Legal Studies

University of California, Berkeley


The Legal Studies faculty and students grapple with important questions of social policy within the framework of significant concerns in jurisprudence and theories of justice. These concerns include individual liberty, privacy, and autonomy; political and social equality; the just distribution of resources and opportunities within society; the relationship between citizens and the state; democratic participation and representation; the moral commitments of the community; and the preservation of human dignity.

The program's course offerings examine law and legality from both humanist and empirical perspectives. Courses are organized into interdisciplinary topical areas or “neighborhoods” that transcend disciplinary boundaries in the interest of collaborative inquiry.

Undergraduate Program

Legal Studies: BA (offered through the College of Letters and Science, although the program is under the academic supervision of the School of Law faculty)

Graduate Program

Jurisprudence and Social Policy: PhD (offered through the School of Law)

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Legal Studies

Contact Information

Legal Studies Program

2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-642-4038

Fax: 510-642-2951

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Associate Dean / JSP Program

Taeku Lee

492 Simon Hall, MC:7200

Phone: 510-643-9532

Assistant Dean

Jonathan Marshall, PhD

114 JSP, 2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-642-3670

LS Undergraduate Advisor

Lauri La Pointe

2240 Piedmont Ave.

Phone: 510-643-5823

JSP Graduate Student Advisor

Eurie Nam

(510) 642-3771

Administrative Assistant III Processes payments, reimbursements, invoices

Yvette Cooper

Phone: (510) 642-4039

Program Assistant III Reception, LS course scheduler, eval management, deCal processing

Erika Espinoza

(510) 642-4038

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