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The MA degree in Global Studies (GS) is a one-year Masters program. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the fundamentals of contemporary international issues as well as detailed knowledge on particular world regions or countries. The MA degree in Global Studies provides wide flexibility in crafting an individual interdisciplinary program. Students tailor the content of their programs within a defined framework to suit their interests. Specific course work is chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser.


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Master's Degree Requirements

  1. Students must COMPLETE a minimum of 24 units, at least twelve of which must be graduate-level course work (courses numbered 200-299). Two-thirds of all course work must be letter-graded. Thus no more than a third of all units may be taken on an S/U or P/NP grading basis.
  2. Students are required to complete two Global Studies proseminars, one in the fall, the other in the spring. They must also enroll in at least two social science and two area studies courses (in the same area).
  3. Capstone – All students must undergo a comprehensive examination, with both written and oral components. A committee consisting of three faculty members will direct the examination for all of the students in any given cohort, which will require synthesis of material from student coursework.

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Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Miguel A. Altieri, Professor. Agriculture, environmental science, pest management.
Research Profile

+ Maximilian Auffhammer, Professor. Climate change, econometrics, air pollution, environmental economics, energy economics.
Research Profile

Margaret Chowning, Professor. Mexico, history, gender, women, Latin America.
Research Profile

Alain De Janvry, Professor. Agriculture and resource management, economics, labor management and policy.
Research Profile

J. Bradford Delong, Professor. Economics, globalization, economic growth, convergence, economics of post WWII Europe.
Research Profile

+ Munis D. Faruqui, Associate Professor. Economics, price theory models of anticompetitive exclusive dealing, switching costs, network effects, formal standardization.
Research Profile

Emily Gottreich, Adjunct Professor. Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Urban Studies, Jewish history, Morocco, North Africa, Sephardic Studies.
Research Profile

Abhishek Kaicker, Assistant Professor. South Asia, Mughal, early modern, cities, history, Persian.
Research Profile

Alan Karras, Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Social Science Programs and Senior Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Economy.
Research Profile

Erin Murphy-Graham, Associate Adjunct Professor. Educational equity, cultural studies, gender equity, diversity, international education, alternative schooling, democratic education, ethnic issues.
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Alison Post, Assistant Professor. Regulation, infrastructure, water and sanitation.
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Elisabeth Sadoulet, Professor. Economics, agriculture, labor management and policy.
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Nathan F. Sayre, Associate Professor. Climate change, endangered species, rangelands, political ecology, pastoralism, ranching, environmental history, suburbanization, human-environment interactions, environmental geography, range science and management, Southwestern US, scale, community-based conservation.
Research Profile

Khatharya Um, Associate Professor. Education, memory, Southeast Asian Studies, Asian American histories and communities, Southeast Asian diaspora, refugees, international migration, transnational and diaspora studies, genocide studies.
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Steven Vogel, Professor. Political science, political economy or comparative political economy, the Japanese model of capitalism, Japanese politics.
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Stephanie Ballenger, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, political economy, Latin American studies.

Peter Bartu, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Middle Eastern Studies.

David Beecher, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Economy.

Karenjot Bhangoo Randhawa, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Crystal Chang, Lecturer. International and area studies, Asian Studies, Political science.

Fatmir Haskaj, Lecturer. Political economy, development, critical theory and urban studies.

+ Khalid Kadir, Lecturer. Global Poverty and Practice Minor, International and Area Studies, Political Economy .

Cecilia Cissell Lucas, Lecturer. International and area studies.

Mario Muzzi, Lecturer. International and Area Studies.

Laura Nathan, Lecturer. International and Area Studies.

Clara I. Nicholls, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Latin American Studies.

Tiffany L. Page, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Latin American Studies.

Lanchih Po, Associate Adjunct Professor. International and Area Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Clare Talwalker, Lecturer. Global Studies, Global Poverty and Practice, Political Economy, South Asia.

Manuela Travaglianti, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Keiko Yamanaka, Lecturer. Ethnic studies, Asian studies.

Darren C. Zook, Lecturer. International and Area Studies, Political Science.

Daniel Zoughbie, Lecturer. International and Area Studies.

Emeritus Faculty

Beverly Kay Crawford, Professor Emeritus. International and Area Studies, Political Economy Group Major.

Gillian Hart, Professor Emeritus. Geography Political economy, social theory, critical development, studies, gender, agrarian and regional studies, labor, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia.

+ Michael J. Watts, Professor Emeritus. Islam, development, Africa, social movements, political economy, political ecology, geography, South Asia, peasant societies, social and and cultural theory, US agriculture, Marxian political economy.
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Global Studies Chair

You-tien Hsing

545 McCone Hall

Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Dreux S. Montgomery

101 Stephens Hall

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