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+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Kathryn R. Abrams, Professor. Law, feminist jurisprudence, voting rights, constitutional law.
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Catherine R. Albiston, Professor. Inequality, social change, law, employment, legal profession, public interest law, gender discrimination.
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Ty Alper, Adjunct Professor.

Roxanna Marie Altholz, Associate Adjunct Professor.

Alan J. Auerbach, Professor. Economics, law, tax policy, public finance.
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Kenneth M. Ayotte, Professor.

Kenneth A. Bamberger, Professor.

Robert Bartlett, Professor. Mergers, venture capital, corporate finance, contracts, corporate law, business law, IPOs, private equity, securities.
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+ Robert Berring, Professor. China, law, contracts, Chinese law.
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Eric Biber, Professor.

Andrew Bradt, Assistant Professor.

Sujit Choudhry, Professor.

Robert D. Cooter, Professor. Economic development, constitutional law, private law.
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Catherine Crump, Associate Adjunct Professor.

Meir Dan-Cohen, Professor. Criminal law, legal philosophy, moral philosophy, organizations, bureaucracy.
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Steven Davidoff Solomon, Professor.

Holly Doremus, Professor. Environmental law, natural resource law, law and science, biodiversity conservation, public and private land management.
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Lauren Edelman, Professor. Work organizations, legal environments, civil rights laws, workers' rights.
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Christopher Edley, Professor.

Aaron S. Edlin, Professor. Economics, industrial organization, regulation, antitrust.
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Daniel Farber, Professor. Environmental law, constiutional law, freedom of speech.
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Sean Farhang, Professor. Courts, American political development, regulation, litigation .

Malcolm M. Feeley, Professor. Criminal law, punishment, social policy.
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Laurel E. Fletcher, Adjunct Professor. International human rights, humanitarian law.
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Mary Louise Frampton, Adjunct Professor.

David Gamage, Assistant Professor.

Mark P. Gergen, Professor.

Stavros Gkantinis, Assistant Professor.

Ian F. Haney Lopez, Professor. Constitutional law, race relations, civil rights, Latinos.
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Kinch Hoekstra, Associate Professor. History of political, moral, and legal philosophy, ancient, renaissance, and early modern political thought.

Sonia Katyal, Professor.

+ Herma H. Kay, Professor. Family law, conflict of laws, sex-based discrimination, California marital property.
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Prasad Krishnamurthy, Assistant Professor.

Christopher Kutz, Professor. Criminal law, moral, legal and political philosophy.
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Taeku Lee, Professor. Political science, discrimination, language, social movements, political behavior, identity, racial and ethnic politics, public opinion, survey research methods, social welfare policies, partisanship, stereotypes.
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Gillian Lester, Professor.

David Lieberman, Professor. Legal history, legal theory, comparative legal theory.
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Katerina Linos, Professor.

Laurent Mayali, Professor. European legal history, comparative law, medieval jurisprudence, customary law.
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Justin Mccrary, Professor. Statistics, law and economics, labor economics, business law.
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Peter S. Menell, Professor. Intellectual property, property law, environmental law and policy, entertainment law.
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Robert P. Merges, Professor. Antitrust, intellectual property, property rights, patent law, law and economics, copyright law, digital content, online contracts.
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Saira Mohamed, Assistant Professor.

Calvin Morrill, Professor. Sociology of law/social conflict, organizations, ethnography, social networks, social movements youth culture and conflict, urban schools, rights mobilization.
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Melissa Murray, Professor.

+ Anne Margaret Joseph O'Connell, Professor. Administrative law, political appointees, bureaucratic organization (and reorganization), agency decisions in emergencies (national security and natural disasters), political changes in agency rulemaking, mechanisms of agency oversight, and science and the law.
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David B. Oppenheimer, Adjunct Professor.

Dylan Penningroth, Professor.

Victoria Plaut, Professor.

Claudia Polsky, Associate Adjunct Professor.

John Powell, Professor. Civil rights and civil liberties, structural racialization, racial justice and regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, opportunity based housing, voting rights, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa and Brazil, racial and ethnic identity, spirituality and social justice, and the needs of citizens in a democratic society.
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Kevin Quinn, Professor.

Eric P. Rakowski, Professor. Taxation, moral philosophy, distributive justice, health care, estates and trusts.
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Russell K. Robinson, Professor.

Bertrall Ross, Assistant Professor.

+ Andrea Roth, Assistant Professor.

Pamela Samuelson, Professor. Public policy, intellectual property law, new information technologies, traditional legal regimes, information management, copyright, software protection and cyberlaw.
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Paul Schwartz, Professor. Privacy, information privacy law, data protection law.
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Jeff Selbin, Adjunct Professor. Access to Justice, legal services, community lawyering.
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Elisabeth A. Semel, Adjunct Professor. Capital punishment, criminal law, criminal procedure.
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Jonathan S. Simon, Professor. Punishment, social policy, risk, mass incarceration, reentry.
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Fred Smith, Assistant Professor.

Sarah Song, Professor. Gender, race, citizenship, multiculturalism, immigration law and politics.
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Avani Sood, Assistant Professor.

Rachel Stern, Assistant Professor.

Eric Stover, Adjunct Professor. Human rights, war, International Criminal Law, Forensic Sciences, International Criminal Justice.
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Stephen Sugarman, Professor. Public health, torts, education, school finance, tobacco, school choice, auto insurance, disaster law, performance-based regulation, children families, welfare and social insurance, employee benefits, employment law.
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Talha Syed, Assistant Professor.

Eric L. Talley, Professor. Economic analysis of law, corporate law, securities regulation, law and financial markets.
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Karen M. Tani, Assistant Professor.

Christopher Lawrence Tomlins, Professor.

Amanda Tyler, Professor. Federal courts, separation of powers, habeas corpus, statutory interpretation, civil procedure, the emergency Constitution.
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Jennifer Urban, Associate Adjunct Professor. Intellectual property, privacy, copyright, artists' rights, free expression, notice and takedown, free and open source licensing, defensive patent licensing, how technical and policy design affect privacy and other social values.
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Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, Professor. Intellectual property, technology policy.
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Kathleen Vanden Heuvel, Adjunct Professor.

Leti Volpp, Professor. Citizenship, law and culture, identity (especially race and gender), immigration and migration, Asian American studies.
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Charles Weisselberg, Professor. Law reform, criminal procedure, police interrogation, immigration detention.
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John Yoo, Professor. Constitutional law, international law, foreign affairs.
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Franklin E. Zimring, Professor. Deterrence, capital punishment, imprisonment, drug control.
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Ramzi Abadou, Lecturer.

Sally Abel, Lecturer.

Robin Allan, Lecturer.

Lila I. Bailey, Lecturer.

Merri Baldwin, Lecturer.

Mark Belleville, Lecturer.

Cheryl Dyer Berg, Lecturer.

Scott Benjamin Birkey, Lecturer.

David S. Bloch, Lecturer.

Carrie Bonnington, Lecturer.

Richard L. Brand, Lecturer.

R. Shanti Brien, Lecturer.

John Briginshaw, Lecturer.

Kevin M. Bringuel, Lecturer.

Margaret Brogan, Lecturer.

Ingrid M. Brostrom, Lecturer.

George Brown, Lecturer.

Robert B. Brown, Lecturer.

Barbara Bryant, Lecturer.

Bruce A. Budner, Lecturer.

Steven Carlson, Lecturer.

Erin Clarke, Lecturer.

Judith A. Cohen, Lecturer.

Michelle J. Cole, Lecturer.

George Cotsirilos, Lecturer.

James B. Creighton, Lecturer.

Charles M. Denton, Lecturer.

Lothar Determann, Lecturer.

Robert Neal Dobbins, Lecturer.

Mary Dooley, Lecturer.

Emily Epstein, Lecturer.

Mark D. Epstein, Lecturer.

William H.D. Fernholz, Lecturer.

Jay Finkelstein, Lecturer.

Paul D. Fogel, Lecturer.

Kathryn Fritz, Lecturer.

Andrew Gass, Lecturer.

Steven Gayle, Lecturer.

Hilary Gevondyan, Lecturer.

Todd Glass, Lecturer.

Marc Leslie Goldman, Lecturer.

Michael Gowe, Lecturer.

Shawn Halbert, Lecturer.

Charles A. Hansen, Lecturer.

Christopher Scott Harrison, Lecturer.

Henry L. Hecht, Lecturer.

Bryan Harte Heckenlively, Lecturer.

James Yoshihiro Higa, Lecturer.

Joni Hiramoto, Lecturer.

Jeffrey Homrig, Lecturer.

Chris Hoofnagle, Lecturer.

George Horvath, Lecturer.

Patricia Plunkett Hurley, Lecturer.

Robert Donald Infelise, Lecturer.

Hana Ivanhoe, Lecturer.

Todd F. Jackson, Lecturer.

Jamie Jacobs-May, Lecturer.

Hanno Kaiser, Lecturer.

Mallika Kaur, Lecturer.

William A. Kell, Lecturer.

Erika Armitage Kelton, Lecturer.

Janice Kosel, Lecturer.

Arlene Kostant, Lecturer.

Tamara Alice Merry Lange, Lecturer.

Sarah Laubach, Lecturer.

Joseph Lavitt, Lecturer.

Jonathan U. Lee, Lecturer.

Nancy K. D. Lemon, Lecturer.

Roger Lin, Lecturer.

Ryan S. Lincoln, Lecturer.

Clare Marie Maier, Lecturer.

Allan Marks, Lecturer.

Michael G. Mathai-Jackson, Lecturer.

Jason Meek, Lecturer.

David Mendel, Lecturer.

Richard P. Mendelson, Lecturer.

Ted Mermin, Lecturer.

Suzanne Miles, Lecturer.

Jeslyn A. Miller, Lecturer.

Christian Nadan, Lecturer.

Vern Norviel, Lecturer.

Jessica M. Notini, Lecturer.

Jamie O'Connell, Lecturer.

Stephen Oetgen, Lecturer.

Jeffrey Ostrow, Lecturer.

Spencer Pahlke, Lecturer.

Julian Wonjung Park, Lecturer.

Anna Pletcher, Lecturer.

Alan Pomerantz, Lecturer.

Neil Popovic, Lecturer.

Randolph Pyle, Lecturer.

Aleem U. Raja, Lecturer.

Charles Philip Reichmann, Lecturer.

Mark Llewellyn Reinstra, Lecturer.

David Rosenfeld, Lecturer.

James B. Rule, Lecturer.

Elaine Rushing, Lecturer.

Donna Miae Ryu, Lecturer.

Lucinda A. Sikes, Lecturer.

Megan Somogyi, Lecturer.

Shanin Specter, Lecturer.

John Steele, Lecturer.

Tirien A. Steinbach, Lecturer.

Shalini Swaroop, Lecturer.

Claire M. Sylvia, Lecturer.

Robyn Thiemann, Lecturer.

Neill Tseng, Lecturer.

Margaret Amy Vosburg-Casey, Lecturer.

David James Ward, Lecturer.

Karen Hanson Wellman, Lecturer.

Rebecca Westerfield, Lecturer.

Joseph R. Wetzel, Lecturer.

Jeff White, Lecturer.

Barry Winograd, Lecturer.

Kent Wisner, Lecturer.

Scott Zimmermann, Lecturer.

Visiting Faculty

Ori Aronson, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Joshua Cohen, Visiting Professor.

Reza Dibadj, Visiting Professor.

Alice Kaswan, Visiting Professor.

Ellen Kreitzberg, Visiting Professor.

+ Goodwin Liu, Visiting Professor. Constitutional law, education law and policy, civil rights law.
Research Profile

Sarath Sanga, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Zenichi Shishido, Visiting Professor.

Emeritus Faculty

Babette B. Barton, Professor Emeritus. Law, taxes and taxation, real property, probate, trust.
Research Profile

Carolyn (Patty) Blum, Professor Emeritus. Human rights, law, refugee and asylum law.
Research Profile

Stephen M. Bundy, Professor Emeritus. Dispute resolution, law, litigation, legal profession.
Research Profile

Richard Buxbaum, Professor Emeritus. Law, corporation law, comparative and international economic law.
Research Profile

David D. Caron, Professor Emeritus. Law, international law.
Research Profile

+ Jesse H. Choper, Professor Emeritus. Constitutional law, Supreme Court church and state federalism.
Research Profile

Robert H. Cole, Professor Emeritus. Constitutional law, torts, jurisprudence and legal ethics.
Research Profile

John Coons, Professor Emeritus. Economics, public education, contract appeals.
Research Profile

John Dwyer, Professor Emeritus.

+ Melvin A. Eisenberg, Professor Emeritus. Contracts, corporations.
Research Profile

+ William A. Fletcher, Professor Emeritus. American legal institutions, civil procedure.
Research Profile

+ James Gordley, Professor Emeritus.

Edward C. Halbach, Professor Emeritus. Trust, estate, property law, probate and trust law, estate planning.
Research Profile

John R. (Anne) Hetland, Professor Emeritus. Property law, estate law.
Research Profile

Phillip Johnson, Professor Emeritus. Religion, evolution and naturalistic philosophy, science.
Research Profile

Thomas Jorde, Professor Emeritus.

Robert Kagan, Professor Emeritus. Environmental law, corporations, labor law, labor relations.
Research Profile

John K. Mcnulty, Professor Emeritus. Federal income taxation, corporate, estate and gift taxation, income tax law (domestic and international).
Research Profile

Philippe Nonet, Professor Emeritus. Sociology, jurisprudence.
Research Profile

John T. Noonan, Professor Emeritus.

Andrea Peterson, Professor Emeritus. Property law, land-use planning and control, takings clause.
Research Profile

Thomas H. Reynolds, Professor Emeritus.

Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Professor Emeritus. Antitrust, economic analysis of law, federalism.
Research Profile

Harry N. Scheiber, Professor Emeritus. American legal history, ocean law and policy, Law of the Sea (international law), federalism and state-federal relations, American constitutional development.
Research Profile

Martin M. Shapiro, Professor Emeritus. Constitutional law, comparative law, European law.
Research Profile

+ Marjorie Shultz, Professor Emeritus. Health law, biomedical ethics and law, contracts law, race/gender and law.
Research Profile

Jerome H. Skolnick, Professor Emeritus.

Justin Sweet, Professor Emeritus.

+ Eleanor Swift, Professor Emeritus. Law reform.
Research Profile

Jan Vetter, Professor Emeritus. Civil litigation.
Research Profile

Mark G. Yudof, Professor Emeritus.

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