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The Graduate Group in Microbiology is composed of 53 faculty from diverse departments, colleges, and schools (Plant and Microbial Biology; Molecular and Cell Biology; Public Health; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology; Optometry; and Integrative Biology) and is administered by the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology.

The group awards a PhD degree in Microbiology. Students in the group have access to diverse disciplines through an integrated program of study that allows each student to pursue specialized interests. Students gain a breadth of understanding of microbiology from the molecular to the cellular levels of organization, as well as the interactions of microbes—beneficial and pathogenic—with other organisms.

Graduate Program

Microbiology: PhD

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Contact Information

Graduate Group in Microbiology

111 Koshland Hall

Phone: 510-642-9999

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Chair, Plant and Microbial Biology (PMB) Dept

Sheng Luan, PhD

Phone: 510-642-6306


Associate Chair

Britt Glaunsinger, PhD


Department Coordinator

Joanne Straley


Head Graduate Advisor

Arash Komeili, PhD



Graduate Advisor

Lyn Rivera

Phone: 510-642-5167


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