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The faculty associated with the Graduate Group in Endocrinology have diverse interests representing endocrinology in the broadest sense: chemical mediators in the living world directed by autocrine, paracrine, endocrine, and ectohormonal factors. Our program faculty encompasses hormone-oriented research programs such as cancer biology, signal transduction, drug design, membrane biology, virology, metabolism, differentiation, morphogenesis, toxicology, and gene transcription. Graduates from the endocrinology program have transitioned into careers in a variety of fields including education, research (in both academic and industry settings), government regulation, and private business.

The main goal of the graduate program is to engage students in the interdisciplinary aspects of the field of endocrinology through seminars, courses, and our diverse faculty research perspectives; which range from organismal and comparative endocrinology to chemical ecology to structural, molecular, and cellular endocrinology.

Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in endocrinology.

Graduate Programs

Endocrinology: MA, PhD

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Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Gregory W. Aponte, Professor. Health and nutrition, nutritional sciences, signaling between the gut and the brain, neuropeptides, G-protein coupled receptors.
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George Bentley, Associate Professor. Hormones and behavior, neuroendocrinology of reproduction.
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+ Gary L. Firestone, Professor. Cancer, steroid hormones, molecular endocrinology, tumor biology, growth factors, dietary compounds, tumor cells, glucocorticoids.
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+ Tyrone Hayes, Professor. Genetics, amphibians, developmental endocrinology, steroid hormones, metamorphosis, sex differentiation, hormonal differentiation, African clawed frog, Japnanes Kajika, Pine Barrens treefrog.
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Marc Hellerstein, Professor. Plant biology, health and nutrition.
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Daniela Kaufer, Associate Professor. Neuroscience, stress, neural stem cells, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, blood brain barrier, prosocial behavior.
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Lance Kriegsfeld, Associate Professor. NeuroendocrinologyCircadian Biology, Neuroimmunology, cancer biology, animal behavior.
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Paul Licht, Professor. Steroid hormones, comparative endocrinology, endocrine system, steroidal metabolism of tissues, thyroid, vitamin D, binding proteins.
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Satyabrata Nandi, Professor.

Daniel K. Nomura, Assistant Professor. Chemical biology, metabolism, toxicology, cancer.
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Hei Sook Sul, Professor. Plant biology, health and nutrition, nutritional sciences and toxicology.
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Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang, Associate Professor. Steroid hormones, glucocorticoids, molecular physiology, Metabolic Diseases.
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Irving Zucker, Professor. Biological rhythms, seasonality, behavioral endocrinology, melatonin, suprachiasmatic nucleus, reproductive physiology, behavior, ultradian rhythms, sex differences.
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Emeritus Faculty

+ Stephen E. Glickman, Professor Emeritus. Animal behavior, physiological substrates of behavior, hormonal substrates, spotted hyenas, sexual differentiation, vertebrate behavior.
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David L. Wood, Professor Emeritus. Pest management, forestry, microbial biology.
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Contact Information

Graduate Group in Endocrinology

3040A VLSB

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Phone: 510-643-7330


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Program Chair and Head Graduate Advisor

Gary Firestone, PhD

Phone: 510-642-8319


Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Korshid Tarin

299 Life Sciences Addition #3200

Phone: 510-643-7330


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