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Our mission is to engage in research and teaching that will inspire and inform our profession through innovative landscape design and planning. We emphasize critical thinking about the ecological, social, cultural, and visual performance of landscape spaces and systems. Our research, practice, and curricula set high standards for analytical ability, creativity, aesthetics, and practical understanding. As a result, our graduates are prepared to serve as national and international landscape design and planning leaders, building thriving communities in a world of rapid political, economic, and environmental change.

The department faculty engages in research and teaching across a range of landscape scales from downtown plazas to wilderness areas to build inclusive, vibrant cities, construct resilient metropolitan ecologies, restore degraded ecosystems, and meet the challenge of climate change. The department particularly emphasizes the application of social and ecological science in the design and planning process, with the intent of building landscapes that responsibly serve both society and the environment in the long term.

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (LAEP) offers a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Landscape Architecture. This program offers both a liberal arts oriented and preprofessional education. The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning offers a minor in the History and Theory of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. The department also cosponsors the Sustainable Design Minor with the Department of Architecture.

At the graduate level, the department offers a Master of Landscape Architecture, (an accredited professional degree requiring two or three years, depending on the student’s incoming background), with the option to specialize in Environmental Planning, and a PhD in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning.

Understanding the need for professionals with the knowledge and skills of more than one discipline, the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning offers concurrent master's degree programs with the other departments in the College of Environmental Design. See the links below for further information:

For questions about any of the concurrent programs, contact the LAEP Graduate Office at

Licensure and Accreditation

The BA and MLA degrees are certified by the State of California and counts as part of the education/experience requirement of the Uniform National Examination (U.N.E.) as well as for the Landscape Architects Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) for licensure. Visit the Landscape Architects Technical Committee and the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards for more information about licensure in California. The MLA degree is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board and under California regulations requires only two years of apprenticeship under a licensed landscape architect to qualify for the U.N.E. and L.A.R.E..

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Lecture Series

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning sponsors a lecture series, which offers students the opportunity to hear internationally acclaimed speakers. These speakers often also participate in classes and seminars as part of their visit to campus. For a schedule of speakers and events in this lecture series, see the College of Environmental Design (CED) website.

Undergraduate Programs

Landscape Architecture: BA, Minor
Sustainable Design: Minor (offered in conjunction with the Department of Architecture)

Graduate Programs

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning: MLA (Master of Landscape Architecture), PhD

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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Contact Information

Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

202 Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-643-9335

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Department Chair

Louise Mozingo

202 Wurster Hall

Faculty Advisor

Elizabeth Macdonald

202A Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-643-6165

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Kyle Steinfeld

345 Bauer Wurster Hall

Undergraduate Major Head

Chip Sullivan

302 Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-642-2938

Landscape Architecture Major Advisor

Kristian Dawson

250 Wurster Hall

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Jessica Ambriz

206 Wurster Hall

Phone: 510-642-2965

CED Career Services

Dinorah Meyer

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