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The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers a minor program in East European/Eurasian Languages and/or Cultures with emphases in Armenian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Hungarian, or Polish. Students who wish to major in these languages should consider the applicable program track available through the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department major program.

Declaring the Minor

Students considering a minor track involving language requirements must see the undergraduate student services adviser early on to have their minor study list plan reviewed and approved; referral for language proficiency screening, placement, and potential language course credit for heritage or native speakers is required. Final approval for a minor rests with the major adviser. The paperwork for the minor, called an L&S Confirmation of Minor form, is completed with the undergraduate student services adviser no later than the semester before the student's Expected Graduation Term (EGT).

Other Minors Offered by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Armenian Studies (Minor only)
Russian Language (Minor only)
Russian  Culture (Minor only)
Russian Literature (Minor only)
Slavic Languages and Literatures (Majors)

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Minor Requirements

Students who have a strong interest in an area of study outside their major often decide to complete a minor program. These programs have set requirements.

General Guidelines

  1. All minors must be declared before the first day of classes in your Expected Graduation Term (EGT). For summer graduates, minors must be declared prior to the first day of Summer Session A. 

  2. All upper-division courses must be taken for a letter grade. 

  3. A minimum of three of the upper-division courses taken to fulfill the minor requirements must be completed at UC Berkeley.

  4. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required in the upper-division courses to fulfill the minor requirements.

  5. Courses used to fulfill the minor requirements may be applied toward the Seven-Course Breadth requirement, for Letters & Science students.

  6. No more than one upper division course may be used to simultaneously fulfill requirements for a student's major and minor programs.

  7. All minor requirements must be completed prior to the last day of finals during the semester in which the student plans to graduate. If students cannot finish all courses required for the minor by that time, they should see a College of Letters & Science adviser.

  8. All minor requirements must be completed within the unit ceiling. (For further information regarding the unit ceiling, please see the College Requirements tab.)

Lower Division Prerequisites

Select one first-year language sequence or equivalent:
Introductory Armenian
and Introductory Armenian
Introductory Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
and Introductory Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Introductory Czech
and Introductory Czech
Introductory Hungarian
and Introductory Hungarian
Introductory Polish
and Introductory Polish

Upper Division Requirements

Two semesters of one of the languages of the area at a continuing level, or equivalent. Students with prior knowledge of the language should see the Undergraduate Advisor. 1
Continuing Armenian
and Continuing Armenian
Continuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
and Continuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Continuing Czech
and Continuing Czech
Readings in Hungarian [2] (Repeat for a second semester.)
Continuing Polish
and Continuing Polish
Three courses in the relevant literatures or culture, or substitutes approved by the Undergraduate Advisor. 1
ARMENI 102Advanced Readings in Specialized Armenian4
ARMENI 124Armenian Literature in Social Context4
ARMENI 126Armenian Culture and Film4
ARMENI 128Arts and Culture in Armenia and the Diaspora Since 19913
CZECH 163Advanced Reading Tutorials in Czech3
SLAVIC 100Seminar: Russian, East European, and Eurasian Cultures3
SLAVIC 100LAdvanced Readings in Russian, East European and Eurasian Languages Independent study course paired with upper-division lecture course1
SLAVIC 100RResearch in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Independent study course paired with upper-division lecture course1
SLAVIC C134NRussia and Asia4
SLAVIC C137Introduction to Slavic Linguistics4
SLAVIC 139Post-Soviet Cultures4
SLAVIC 147AEast Slavic Folklore3
SLAVIC 147BBalkan Folklore3
SLAVIC 150Polish Literature and Intellectual Trends3
SLAVIC 151Readings in Polish Literature4
SLAVIC 158Topics in East European/Eurasian Cultural History Repeatable when topic changes4
SLAVIC 170Survey of Yugoslav Literatures Repeatable when topic changes3
SLAVIC 171Advanced Readings in Yugoslav/Post-Yugoslav Studies3
SLAVIC 172Topics in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian3
SLAVIC 178War on Screen3

If language requirements are passed by examination, five upper-division area-relevant courses chosen from the Slavic Department offerings listed.


Programmatic and individual advising services is provided to prospective and current students who are pursuing major and minor tracks in the department. Advisors assist with a range of issues including course selection, academic decision-making, achieving personal and academic goals, and maximizing the Berkeley experience.

If you are looking to explore your options, or you are ready to declare a major, double major, or minor, contact the undergraduate student services adviser.

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Amanda Minafo
6303 Dwinelle Hall
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