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About the Program

All majors welcome! Join 5,000+ Berkeley students who have earned the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology and gain the skills to turn your ideas into reality.

Our experiential, hands-on courses simulate professional and startup environments, using the award-winning Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, giving students the chance to practice making their ideas real!  Students will work in interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates and graduate students from all majors. Our courses provide a unique opportunity to learn about tech innovation and entrepreneurship through direct contact with experts in the field and hands-on startup projects. The SCET Certificate offers students the opportunity to build networks, start and grow their own startups, and strengthen leadership, collaboration, and communication skills. 

This SCET Certificate is for any student from any major. We welcome and encourage students from diverse backgrounds to join because we believe the collision of different perspectives and skills can lead to the creation of innovative and valuable ideas.

Whether you're interested in starting your own business or pursuing a career in technology, the SCET Certificate equips you with the mindset and skills to become an innovative leader. With the SCET Certificate, you'll gain a competitive edge that will help you stand out in today's job market and the ability to create value in any field.

Join us today and earn the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology to become a part of the 5,000+ innovative leaders who have learned how to transform their ideas into reality!

The certificate will not be noted on a student’s transcript.  An electronic certificate will be emailed to students upon submission and verification of the Certificate application.

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Certificate Requirements

Coursework Track

ENGIN 183AA. Richard Newton Lecture Series1
Plus 5 additional units from the Approved Courses list below.

Startup Track

The Startup Track includes coursework plus the Startup Internship Experience.
ENGIN 183AA. Richard Newton Lecture Series1
Plus 4 additional units from the Approved Courses list below

Startup Internship Experience

Startup credit will be reviewed and granted based on the following areas, and should be submitted as a single pdf document. The criteria is as follows:  

  1. Start up company background:

    • 500 or less employees

    • Less than 10 years old 

    • Not further than Series C funding

    • The company has a product (ie not consulting) 

      1. Startups that came out of an SCET class will not be considered

  2. A letter of completion from the company on company letterhead

    • Offer letters will not be accepted 

    • Letters of completion must include the student name, their responsibilities, dates that they interned, and approximate number of hours worked

  3. Written submission of what you learned and what you did during the internship 

    • Bullet points outlining 

      1. What you did at your internship

      2. What you accomplished

      3. What you learned 

Startup credit will also be granted to students that participate in the LeadersShape Institute program.  Students must upload a certificate of completion for the program.  An acceptance letter will not be accepted.  Please note due to the volume of Certificate applications that we receive you MUST submit all required documentation as noted.  Failure to do so will result in a denial of your certificate requiring you to apply the following semester.  Internship experience  will only be considered if it was completed during your Berkeley Career (between matriculation and year of graduation).

Study Abroad Track

The Study Abroad Track requires the successful completion of the SCET Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Study Abroad Program.

Approved Courses


  • The full class unit amount can count towards the certificate requirements.

  • The class must be taught through SCET

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade when offered.

ENGIN 183Special Topics in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship1-4
ENGIN 183BBerkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp2
ENGIN 183CChallenge Lab4
ENGIN 183DProduct Management3
ENGIN 183ETechnology Entrepreneurship3
ENGIN 198Directed Group Studies for Advanced Undergraduates (SCET DeCal or other SCET Group Studies and must say in the class notes that it can be applied towards the certificate)1-4

Contact Information

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

California Memorial Stadium, Room 122

2227 Piedmont Avenue

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