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The Department of English offers courses in literature, in language, and in writing. The courses in literature have many different focuses: major authors, historical periods, genres, critical theories and methods, and cultural and multicultural studies. Courses in language offer instruction in both the history and the structure of the English language. Writing courses offer training in both expository and creative writing.

Entry-Level Writing Requirement

Students must have fulfilled the Entry-Level Writing Requirement before taking any course in the Department of English. For further information, see the College Writing Programs section of this guide, or the information contained in the Undergraduate Education section of this guide.

Undergraduate Programs

English: BA, Minor

Graduate Programs

English: PhD

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Contact Information

Department of English

322 Wheeler Hall

Phone: 510-642-3467

Fax: 510-642-8738

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Department Chair

Eric Falci


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Kevis Goodman


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