Sustainable Business and Policy

University of California, Berkeley

About the Program

The Haas School of Business and Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Summer Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy will equip students with the essential tools for driving business and social change in the 21st Century. As almost every aspect of our economy and society is deeply impacted by sustainability challenges, it is increasingly crucial to approach these challenges with innovative, interdisciplinary, and creative solutions. This minor will provide students with the skills needed to address these concerns, including understanding business models, data tools, applied microeconomics, entrepreneurship, investment, and sustainability economics.

The program will help students demonstrate their abilities to address complex problems and help open the doors to careers and graduate programs.

How to Enroll

For enrollment information, please visit Berkeley Summer Sessions. Please note that our courses are offered in various summer sessions and enrollment deadlines vary. The program can be completed in one or more summers. Please look at the individual courses for a description of the prerequisites, if any. Please visit the Rausser College of Natural Resources and Haas School of Business for additional summer course options.

If instruction has begun and you have not yet been added to the course because you are on a waitlist, it is recommended you attend class while you wait for official enrollment.

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Summer Minor Requirements

The minor requires successfully completing five of the following six courses (a minimum of 15 units): 

ENVECON 100Intermediate Microeconomics with Applications to Sustainability4
ENVECON 104The Economics of Sustainable Business and Policy3
ENVECON 105Data Tools for Sustainability and the Environment3
UGBA 196SABusiness Models for Sustainability3
UGBA 196SBInnovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability3
UGBA 196SCInvesting for Sustainability3

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Sustainable Business and Policy Minor

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