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The Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley offers undergraduate majors and minors in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Chicano Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Native American Studies. Our faculty members represent a range of disciplinary backgrounds from the humanities and social sciences. Most focus on one ethnoracial group or geographic area, but many have comparative foci, and all members of the faculty seek to provide collectively a comparative framework for understanding both the specificities and the differences among the situations of racially-marginalized groups in the U.S. and beyond.

Several of our faculty members also emphasize the intersections of race with gender, sexuality, and class. All of our faculty members are committed to fostering an interdisciplinary method that expands the kinds of primary sources, as well as the kinds of research questions, one would work with in any of the traditional disciplines. Our students regularly work at nuanced readings of cultural texts (broadly understood to include literature, art, music, and other forms of expression) and at the same time seek to situate those texts —and their readings — in the context of struggles over power and structural inequality.

Undergraduate Programs

Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies: BA, Minor
Chicanx Latinx Studies: BA, Minor
Ethnic Studies: BA, Minor
Native American Studies: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

Ethnic Studies: PhD

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Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

Chicano Studies

Ethnic Studies

Native American Studies

Faculty and Instructors

* Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Thomas J. Biolsi, Professor. Native Americans, American Indians, governmentality.
Research Profile

Carolyn Chen, Associate Professor. Religion, Race, Ethnicity, Immigration.

Catherine Ceniza Choy, Professor. Asian American history, Filipino American studies, immigration history, adoption studies, nursing history.
Research Profile

Raul Coronado, Associate Professor. The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas, Latina/o intellectual & literary history, theories of modernity & postcolonialism, histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines.

Keith Feldman, Associate Professor. Critical theory, US cultural studies, Israel-Palestine, theories of race and ethnicity, comparative diaspora studies, public humanities.
Research Profile

Ramon Grosfoguel, Associate Professor. Global cities, international migration, ethnic studies, race/ethnicity, latino studies, Caribbean Studies, Latin American Studies, international comparative development, political-economy of the world-systems, urban sociology.
Research Profile

Shari Huhndorf, Professor. Interdisciplinary Native American studies, cultural studies, gender studies, American studies, literary and visual culture.
Research Profile

Salar Mameni, Assistant Professor. Art, Aesthetics and Visual Culture, Transnational Feminism, Queer of Color Critique, Arab/Muslim Disapora, Militarism, Critical Race and Postcolonial Theory, Anthropocene, Extractive Economies and Petrocultures.
Research Profile

Peter Nelson, Assistant Professor. Indigenous archaeology and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methodologies to achieve community partner goals and utilizes a suite of approaches to his research such as geophysical survey (Ground Penetrating Radar, magnetometry, and resistivity), LiDAR, GPS/GIS mapping, paleoethnobotany, and ethnographic methods to document, learn from, and manage tribal cultural and ecological landscapes.
Research Profile

Christian Paiz, Assistant Professor. Comparative Latino Studies, United States History, Social Movement History, Historical Methods.

Laura E. Perez, Professor. Chicano studies, US Latina and Latin American women's writing, Chicana/o literature, visual arts, contemporary cultural theory, Latin American women's oppositional writings.
Research Profile

Beth Piatote, Associate Professor. Native American literature, history, law and culture, Native American/Aboriginal literature and federal Indian law in the United States and Canada, American literature and cultural studies, Ni:mi:pu: (Nez Perce) language and literature.
Research Profile

John Powell, Professor. Civil rights and civil liberties, structural racialization, racial justice and regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, opportunity based housing, voting rights, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa and Brazil, racial and ethnic identity, spirituality and social justice, and the needs of citizens in a democratic society.
Research Profile

Juana Maria Rodriguez, Professor. Sexual politics, LGBTQ communities, Latino issues, women of color feminisms, ethnic studies, queer activism, transgender studies, queer kinship.
Research Profile

Lok Siu, Associate Professor. Transnationalism, Migration, Cultural Citizenship, Un/Belonging, Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Formation, Asians in the Americas, Cultural Politics of Food, Ethnography.
Research Profile

Raymond Telles, Associate Adjunct Professor. Chicano film.

Khatharya Um, Associate Professor. Education, memory, Southeast Asian Studies, Asian American histories and communities, Southeast Asian diaspora, refugees, international migration, transnational and diaspora studies, genocide studies.
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JoEllen Anderson, Lecturer.

Jesus Barraza, Lecturer.

Hatem A. Bazian, Lecturer. Near Eastern studies.
Research Profile

Juan Berumen, Lecturer.
Research Profile

Federico Castillo, Lecturer in Environment. Climate change; environmental economics; Migration.

Michael Chang, Lecturer.

Gregory P. Choy, Lecturer.

Harvey C. Dong, Lecturer.

John Dougherty, Lecturer.

* Pablo Gonzalez, Lecturer.

Bernard Griego, Lecturer.

Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani, Lecturer.

Joe Lee, Lecturer.

Nicole Lim, Lecturer.
Research Profile

Enrique E. Lima, Lecturer.

Carmen Martinez-Calderon, Lecturer in Education.

Hannah B. Michell, Lecturer.

Diana Negrin da Silva, Lecturer.
Research Profile

Fae M. Ng, Lecturer.

Victoria E. Robinson, Lecturer.

Winston Tseng, Lecturer.

Keiko Yamanaka, Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Norma Alarcon, Professor Emeritus.

Robert Allen, Professor Emeritus.

Mario Barrera, Professor Emeritus. Theories of ethnicity, ethnic minority films.
Research Profile

Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor Emeritus. Labor, citizenship, undocumented students, caring work, settler colonialism, skin color bias.
Research Profile

Patricia Penn Hilden, Professor Emeritus. Ethnicity, gender, museums, race, North America, Native Americans, slavery in the Caribbean, feminist studies.
Research Profile

Elaine H. Kim, Professor Emeritus. Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies.
Research Profile

Beatriz Manz, Professor Emeritus. Latin America, human rights, peasantry, migrations, social movements, political conflict, Mayan communities in Guatemala, issues of memory, grief.
Research Profile

David Montejano, Professor Emeritus. Social change, historical sociology, political sociology, community studies, race and ethnic relations.
Research Profile

Carlos Jr. Munoz, Professor Emeritus. Immigration, Mexican American politics, ethnic and racial politics, multiculturalism, affirmative action.
Research Profile

* Michael Omi, Professor Emeritus. Racial politics, racial theory, racial stratification, racial and ethnic categories and the US Census, racist and anti-racist social movements .
Research Profile

Jose D. Saldivar, Professor Emeritus.

Alex M. Saragoza, Professor Emeritus. Ideology, modern Mexico, Latin American history, structural origins of Mexican migration, cultural formations in Mexico, Mexican cinema, radio, television.
Research Profile

L. Ling-Chi Wang, Professor Emeritus.

Sau-Ling Cynthia Wong, Professor Emeritus. Ethnicity, sexuality, telecommunications, Asian Americans, demographic transformation, fragmentation, globalization, transportation, internet technology, international conference, construction of gender.
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