Global Studies (GLOBAL)

GLOBAL 10A Introduction to Global Studies 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course is designed as an introduction to Global Studies. Using a social science approach, the course prepares students to think critically about issues of international development, conflict, and peace in a variety of societies around the world. As such it provides students with a basic theoretical introduction to the impact of global interaction as well as an opportunity to explore such interaction in a variety of case studies.

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GLOBAL 24 Freshman Seminar In Global Studies 1 Unit

Terms offered: Fall 2017, Spring 2017
The Freshman Seminar Program has been designed to provide new students with the opportunity to explore an intellectual topic with a faculty member in a small seminar setting. Freshman seminars are offered in all campus departments, and topics vary from department to department and semester to semester. Enrollment is limited to 15 freshmen.

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GLOBAL 45 Survey of World History 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course focuses on the history of global interaction, with a particular emphasis on the relationships between states and societies. Though it begins with a brief exploration of antiquity, it emphasizes world developments since the 15th century. The purpose of the course is to gain a better understanding of the rise and decline of states, empires, and international trading systems. Taking a panoramic view of the last 500 years, it explores the ways in which
disparate places came closer together, even while it seeks to explain how those places maintained their own trajectories in the face of outside intervention.
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GLOBAL 100D Development and Underdevelopment 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course examines whether the convergence between the ‘new Right’ and the ‘new Left’ has successfully addressed the central challenge of contemporary global development studies. It asks students to assess the multiple, nonlinear, and interconnected paths of change in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East that are now taking place. It explores the context of intensified global integration and capitalist development. Students will consider what changes
in this context mean for larger social change, especially given ongoing global economic crises and rapidly evolving relations.
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GLOBAL 100P Approaches to Peace and Conflict 4 Units

Terms offered: Fall 2017
This course will look at peace (and conflict) in a wide variety of formats and contexts, and will examine both the theories that seek to explain peace and the practices that compose it. The course is structured around a series of modules, each dealing with a different facet of peace and/or conflict.

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GLOBAL 100S Global Societies and Cultures 4 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course offers an introduction to ways of thinking about, and visualizing, “the global” over time. People from different societies and cultures have been drawn together as a result of processes that can best be conceived of as “flows” of people, capital, ideas and goods. Using a panoramic lens, we will explore a series of interactions, analyzing the wide-ranging effects of those interactions and the artifacts they produced. By studying a variety of encounters
, we will cultivate a broader sense of how the “global” has been defined and experienced through the lens of cultural interaction. Globalization itself is not a new phenomenon; it can be traced back centuries if not millennia.
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GLOBAL H102 Honors Methodology and Theory 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
Required prerequisite for all students intending to enroll in GLOBAL H195. Course provides an introduction to interdisciplinary research strategies for the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data. Course integrates the study of the fundamental theories of social science with the practical techniques of social science research methods.

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GLOBAL 105 Global Change and World Order 3 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course will analyze emerging trends, patterns, and problems associated with the phenomenon of globalization. Particular attention will be given to world economic and social integration, ethno-religious nationalism and identity politics, domestic politics, and foreign policy. Special emphasis is placed on the prospects of peace and world order in the post-cold war era.

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GLOBAL 110E Europe/Russia In Global Context 3 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course seeks to introduce Global Studies majors to the regions of Europe and Russia and its significance to the larger study of the globe. The course will be divided into three parts based on the three concentrations within the Global Studies major: Society and Culture, Development, Peace and Conflict. Each of these sections, examines key topics for understanding the region and its relationship to other parts of the globe.

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GLOBAL 110K Africa In Global Context 3 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course will provide students majoring in Global Studies with an introduction to Africa and its significance to the globe. We will address issues related to Africa that span all three concentrations of the major (Society and Culture, Development, Peace and Conflict). In particular, we will focus on the following four themes:conflict, identity, development and technology.

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GLOBAL 110L Latin America In Global Context 3 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course seeks to introduce Global Studies majors to the region of Latin America and the Caribbean and its significance to the larger study of the globe. The course will be divided into three parts based on the three concentrations within the Global Studies major: Society and Culture, Development, Peace and Conflict. Each of these sections, examines key topics for understanding the region and its relationship to other
parts of the globe.

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GLOBAL 110M Middle East In Global Context 3 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course provides Global Studies majors with an introduction to the Middle East region, broadly defined. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, joining the fields of history, political science, anthropology, religious studies, economics, and Middle Eastern studies. Students will be introduced to major historical themes in the study of Middle Eastern societies that are relevant in understanding contemporary intellectual debates and the origins, nature, and trajectory
of war and peace in the region. Focusing on the 20th century, the course explores how the modern Middle East evolved politically, socially, and economically into a region burdened by webs of power and influence.
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GLOBAL 110Q Asia In Global Context 3 Units

Terms offered: Spring 2017
This course provides students with an introduction to Asia in global context. The course employs a Global History approach, which emphasizes national histories as a part of a series of global processes. It explores how countries in Asia, regardless of their diverse cultures, have been drawn into the development of global capitalism. This course addresses all of the Global Studies major’s concentrations, i.e. Societies and Cultures, Development, Peace and Conflict.

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GLOBAL 111Q Conflicts In Regional Perspective: Asia. 3 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course examines the origins of South Asian conflicts. It draws on contemporary case studies from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives. Domestic developments will be covered in detail, and will also be situated in the larger context of global interactions and governance. Regional issues, such as nuclear proliferation and terrorism, are addressed, as are other contentious issues such as the status of Kashmir, the spread of identity-based
conflicts, and gender-related violence.
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GLOBAL 122L Latin American Development 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course considers issues of Global Development within Latin America . Students will explore a variety of topics, depending on current research and/or the instructor. Issues that this course might consider include, but are not limited to: poverty and inequality, environmental conditions and sustainability, as well as migration.

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GLOBAL 123L Perspectives For Sustainable Rural Development 4 Units

Terms offered: Fall 2017
This course analyzes the ecological, socio-economic and policy challenges and opportunities facing the rural population of Latin America in today’s globalized economy. After a critique of the impacts of conventional, agro-export development models of agricultural development (green revolution, non-traditional export crops, biotechnology, biofuels, etc.) the elements of a sustainable agroecological development path are discussed, a path that emphasizes: farmers empowerment
, local production for food sovereignty, poverty reduction, cultural identity and natural resource and biodiversity conservation. Technical, institutional, policy and market requirements for sustainable agriculture are also analyzed in detail.
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GLOBAL 131M New Approaches to Crisis In the MENA 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
The course investigates key aspects of political transition including the following concepts: power­sharing and transitional governance; legitimacy, stability and the conundrum of first elections; constitution ­making processes and the transitional sequence itself. The course will also examine debates concerning democratization and cultural aspects of governance in the Arab World and the Horn of Africa.

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GLOBAL 132 Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice 3 Units

Terms offered: Fall 2017
This course explores the nature of interpersonal and group conflict, resolution, and their relationship to culture. The course examines the intersection between conflict and race and ethnicity in particular, with an emphasis on the major racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Other dimensions of diversity such as gender, class, and sexual orientation in conflict situations are also explored. The goal is to apply this understanding to resolving intercultural conflicts
through mediation.
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GLOBAL 133 International Conflict 3 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
Inspired by the changed meaning of international conflict and the expanding mission of conflict resolution in the post-cold war era, this course will study the contemporary context and issues of conflict by examining the evolution in thinking about conflict, the resolution, and their application in practice.

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GLOBAL 134 Multicultural Conflict Resolution 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course will investigate the special issues involved with facilitating resolution of cross/multicultural conflicts. Topics will include cultural contrasts (e.g., values, communication, and problem solving styles), mediator (facilitator/negotiator), credibility, cultural (including gender) contributions to conflict resolution and unique ethical dilemmas. Course includes field immersion, conflict resolution process evaluation and design, and the opportunity
to participate in mediation of a cultural mediation.
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GLOBAL 141 Recent World History Through Film 3 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
"Recent World History Through Film" examines the recent history of the world through the lens of popular, critically-acclaimed, and international films. Some of the films’ makers purport to be telling the “truth” about world history, while others base the films only loosely on historical facts or circumstances. Course objectives are to develop a deeper understanding of recent world history by engaging with and analyzing a range of films. Prior knowledge
of world history is not required. What is required is to be open-minded yet critical and to view these films as an avenue for finding out more about events, places, and global historical phenomena.
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GLOBAL 142 Jews and Muslims 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course studies Muslim-Jewish relations as they developed in the Middle East and North Africa from the rise of Islam to the present day. It analyzes how ethnic and religious boundaries were both drawn and transgressed in historical settings including Arabia in the time of Muhammad, Islamic Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and modern Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Israel. It asks how this shared cultural heritage is remembered and mobilized in the contemporary world
, shedding light on the current state of Muslim-Jewish relations not only in the MENA but in Europe and the US as well. Films, memoirs, scripture, and historical works form the basis of our inquiry.
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GLOBAL 153P Special Topics: Global Peace and Conflict. 3 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course explores special topics in Global Peace and Conflict Studies. Though topics will vary from semester to semester, this course will focus on specific issues of current research, whether about conflicts or about finding peaceful solutions to those conflicts.

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GLOBAL 154M Special Topics: Global Middle East 4 Units

Terms offered: Fall 2017, Summer 2017 First 6 Week Session
This course explores special topics, based on current research and interests and is focused on at least one global region. Using a social science perspective, students will engage in critical thinking about the way in which a particular region, or subset of a region, interacts with other states and societies.

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GLOBAL 172 UN UNPlugged 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course places the UN under the spotlight: history, culture and effectiveness and examines the organization’s key institutions in the context of a multipolar world. The course goal is to encourage students to think critically about the international system and the politics of global governance and to learn the necessary tools to research the United Nations and international organizations. The course is suitable for those interested in foreign policy, diplomacy
, international relations and law and conflict management and resolution.
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GLOBAL 173 International Human Rights 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course will explore the philosophical evolution of human rights principles in the realm of political theory and the influence of such principles as they have transformed into a coherent body of law. We will focus specifically on issues in international human rights law; the approach will be both thematic and comparative. Topics will include but are not limited to: human rights diplomacy; the influence of human rights in international legal practice; cultural
and minority rights; genocide and the world community; cultural relativism and national sovereignty; international law and international relations; individual and collective rights; migration, labor, and globalization; and national, international, and nongovernmental organizations.
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GLOBAL 174 Human Rights and Global Politics 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course challenges students to consider global politics through a human rights frame to address the following questions: how do political structures, relationships and ideologies enable or exacerbate human rights abuses around the world, and how can these be transformed to promote human rights law and norms? Students are familiarized with relevant human rights instruments, analyze the strategies of human rights actors, and study the contemporary issues of
those most affected by human rights abuses and those who struggle on behalf of human rights everywhere.

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GLOBAL 176 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course will describe the issues, policies and practices of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. Terrorism continues to increase in frequency and lethality. Insurgency too is more frequent and deadly (insurgency now is riskier than terrorism). The actors and methods increasingly overlap, so that terrorism and insurgency practically must be studied together. This course examines the concepts, history, motivations and methods of terrorism and insurgency
, and ways in which the counter-terrorist and counter-insurgent side counter those motivations and methods, navigating the legal and ethical bounds.
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GLOBAL 177 Global Security Risks 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
This course teaches students how to analyse risks and security, to understand particular risks, to manage these risks from their root causes. Students will learn about risks from the global to the operational levels, from international conflict, natural risks, political instability, operational and logistical insecurity, physical site insecurity, transport insecurity, to information, communications, and cyber security. For instance, students will learn how to
forecast political violence, control that violence, and co-opt political spoilers.
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GLOBAL 194 Senior Seminar 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
Interdisciplinary research seminar for students in Global studies. Intensive writing on research questions in social science and public policy best approached from an interdisciplinary perspective. Course assumes intermediate to advanced knowledge of central focus or topic of course. Weekly discussions and critiques of readings and assignments. Final paper or project required. Topic must be approved by instructor. Topics vary from term to term.

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GLOBAL H195 Senior Honors Seminar 4 Units

Terms offered: Not yet offered
Honors students are required to research and write a thesis based on the prospectus developed in GLOBAL H102. The thesis work is reviewed by the honors instructor and a second reader to be selected based on the thesis topic. Weekly progress reports required.

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