Jurisprudence and Social Policy

University of California, Berkeley


Berkeley Law is unique among major U.S. law schools in housing its own interdisciplinary graduate program in the social, philosophical, and humanistic study of law, leading to PhD degrees in Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP). The JSP Program promotes the study of law and legal institutions through the perspectives of several disciplines including history, economics, philosophy, sociology, and political science. As the first law and society program of its kind in North America, the JSP Program remains the clear leader of a vibrant and growing body of such programs because of its deep curricular resources and its scholarly accomplishment.

Members of the Berkeley Law faculty with primary responsibility for the JSP Program are trained in a variety of academic disciplines and affiliated with other Berkeley departments and research centers.

Undergraduate Program

Legal Studies: BA

Graduate Program

Jurisprudence and Social Policy: PhD

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Faculty and Instructors


Catherine R. Albiston, Professor. Inequality, social change, law, employment, legal profession, public interest law, gender discrimination.
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Robert D. Cooter, Professor. Economic development, constitutional law, private law.
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Malcolm M. Feeley, Professor. Criminal law, punishment, social policy.
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Kinch Hoekstra, Associate Professor.

Christopher Kutz, Professor. Criminal law, moral, legal and political philosophy.
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Kristin Luker, Professor. Social policy, jurisprudence.
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Robert J. Maccoun, Professor. Jury decision making, alternative dispute resolution, illicit drug dealing, alternative drug laws, harm reduction, gays and lesbians in the military, media biases, and bias in the use and interpretation of research evidence.
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Justin Mccrary, Professor. Statistics, law and economics, labor economics, business law.
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Victoria Plaut, Professor.

Kevin Quinn, Professor.

Sarah Song, Professor. Gender, race, citizenship, multiculturalism, immigration law and politics.
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Franklin E. Zimring, Professor. Deterrence, capital punishment, imprisonment, drug control.
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Contact Information

Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program

Boalt Hall School of Law

Phone: 510-642-3771


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Associate Dean, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Calvin Morrill, PhD

Phone: 510-643-9988


Student Affairs Officer

Margo Rodriguez


Graduate Advisor

Catherine Albiston


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