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The Social and Cultural Factors in Environmental Design minor emphasizes the political, cultural, social, and economic issues of concern to architects, landscape architects, and city planners. It is open to all majors.

There is no major program; students interested in pursuing this course of study at the major level should consider the BA in Architecture program.

Declaring the Minor

A letter grade of C- or higher is required in ENV DES 1 to declare the minor. To declare, students must submit the CED Request to Add Minor Form, available on the CED website. When completing the final requirements for the minor, submit the CED Minor Completion Form.

Other Majors and Minors Offered by the Department of Architecture

Architecture (Major and Minor)
Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries (Minor only)
Sustainable Design (Minor only)

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Minor Requirements

Students who have a strong interest in an area of study outside their major often decide to complete a minor program. When completing their final requirements for the minor, students must submit the CED Minor Completion Form, available on the CED website.

General Guidelines

  1. All minors must be declared no later than one semester before a student's Expected Graduation Term (EGT).
  2. A letter grade of C- or higher is required in ENV DES 1 to declare the minor. To declare, submit the CED Request to Add Minor Form, available on the CED website.
  3. Each course used to fulfill minor requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C- or above.
  4. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA in the upper division requirements for the minor.
  5. Any course used in fulfillment of minor requirements may also be used to fulfill major and upper division CED non-major requirements.
  6. Courses used to fulfill a breadth requirement may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.
  7. Students may apply the non-CED version of a CED cross-listed course towards the minor.
  8. Students may use up to two courses taken abroad to fulfill upper division minor requirements, with faculty approval of the individual courses.


Lower Division
ENV DES 1Introduction to Environmental Design (A letter grade of C- or higher is required to declare the minor.)3
Upper Division (Five Courses)
ARCH 110ACThe Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture & Urban Design3
Select four of the following:
Introduction to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism [4]
Special Topics in the History of Architecture [3-4]
Body-Conscious Design: Shoes, Chairs, Rooms, and Beyond [3]
Introduction to City Planning [4]
Urbanization in Developing Countries [4]
The Urban Community [4]
Community Planning and Public Policy for Disability [3]
Advanced Topics in Urban Studies [3-4]
Sustainable Landscapes and Cities [4]


Social and Cultural Factors in Environmental Design

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Mark S. Anderson, Professor. Architecture, building design, BIM, integrated project delivery, building construction, school design, housing design, net zero energy desig, nurban design, building integrated modeling, IPD, design-build, prefabricated, modular, architecture in China, architecture in Japan, urban water.
Research Profile

William Andrew Atwood, Assistant Professor. Techniques of representation as historical and conceptual instruments.
Research Profile

R. Gary Black, Associate Professor. Architecture, finite element modeling, finite element analysis, structure and space, experimental testing, timber connections, teaching structures, integrating structure and architecture.
Research Profile

Gail S. Brager, Professor. Architecture, comfort and adaptation in buildings, design and performance of offices.
Research Profile

Dana Buntrock, Professor. Architecture, construction industry, East Asian studies, architectural practice in Japan.
Research Profile

Tom Buresh, Professor.
Research Profile

Luisa Caldas, Professor. Virtual and augmented reality for building design and simulation, net zero energy and sustainable design, parametric and generative design systems for sustainable architecture, daylighting, daylighting in buildings, housing solutions for the developing world and refugee camps.
Research Profile

Christopher L. Calott, Associate Professor. Urban Design, Infill Housing, Mixed-use Infill Development, Urban Landscape Infrastructure, Participatory Design and Community Planning, Affordable and Informal Housing, US-Mexico Border Urbanism, Native American Planning and Development, Latin American Urban Development, International Development .
Research Profile

Greg Castillo, Associate Professor. Architectural history, design discourses and practices, aesthetic theory, counterculture, modernism, interwar and postwar America and Europe, Cold War, Germany, America.
Research Profile

Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Professor. Architecture, landscape design, space design, media and its effect upon design through filmic techniques and video investigations.
Research Profile

Renee Y. Chow, Professor. Urban design, architectural design.
Research Profile

Margaret L. Crawford, Professor. History of architecture, architecture and urban design, urban history and theory, US built environment studies, urbanism in China.
Research Profile

C. Greig Crysler, Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, CED. Architecture, geopolitics of architectural discourse, globalization and social production of the built environment, architecture and identity.
Research Profile

Rene Davids, Professor. Architecture and urban design and theory.
Research Profile

Nicholas de Monchaux, Professor. Architecture, urban design and organization, natural and manmade systems.
Research Profile

Danelle Guthrie-Buresh, Associate Adjunct Professor.
Research Profile

Maria Paz Gutierrez, Associate Professor. Next-generation building systems, self-regulated facades, biologically inspired technologies, multifunctional materials.
Research Profile

Lisa M. Iwamoto, Professor. Architecture, design, materials research and fabrication.
Research Profile

Ronald L. Rael, Professor. 3D printed buildings, additive manufacturing, earth architecture, mud, dirt, dust, U S -Mexico border wall, arid landscapes, ranching, acequias, alipne deserts, ceramics, rural architecture, ruralism, animation, digital modeling, furry buildings, unnatural materials, rasquachetecture.
Research Profile

Stefano Schiavon, Associate Professor. Energy, architecture, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, building energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, productivity, wellbeing, sustainable building design, simulation and verification, personal environmental control system, energy simulation, underfloor air distribution, radiant, post-occupancy evaluation.
Research Profile

Simon Schleicher, Assistant Professor. Biomimetics, structural engineering, architectural design, 3D printing, 3D scanning, digital fabrication, fabrication, composite structures, finite element analysis, parametric design, bio-inspired structures, robotics manufacturing.
Research Profile

Andrew Shanken, Professor. Memory, visionary architecture, the unbuilt, paper architecture, heritage conservation, architectural representation, urban representation, diagrams, history of professions, historiography, world's fairs, expositions, California architecture, themed environments.
Research Profile

Kyle Steinfeld, Associate Professor. Digital design, design computation, data visualization, architectural representation, design methods.
Research Profile

M. Susan Ubbelohde, Professor. India, architecture, climate and architecture, Le Corbusier, Kahn, Correa, Doshi, culture and practice, daylighting design tools, software evaluation, sky simulator design, low-energy design, California residential industry.
Research Profile


Marco Cenzatti, Continuing Lecturer.

Roddy Creedon, Continuing Lecturer.

William W. Di Napoli, Continuing Lecturer.

Darell W. Fields, Continuing Lecturer.

Rudabeh Pakravan, Continuing Lecturer.

Charles Salter, Continuing Lecturer.

Emeritus Faculty

Christopher W. J. Alexander, Professor Emeritus.

+ Nezar Alsayyad, Professor Emeritus. Virtual reality, urban history, Architectural history, Middle Eastern Studies, cross-cultural design, cities and cinema, cultural studies of the built environment, environmental design in developing countries, housing and urban development, Islamic architecture and urbanism, traditional dwelling and settlements, urban design and physical planning.
Research Profile

Edward A. Arens, Professor Emeritus. Indoor environment, thermal comfort, occupant surveys, building environmental control, ventilation, wind, architectural aerodynamics.
Research Profile

Richard Bender, Professor Emeritus.

Charles C. Benton, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, thermal comfort, sunlight and shadow patterns, measurement of physical building performance.
Research Profile

Peter C. Bosselmann, Professor Emeritus. Urban design, architecture, city and regional planning, landscape architecture.
Research Profile

Jean-Paul Bourdier, Professor Emeritus.

Gary R. Brown, Professor Emeritus.

Mary C. Comerio, Professor Emeritus. Disaster recovery, housing impacts in disasters, loss modeling, performance based design.
Research Profile

Clare Cooper Marcus, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, landscape architecture, environmental planning, medium-density housing, public housing modernization, public open-space design, children's environments, housing for the elderly.
Research Profile

Galen Cranz, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, sociology of space, urban parks, Alexander Technique, chairs, ergonomics, somatics, body conscious design, social research methods for architecture and urban design, ethnography, programming, post occupancy evaluation and assessment, sociology of taste, housing for the elderly.
Research Profile

+ Sam Davis, Professor Emeritus.

Margaret Or Penny Dhaemers, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, electronic imaging, 2D and 3D.
Research Profile

Anthony Dubovsky, Professor Emeritus.

William R. Ellis, Professor Emeritus. Sociology, social issues in architecture and urban design.
Research Profile

Norma D. Evenson, Professor Emeritus.

Richard E. Fernau, Professor Emeritus.

Harrison Fraker, Professor Emeritus. Urban design, architecture, environmental design, passive solar, daylighting, sustainable design, sustainable systems, urban design principles, transit oriented neighborhoods.
Research Profile

Paul Groth, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, vernacular architecture, urban geography, suburban America, cultural landscape studies, housing (US).
Research Profile

Sara Ishikawa, Professor Emeritus.

Yehuda E. Kalay, Professor Emeritus. Virtual reality, new media, computer-aided design, design methods, colaborative design.
Research Profile

Lars G. Lerup, Professor Emeritus.

Raymond Lifchez, Professor Emeritus.

Donlyn Lyndon, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, structure of place, ethical dimensions of design.
Research Profile

W. Mike Martin, Professor Emeritus.

+ Richard C. Peters, Professor Emeritus.

Jean Pierre Protzen, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, design, planning, the logics of design, and construction principles of ancient civilizations, pre-columbian South America, architecture and construction, Tiwanaku in Bolivia, Tambo Colorado in Peru.
Research Profile

Stanley Saitowitz, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, architecture and cooking, urbanism and computers.
Research Profile

Maryly A. Snow, Professor Emeritus.

Daniel Solomon, Professor Emeritus.

Claude Stoller, Professor Emeritus.

Jill H. Stoner, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, architecture as fiction, derivation of spatial words, Jewish ghettos in Italy.
Research Profile

Stephen Tobriner, Professor Emeritus.

+ E. Marc Treib, Professor Emeritus. Architecture, East Asian studies, Japanese architecture and gardens.
Research Profile

Sim H. Van Der Ryn, Professor Emeritus.

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