UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program (JMP)

University of California, Berkeley

About the Program

The UC Berkeley–UCSF Joint Medical Program (JMP) attracts people who are passionately dedicated to improving the world’s health through scholarly self-directed yet collaborative inquiry. This is reflected in both the medical curriculum and master’s program.

The masters program provides a broad trans-disciplinary exploration of the social determinants of health, health systems science, population health, health equity, and data science. Students  have access to a large range of research topics which is part of what makes the JMP MS unique. Concurrently, students participate in an innovative student-led, faculty supported Foundational Sciences curriculum through Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

As part of the UC Berkeley campus community, our 16 students per cohort are supported by a multidisciplinary, close-knit, and inter-professional team of faculty and staff, committed to individualized support for students’ success.

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Master's Degree Requirements


HMEDSCI 261Research Seminar (2 semesters) 2
PB HLTH 250AEpidemiologic Methods I (250B also meets requirement)3
or PB HLTH 250B Epidemiologic Methods II
HMEDSCI 262Qualitative Analysis Thesis Working Group (4 semesters)4
or HMEDSCI 264 Mixed Methods/Community-Based Research Thesis Working Group
or HMEDSCI 265 Basic, Clinical, and Behavioral Research Thesis Working Group
or HMEDSCI 267 Bioethics, Medical Humanities, or Archival Thesis Working Group
Upper division or graduate level Biostatistics course
Graduate Elective in research methods, approved by thesis adviser
Graduate Electives in content area of research
Summer field research elective
The medical curriculum that you will register for while pursuing your MS include 5 semesters of Foundational Sciences through PBL, 4 semesters of clinical skills work as part of a Master Clinician Working Group (MCWG), 4 semesters in Clinical Contexts working with clinics in the East Bay and 1 semester of Advanced Studies in Patient Care & Clinical Systems (PCCS).
HMEDSCI 200Foundational Sciences through Problem-Based Learning8
HMEDSCI 216Clinical Medicine4
HMEDSCI 218Clinical Contexts2
HMEDSCI 220Advanced Studies in Patient Care & Clinical Systems4

JMP Masters of Health & Medical Sciences Thesis

A JMP student’s MS coursework and research culminate in the crafting of a thesis, including an in-depth literature review of the student’s area of expertise and a scholarly product, often a manuscript for submission to a journal. Students can pursue research in any field of knowledge with a link to human health.  A database of prior JMP research theses can be accessed at: http://escholarship.org/uc/ucb_ucsf_joint_medical_program


Health and Medical Sciences Program

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Colette (Coco) Auerswald, Associate Professor. Cultural and social context for HIV and STD-related behaviors in marginalized youth populations.
Research Profile

Amin Azzam, Clinical Professor. Medical education scholarship: Specifically, the efficacy of various instructional approaches in stimulating medical students' acquisition, retention, and application of content knowledge in their evolving roles as clinicians .
Research Profile

+ John R. Balmes, Professor. Effects of exposure to pollution, effects of pesticides on respiratory health, arsenic in drinking water, psychosocial stress.
Research Profile

Amy Garlin, Associate Clinical Professor. HIV/AIDS in women, Racial Justice, Narrative Medicine, Death & Dying, Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
Research Profile

Jodi Halpern, Professor. Public health, bioethics, patient autonomy.
Research Profile

Seth Holmes, Professor. Medical anthropology, transnational im/migration, race and racism, gender and queer studies, the naturalization and normalization of social and health inequalities, symbolic violence, subjectivation, Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
Research Profile

+ Susan Ivey, Associate Adjunct Professor. Public health, health disparities, interventions, community-based participatory research.
Research Profile

Claudia Landau, Associate Clinical Professor. Neuroendocrinology of Stress, Cognitive Assessment in Diverse Cultures, Community Bases, Fall prevention.

+ Aisha Mays, Primary Care Physician.

Osagie Obasogie, Professor. Law, bioethics, reproductive and genetic technologies.
Research Profile

Ndola Prata, Professor in Residence. Community-base access to care, maternal mortality, population and family planning, safe abortion, adolescent reproductive health in developing countries, postpartum hemorrhage.
Research Profile

+ Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Clinical Professor. Nutrition, maternal-child health, early childhood health, oral health, child health in developing countries, childrenand#039,s health in child care, parenting education, health education for low literacy populations, health disparities.
Research Profile

+ Gustavo Valbuena, Associate Clinical Professor. Conceptualization and operationalization of inquiry in medical education, the relationship between inquiry and the process of integration between basic sciences and clinical sciences, integration-supportive instructional design .
Research Profile


+ Jennifer Breckler, Lecturer. Research on student learning styles and career choice Projects include creating new hands-on kinesthetic ways for students to engage in and learn about science .
Research Profile

Hana Dan-Cohen, Lecturer. Integration of the basic sciences with a clinical curriculum in medical education.
Research Profile

Sara Hartley, Lecturer. The interpersonal domain of doctor-patient interaction, The interview, Mind/brain models.
Research Profile

Shelene Stine, Interim Head of Assessment/Patient Care and Clinical Skills Faculty.

Emeritus Faculty

Guy Micco, Clinical Professor, Emeritus, Co-director, UC Berkeley Program for Health and Medical Sciences. Aging/old age, suffering, and death, the medical humanities.
Research Profile

+ Kent Olson, Clinical Professor Emeritus. Diagnosis and management of acute poisoning, Cost-effectiveness of poison control centers, Case development in the JMP case-based curriculum, General Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology.
Research Profile

Richard Quint, Clinical Professor Emeritus.

+ Ann Stevens, Clinical Professor Emerita. Women's health issues, Medical education, Physician/patient relationship.
Research Profile

+ John Swartzberg, Clinical Professor Emeritus. Social epidemiology, community interventions.
Research Profile

Contact Information

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program

570 University Hall

Phone: 510-642-5479

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Director, UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program

Jyothi Marbin, MD

Phone: 510-643-4702


Director, JMP Master's Program

Colette (Coco) Auerswald, MD, MS


Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Jonae Boatwright

Phone: 510-642-5671


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