About the Berkeley Academic Guide

The Berkeley Academic Guide

The Berkeley Academic Guide allows students to compare programs, find detailed degree requirements, discover faculty research specialties, and learn more about the unparalleled academic opportunities available at UC Berkeley. 

This fully online version of the campus general catalog was launched in 2013. Our goals are to improve access, support advising and provide accuracy. We hope you can see improvements in these areas already. The site is still evolving and our implementation will continue throughout the years. There are new features on the way, and training and documentation are also being developed.

We hope you like what you see so far. We are always interested in your feedback and ideas. Just drop us a note at guide@berkeley.edu.

Special Thanks

We would like to especially thank Christopher Keith, associate director, Integration and Identity Services at Brown University. Chris is the creator of Focal Point,  an innovative tool located on the Brown University website that presents prospective concentrations to undergraduate students and which was the inspiration for our program landing pages.   

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