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The Physical Education Program (PhysEd) is located within the historic Hearst Gymnasium and offers both lecture-laboratory courses and a wide range of physical activity courses for academic credit to the general student population. As part of the greater College of Letters & Science, Physical Education reports directly to the Dean of Biological Sciences. Lecture-laboratory courses are listed as breadth requirements in L&S and are also cross-listed through Integrative Biology.

The Physical Education Program provides a unique opportunity for Berkeley students to incorporate exercise and wellness into their weekly schedules under the guidance of expert Berkeley faculty. Offerings fall under the headings of Aquatics, Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts, Team and Individual sports, and Wellness. Sequential instruction in small-class and personalized atmospheres is the hallmark of this program, making our classes extremely popular and rewarding. Courses range from levels 1–5 so that learning is tailored to meet specific student needs. Students can expect to learn new skills, improve their technique, gain knowledge about themselves both physically and mentally, collaborate with one another, and reduce stress. In general, students will receive all the benefits of regular exercise that are essential to being a fit, focused, and successful student.

According to the Registrar, PhysEd courses are among the most impacted on campus. It is important to register early, get on waitlists, and attend the first class meetings in order to increase chances of enrolling. Please refer to our website for FAQs and the schedule of offerings and consult the Online Schedule of Classes 

No undergraduate majors or minors or graduate degrees are offered in Physical Education.


A course materials fee is assessed to every student enrolled in a physical education activity class. The fees are listed by class in the Online Schedule of Classes.

Undergraduate Program

Health and Wellness: Minor

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Physical Education

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Physical Education Program

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Phone: 510-642-3288

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