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An interdepartmental group of faculty members — from the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) and related departments at UC Berkeley — administers the Range Management Masters program. The program prepares students with a bachelor's degree in resource management or related disciplines to pursue advanced work. Graduate study leads to a Master of Science degree that serves as the basis for a professional career in rangeland management. Fields of specialization include grassland, savanna, and shrubland ecology, rangeland rehabilitation, wetland ecology, and rangeland policy.

Doctoral work in range management may be pursued as part of the PhD program in ESPM.

Undergraduate Program

There is no undergraduate program in Range Management.

Graduate Program

Range Management: MS

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Faculty and Instructors


Reginald H. Barrett, Professor. Environmental science, policy & management, introduced species, species and land use ecology, land use planning, terrestrial vertebrates, human impact on wildlife, tule elk, wild pigs.
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Justin S. Brashares, Associate Professor. Wildlife, biodiversity, ecology, conservation, human livelihoods.
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William E. Dietrich, Professor. Morphology, earth and planetary sciences, geomorphology, evolution of landscapes, geomorphic transport laws, landscape evolution modeling, high resolution laser altimetry, cosmogenic nuclide analysis.
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Mary K. Firestone, Professor. Soils, environmental policy, environmental science, policy & management, wildlife, microbial biology.
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Mary E. Power, Professor. Freshwater ecology, food webs, trophic dynamics, northern California rivers, watersheds.
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John Radke, Associate Professor. City and regional planning, landscape architecture and environmental planning, geographic information systems, database design and construction, spatial analysis, pattern recognition computational morphology.
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Contact Information

Range Management Program

131 Mulford Hall

Phone: 510-642-1546

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Department Chair/Head Graduate Adviser

James Bartolome, PhD

321 Hilgard Hall

Phone: 510-642-7945


Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Bianca Victorica

131 Mulford Hall

Phone: 510-642-1546


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