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The Science and Math Education minor is offered by the CalTeach program. CalTeach is a program for undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors interested in exploring a career in education.

CalTeach at UC Berkeley is working to increase the number of qualified STEM educators in K–12 classrooms. Courses in the CalTeach program are open to any STEM major with a desire to promote math and science education and equity.

CalTeach is unique from other education programs in that it is focused on learning and applying those skills in local classrooms. All the courses in the Science and Math Education minor have field placements in local K-12 STEM classrooms. By the time students graduate with the minor, they will have spent over 100 hours honing their teaching in local classrooms. 

The CalTeach program offers STEM students the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s degree and a California teaching credential as an undergraduate. See teaching credential and minor with CalTeach for more information.

The courses in the Science and Math Education minor cover topics including inquiry-based learning, creating and assessing student learning outcomes, equity in urban education, project-based instruction, methods of conducting and presenting research, and positive teacher-student interactions. The knowledge and skills gained in these courses are integral to success in any field that requires the communication of knowledge to others. This includes, but is not limited to, education, business, scientific/engineering industry, and public service.

Additional scholarships, internships, and research opportunities are provided to students in the CalTeach minor.

Applying for the Minor

It is recommended to schedule a meeting with the CalTeach student services coordinator to discuss your planning and educational goals as early as possible. Learn more about advising resources here.

After completing the introductory course and all five upper division minor courses, speak with the student services coordinator about completing the appropriate paperwork to be awarded the minor.

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Minor Requirements

The minor in Science and Math Education demonstrates a passion and excellence in K-12 STEM Education. Additionally earning the Science and Math minor allows you to apply to the Cal Teach science and math credential program and earn your California Teaching Credential as an undergraduate.

To learn more, schedule or plan, and to declare the minor please schedule an appointment with the Cal Teach Student Services Coordinator.  

General Guidelines

  1. All minors must be declared before the first day of classes in your Expected Graduation Term (EGT). For summer graduates, minors must be declared prior to the first day of Summer Session A. 

  2. All upper-division courses must be taken for a letter grade. 

  3. A minimum of three of the upper-division courses taken to fulfill the minor requirements must be completed at UC Berkeley.

  4. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required in the upper-division courses to fulfill the minor requirements.

  5. Courses used to fulfill the minor requirements may be applied toward the Seven-Course Breadth requirement, for Letters & Science students.

  6. No more than one upper division course may be used to simultaneously fulfill requirements for a student's major and minor programs.

  7. All minor requirements must be completed prior to the last day of finals during the semester in which the student plans to graduate. If students cannot finish all courses required for the minor by that time, they should see a College of Letters & Science adviser.

  8. All minor requirements must be completed within the unit ceiling. (For further information regarding the unit ceiling, please see the College Requirements tab.)


  1. Enroll in and complete UGIS 82.
  2. Speak with the Cal Teach student services coordinator about fitting the courses for the minor into your schedule.
  3. The minor in Science and Math Education requires five courses. Note that two of these courses also fulfill American Cultures and Historical Studies breadth requirements (EDUC 131AC, and HIST 138T/180T/182AT, respectively). 
Required Courses
Take these three courses in sequence after completing EDSTEM 82 and/or EDSTEM 82T:
EDUC 130Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science3
EDUC 131ACClassroom Interactions in Science and Mathematics: A Focus on Equity and Urban Schools3
EDSTEM 187Project-Based Instruction4
Complete the following two courses at any point after completing EDSTEM 82 and before the completion of your bachelor's degree:
UGIS C122Course Not Available3
or EDSTEM 189 Integrating Research Methods into K-12 Teaching in Mathematics and Science
HISTORY 100STSpecial Topics in the History of Science (CalTeach)4
HISTORY 138THistory of Science in the US CalTeach 14
or HISTORY 180T History of the Life Sciences Since 1750 (Cal Teach)
or HISTORY 182AT Science, Technology, and Society (Cal Teach)

The course offered varies by semester. Check for which course is offered in the upcoming semester.

Contact Information

Cal Teach

467 Evans Hall MC 3860

Phone: 510-643-3813

Fax: 510-643-2261

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Elisa Stone

471 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-642-6965

Program Coordinator

Kaitlan Maissen

467 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-643-3813

Student Services Coordinator

Geral Lowe

466 Evans Hall

Phone: 510-642-4024

Faculty Director

Eugene Chiang

Department of Astronomy

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