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The undergraduate Engineering Science Program is multidepartmental and interdisciplinary. The majors consist of closely related fields in the natural sciences, mathematics, physics, and engineering. The majors offered within the Engineering Science Program prepare students especially for advanced graduate study in engineering or the natural sciences. The four engineering science majors are Energy Engineering, Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, Engineering Physics, and Environmental Engineering Science.

There are no graduate degrees offered through this program.

Undergraduate Programs

Energy Engineering: BS, Minor
Engineering Mathematics and Statistics: BS
Engineering Physics: BS
Environmental Engineering Science: BS

Graduate Program

There is no graduate program in the Engineering Science Program.

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Faculty and Instructors

* Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Ilan Adler, Professor. Financial engineering, optimization theory, combinatorial probability models.
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Ana Claudia Arias, Professor. Physical Electronics (PHY), Flexible and Printed Electronics, Energy (ENE).
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David Attwood, Professor-in-Residence. Short wavelength electromagnetics, Soft X-ray microscopy, Coherence, EUV lithography.
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James Casey, Professor. Continuum mechanics, finite elasticity, continuum thermodynamics, plasticity, theories of elastic-plastic materials, history of mechanics, dynamics.
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Alexandra von Meier, Adjunct Professor. Energy, Electric Grids, Power Distribution .
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Scott Moura, Chair of Engineering Science. Optimal control, PDE control, estimation, adaptive control, dynamic system modeling, energy management, battery management systems, vehicle-to-grid, smart grid .
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Kara L. Nelson, Professor. Water and wastewater treatment, water reuse, detection and inactivation of pathogens in water and sludge, appropriate technologies .
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Sayeef Salahuddin, Professor.

David Sedlak, Professor.
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Junqiao Wu, Professor. Semiconductors, nanotechnology, energy materials.
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* Tarek Zohdi, Professor. Finite element methods, computational methods for advanced manufacturing, micro-structural/macro-property inverse problems involving optimization and design of new materials, modeling and simulation of high-strength fabric, modeling and simulation of particulate/granular flows, modeling and simulation of multiphase/composite electromagnetic media, modeling and simulation of the dynamics of swarms.
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Contact Information

Engineering Science Program

Phone: 510-643-1713

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Department Chair

Scott Moura, PhD

625 Davis Hall

Department Advisor

Jessica Zhang

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