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The Department of Statistics grants BA, MA, and PhD degrees in Statistics. The undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to participate in a field that is growing in importance and breadth of application. Understanding the natural and human worlds in the Information Age increasingly requires statistical reasoning and methods, and stochastic models are essential components of research and applications across a vast spectrum of fields. The Department of Statistics provides students with world-class resources for study and research, including access to the extensive computational facilities maintained by the Statistical Computing Facility.

Facilities and Resources

The Statistical Computing Facility (SCF) is a unit of the Department of Statistics. Its mission is to provide undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in the Statistics Department at Berkeley with state-of-the-art computing resources, services, and technical knowledge; supporting them in carrying out cutting-edge research activities, innovative instructional programs, and efficient day-to-day computing activities. The SCF also supports the students and faculty of the Econometrics Laboratory of the Department of Economics.

The Department of Statistics operates a consulting service in which advanced graduate students, under faculty supervision, are available as consultants during specified hours. The service is associated with the course, which may be taken for credit. Consulting is free to members of the campus community. Statistical advice can be sought at any stage of the research process. Those seeking statistical advice are encouraged to contact consultants early in the research process. Refer to the Department of Statistics website to find out which faculty member is currently coordinating this service.

Three seminars regularly take place in the department: the Neyman seminar, and the probability seminar. Each year, the department also has two joint seminars with Stanford and a joint seminar with UC Davis.

Undergraduate Programs

Statistics: BA, Minor

Graduate Programs

Statistics: MA, PhD

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Contact Information

Department of Statistics

367 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-642-2781

Fax: 510-641-7892

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Department Chair

Prof. Haiyan Huang

367 Evans Hall

PhD Program Coordinator

La Shana Porlaris

373 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-642-5361

Master's Program Coordinator

David Apilado Jr.

375 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-643-0589

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