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About the Program

The digital and data revolutions have transformed our world. For students of the humanities, these revolutions have made new kinds of study possible. In our Summer Minor in the Digital Humanities, students explore questions about art and culture using digital tools. They learn how to design dynamic projects on digital platforms, using tools like text analysis, visualization, and data mapping. These cutting-edge techniques allow students to investigate subjects in the humanities in new and fascinating ways, and to develop work that is communicable and relevant in today’s digital world. For more information, email

Declaring the Minor

There are no prerequisites for the Digital Humanities minor. Students intending to pursue the minor degree can enroll in the required courses at any time.

Students must submit a Completion of Minor in Digital Humanities form to declare the minor (see Summer Minor Requirements).


Summer Minor Requirements

General Guidelines

  1. All minors must be declared no later than one semester before a student's Expected Graduation Term (EGT). If the semester before EGT is fall or spring, the deadline is the last day of RRR week. If the semester before EGT is summer, the deadline is the final Friday of Summer Sessions. To declare a minor, contact the department advisor for information on requirements, and the declaration process.
  2. The minor degree consists of a minimum of 5 upper-division courses.
  3.  All courses taken to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for graded credit.
  4.  A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for courses used to fulfill the minor requirements.
  5.  All minor requirements must be completed prior to the last day of finals during the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  6.  The minor is open to enrollment for all Berkeley students.


Required Courses
DIGHUM 100Theory and Method in the Digital Humanities3
DIGHUM 101Python Programming for Digital Humanities3
Electives (Choose Three)
DIGHUM 150ADigital Humanities and Archival Design3
DIGHUM 150BDigital Humanities and Visual and Spatial Analysis3
DIGHUM 150CDigital Humanities and Text and Language Analysis3
DIGHUM 160Critical Digital Humanities3

Contact Information

Digital Humanities Summer Minor Program


Department Chair

Michael Iarocci

Student Engagement Coordinator

Patty Dunlap

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