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The School of Social Welfare is a graduate professional school dedicated to educating social workers and social welfare scholars for a range of leadership, research, teaching, and advanced practice roles in the profession. Educational emphasis is on preparing students for professional responsibility in the field of social welfare and the institutional systems that support it, particularly public social services and publicly-supported voluntary social services. Graduate professional education at Berkeley is characterized by a spirit of critical inquiry and an emphasis on the use of tested knowledge and theory in developing and applying intervention methods. Classroom preparation focuses on knowledge of individual and family development, ethno-cultural factors, policies, and institutional systems governing services and research strategies for program development.

Undergraduate Program

Social Welfare: BA (offered under the jurisdiction of the College of Letters and Science)

Graduate Programs

Social Welfare:  MSW, Certificate, PhD

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Social Welfare

Faculty and Instructors


Adrian Aguilera, Assistant Professor. Culture and SES and mental health, mental health services research in low-income populations, Latino and minority mental health, health disparities, cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, mobile technology (mHealth) and mental health, digital health.
Research Profile

Michael J. Austin, Professor. Strategic planning, social welfare, social service management, organizational development.
Research Profile

Jill Duerr Berrick, Professor. Family policy, child and family poverty, child abuse and neglect, foster care, kinship care, Child welfare services.
Research Profile

Julian Chow, Professor. East Asian studies, social welfare, community practice and service delivery in urban poverty, ethnic, and immigrant neighborhoods, community analysis and needs assessment, program planning and development, and cultural competency services.
Research Profile

Jeffrey Edleson, Professor. Program evaluation, family violence, child maltreatment, engaging men, violence prevention.
Research Profile

Neil Gilbert, Professor. Social welfare, comparative welfare state analysis, child welfare, evaluation research, family policy, social security.
Research Profile

Anu Gomez, Assistant Professor. Reproductive health, violence against women, health disparities.
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Erin M. Kerrison, Assistant Professor. Crime, criminal justice, drug control, gender, health disparities, inequality, law, mass incarceration, mental health, mixed methods, policing, policy, poverty, prisons, punishment, race, risk, reentry, substance abuse, trauma, violence, race and gender.

James Midgley, Professor. Development, social development, social policy, community development, International social welfare, global poverty and inequality.
Research Profile

Kurt C. Organista, Professor. Social welfare, race/ethnicity, HIV prevention, social behavior.
Research Profile

Tina K. Sacks, Assistant Professor. Racial disparities in health; social determinants of health; race, class and gender; and poverty and inequality.
Research Profile

Andrew E. Scharlach, Professor. Aging, social welfare, family issues, aging-friendly communities, long-term care policies.
Research Profile

Steven P. Segal, Professor. Psychiatry, methodology, social welfare, mental health and social policy.
Research Profile

Valerie Shapiro, Assistant Professor. Social work, prevention, mental health, intervention, effective, preventive, sustainability, adoption, community, coalition, collaboration, strength, school, assessment, screening, resilience, translation, dissemination, implementation, doctoral, education, communities that care, social emotional, youth, children, DESSA.
Research Profile

Jennifer Skeem, Professor. Psychology, mental health, criminal justice, risk assessment, intervention.
Research Profile

Paul R. Sterzing, Assistant Professor. Polyvictimization, Bullying, Microaggressions, Microaffirmations, Youth Violence, family violence, prevention, Mental and Behavioral Health, trauma, Risk and Protective Factors, Vulnerable Children and Adolescents, Sexual and Gender Minority Youth and their Families.
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Susan Irene Stone, Associate Professor. School-based psycho-social services, school-effects, archival data analysis.
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Field Consultants

Robert H. Ayasse, Field Consultant.

Luna Calderon, Field Consultant.

Denicia Carlay, Field Consultant.

Andrea I. Dubrow, Field Consultant.

Christina Feliciana, Field Consultant.

Susana C. Fong, Field Consultant.

Isela Garcia White, Field Consultant.

Jennifer L. Jackson, Field Consultant.

Gregory S. Merrill, Field Consultant.

Catharine J. Ralph, Field Consultant.


Claudia L. Albano, Lecturer.

Jamie Bachman, Lecturer.

Sevaughn Banks, Lecturer.

Caroline R. Cangelosi, Lecturer.

Eveline Chang, Lecturer.

Barbara L. Ivins, Lecturer.

Richard J. Nizzardini, Lecturer.

Patti Park, Lecturer.

Amanda E. Reiman, Lecturer.

Christine Scudder, Lecturer.

Stanley B. Taubman, Lecturer.

Keshia Williams, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Anne-Therese Ageson, Professor Emeritus.

Bari Cornet, Professor Emeritus.

Eileen Gambrill, Professor Emeritus. Social welfare, professional ethics and education, social learning theory, behavioral methods.
Research Profile

Jewelle T. Gibbs, Professor Emeritus.

Bart Grossman, Professor Emeritus.

Rafael Herrera, Professor Emeritus.

Ralph M. Kramer, Professor Emeritus.

Peter G. Manoleas, Professor Emeritus.

Mary Ann Mason, Professor Emeritus. Law, social welfare, family and children policy.
Research Profile

Lorraine T. Midanik, Professor Emeritus. Social welfare, research methodology, health behavior and policy.
Research Profile

Henry Miller, Professor Emeritus.

Leonard S. Miller, Professor Emeritus.

Robert Pruger, Professor Emeritus.

William M. Runyan, Professor Emeritus. Human behavior, social welfare, life history.
Research Profile

Paul Terrell, Professor Emeritus.

Yu-Wen Ying, Professor Emeritus. Social welfare, race/ethnicity, immigrant and refugee family relationships, mental health disorders.
Research Profile

Contact Information

School of Social Welfare

120 Haviland Hall

Phone: 510-642-4341

Fax: 510-643-6126

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Graduate Admissions and Curriculum Advisor

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General Inquiries

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