christian Natividad

914 Evans Hall


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