Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries

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The undergraduate minor in environmental design and urbanism in developing countries serves students majoring in humanities, social sciences, and a variety of professional fields. The minor is intended to expose students to basic problems, cultural contexts, policy alternatives, and design solutions in the Third World.

There is no major program; students interested in pursuing this course of study at the major level should consider the BA in Architecture program.

Declaring the Minor

A letter grade of C- or higher is required in ENV DES 1 to declare the minor. To declare, students must submit the CED Minor Declaration Form, available on the CED website. Once this request has been approved, you will see the minor added to your Cal Central student profile. It is your responsibility to track your progress towards minor completion using the Academic Progress Report and CED Advising Services. 

Other Major and Minors Offered by the Department of Architecture

Architecture (Major only)
History of the Built Environment (Minor only)
Social and Cultural Factors in Design (Minor only)
Sustainable Design (Minor only)

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Minor Requirements

Students who have a strong interest in an area of study outside their major often decide to complete a minor program. 

General Guidelines

  1. All minors must be declared no later than one semester before a student's Expected Graduation Term (EGT).
  2. A letter grade of C- or higher in ENV DES 1 is required to declare the minor.  To declare, students must submit the CED Minor Declaration Form, available on the CED website. 
    1. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT FORM: One semester prior to a students final semester.
  3. Each course used to fulfill minor requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C- or above.
  4. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA in the upper division requirements for the minor.
  5. Any course used in fulfillment of minor requirements may also be used to fulfill major and upper division CED non-major requirements.
  6. Courses used to fulfill a breadth requirement may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  7. Students may apply the non-CED version of a CED cross-listed course towards the minor.
  8. Students may use up to two courses taken abroad to fulfill upper division minor requirements, with faculty approval of the individual courses.


Introduction to Environmental Design [3] (A letter grade of C- or higher is required to declare the minor.)
Upper Division (5 courses) 1
Select three courses from the following:
Housing: An International Survey [3]
An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism [4]
An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism [4]
Special Topics in the History of Architecture [2-4] (when topic relates to developing countries only; must be taken for 2+ units.)
Housing, Urbanization, and Urbanism: Design, Planning, and Policy Issues in Developing Countries [4] (Instructor permission required)
Urbanization in Developing Countries [4] 2, 3
The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies [4] 2
Select two courses from the following: 4
Comparative Society [4]
ANTHRO courses numbered between ANTHRO 170-ANTHRO 188
Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems [4]
Global Development: Theory, History, Geography [4] (cross-listed w/ DEV STD C100)
The Middle East From the 18th Century to the Present [4]
Topics in the History of Southeast Asia: Modern Southeast Asia [4]
Topics in the History of Southeast Asia: Political and Cultural History of Vietnam [4]
Africa: Modern South Africa, 1652-Present [4]
Modern Korean History [4]
Politics, Culture, and Philosophy in South Asia before Modernity [4]
India: Modern South Asia [4]
China: Two Golden Ages: China During the Tang and Song Dynasties [4]
China: Modern China [4]
Mexico: Modern Mexico [4]
Social History of Latin America: Social History of Modern Latin America [4]
Brazil [4]
Development Politics [4]
Politics and Government in Eastern Europe [4]
Middle East Politics [4]
Northeast Asian Politics [4]
Japanese Politics [4]
Politics of Divided Korea [4]
South Asian Politics [4]
Latin American Politics [4]

Graduate courses in subjects related to those on Lists 1 and 2 may be used as substitutes if approved by the faculty adviser.


All International and Area Studies (IAS) courses including those in Middle Eastern Studies (M E STU), Latin American Studies (LATAMST), Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS), Development Studies (DEV STD), and Political Economy of Industrial Societies (POLECON) may be used as substitutes provided prior approval of the faculty minor adviser is granted. Please contact the staff adviser for more information.


Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries

Contact Information

Department of Architecture

232 Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-642-4942

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Minor Program Faculty Advisor

Andy Shanken

486 Bauer Wurster Hall


Minor Program Staff Advisor

Mel Barbers

250 Bauer Wurster Hall


Department Chair

Lisa Iwamoto

232A Bauer Wurster Hall

Phone: liwamoto@berkeley.edu


Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Andrew Atwood

364 Bauer Wurster Hall


Director, Office of Undergraduate Advising

Omar Ramirez

250 BauerWurster Hall


CED Career Services

Dinorah Meyer


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