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The Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) program is an undergraduate minor, administered by The Blum Center for Developing Economies.

The GPP Minor introduces students to the theoretical frameworks, methods, and practical skills necessary to engage with global poverty and inequality in effective ways. Central to the minor is a "Practice Experience" in which students partner with domestic or international non-governmental or community organizations, government agencies, or other poverty or development programs, on various dimensions of poverty action.  The combination of the the coursework for the Minor and this real world experience allows students to connect theories and practices of poverty action.

Students graduating with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the following:

  1. Scholarly approaches to understanding poverty, wealth, and inequality in a historical and global context
  2. Knowledge of international development and domestic poverty alleviation policies, programs, institutions, and social movements
  3. Critical engagement in public debates about poverty and poverty action through written texts, as well as through the use of social, digital, and visual media
  4.  Knowledge of the history and contemporary politics of poverty and inequality in a particular place or world region, in preparation for the practice requirement of the minor
  5. Analytical and practical skills gained through a practice experience in a particular sector of poverty action (e.g., agricultural and rural development, urban poverty, public health, human rights, legal systems, education, energy resources, and sustainable technology), at various scales (e.g., community, global) and in various forms (e.g., government policy, social movements)
  6. An understanding of different modalities and relations of power involved in poverty action developed through historically informed analytical skills, practice experience, and critical reflection

Undergraduate Program

Global Poverty and Practice: Minor

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Global Poverty and Practice

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Faculty and Instructors

* Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Alice M. Agogino, Faculty Director, Blum Center for Developing Economies. New product development, computer-aided design and databases, theory and methods, intelligent learning systems, information retrieval and data mining, digital libraries, multiobjective and strategic product, nonlinear optimization, probabilistic modeling, supervisory.
Research Profile

J. Bradford Delong, Professor. Economics, globalization, economic growth, convergence, economics of post WWII Europe.

Ashok Gadgil, Professor. Fuel-efficient stoves, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, developing countries, drinking water, buildings energy efficiency .
Research Profile

Isha Ray, Associate Professor. Water and development, Gender, water and sanitation, technology and development, social science research methods .
Research Profile

Robert Reich, Professor. Industrial Policy, Labor and Employment, Leadership and Management, Politics, Poverty, Inequality, Leadership and Social Change, Macroeconomic Policy, Social and Economic Policy.
Research Profile

Nora Silver, Adjunct Professor.

* Laura D'Andrea Tyson, Professor. High-technology competition, US industrial and technology policies, international economy, US trade policy, US competitiveness, emerging market economies, multinational companies in the US economy, gender gap (economic participation, educational attainment, political empowerment and health), research and development tax credit.
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Kris Kohler, Lecturer. Social Movements, Africa, Political Sociology.

* Khalid Kadir, Lecturer. Pathogen removal in natural water and wastewater treatment systems, water and sanitation in developing countries, role of experts in poverty action and development, political economy, engineering pedagogy for social justice .
Research Profile

Cecilia Cissell Lucas, Lecturer. Racial justice and decolonization, poverty alleviation, reparations, education, the arts, and social justice activism .
Research Profile

Clare Talwalker, Lecturer. Global Studies, Global Poverty and Practice, Political Economy, South Asia.
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Contact Information

Global Poverty & Practice Minor

100 Blum Hall

Phone: 510-643-5316

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Faculty Director

Alice Agogino, PhD

Phone: 510-666-3704

Director of Student Programs, Lead Adviser

Chetan Chowdhry

Phone: 510-664-4423

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