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Berkeley Language Center

The Berkeley Language Center (BLC) is a department in the Division of Arts and Humanities of the College of Letters and Science. The BLC’s mission is to support the learning and teaching of heritage and foreign languages on the Berkeley campus. Students have access to Weekly Film Clips offered in 15 languages, Online Language Lessons, and Lecture Series.

Study Abroad

The Berkeley Study Abroad Program offers opportunities to study in over 45 countries for one semester, for one year or for the summer.

Given the increasing globalization of the world, living abroad helps expand students' understanding of diverse, culturally rooted attitudes and behaviors. Studying abroad enhances cross-cultural awareness, competency, and adaptability. Students find that living and studying abroad expands their perspective, improves critical thinking, increases independence and better prepares them for a career in an increasingly competitive world.

Interested students should obtain the relevant information early in the semester preceding the one in which they plan to go abroad from the Berkeley Study Abroad office, located in 160 Stephens Hall, 510-642-1356,

Students should consult with their Undergraduate Adviser before going abroad (whether through Berkeley Study Abroad or through non-UC sponsored programs) in order to determine whether their program of study will count toward their degree program(s).

Contact Information

Departments and the Languages They Teach

African American Studies Department

Chichewa, Swahili, Wolof, Zulu

Celtic Studies Department

Breton, Irish (Modern), Irish (Old and Middle), Welsh (Middle), Welsh (Modern), Welsh (Old)

Classics Department

Greek (Ancient), Greek (Modern), Latin

East Asian Languages and Cultures Department

Chinese, Japanese, Kanji, Korean, Mandarin, Tibetan

English Department

English (Old)

German Department

German, Dutch, Yiddish

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching and Resource Center

English as a Second Language

Italian Studies Department


Linguistics Department

American Indian, American Sign Language, Creole, Pidgin

Near Eastern Studies Department

Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Avestan, Egyptian, Hebrew (Biblical), Hebrew (Modern), Hittite, Iranian, Pahlavi, Persian, Persian (Middle), Sogdian, Sumerian, Turkish, Ugaritic

Scandinavian Department

Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norse (Old), Swedish

Slavic Languages and Literature Department

Armenian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slavic (Old Church)

South and Southeast Asian Studies Department

Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Indic, Khmer, Malay/Indonesian, Punjabi, Sahitya, Sanskrit, Sastraic, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, Vedic, Vietnamese

Spanish and Portuguese Department

Catalan, Czech, Nahuatl, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish (Chicano Studies)

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