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The Celtic Studies Program is a degree program within the Department of Scandinavian at UC Berkeley. Its purpose is to bring together faculty and students with interests in the cultures, languages, literature, and history of the Celtic regions.

The undergraduate major in Celtic Studies allows for interdisciplinary exploration; students may choose relevant electives from courses taught in the Departments of Scandinavian, Comparative Literature, English, Anthropology, History, and History of Art. Irish and Welsh language and literature (in all their historical phases), and in the history, mythology, and cultures of the Celtic world are emphasized. The program has an innovative linkage of language and literature-in-translation courses intended to allow students maximum flexibility in pursuing their studies.

Breton is occasionally offered; courses in the history and structure of the older Celtic languages (Old and Middle Irish, Medieval Welsh) are regularly offered. Students may complete an undergraduate major or minor in Celtic Studies; for information on major and minor requirements, see Celtic Studies under Undergraduate Program.

The Celtic Studies Program accepts entrants to its major from both freshman and transfer students. Our major is not impacted and welcomes application from Celtic Studies enthusiasts.

UC Berkeley has no organized graduate program in Celtic Studies. (Harvard has the only such program in the U.S.) However, the Berkeley campus has a varied and high-quality set of resources in the area of Celtic Studies, centered around our undergraduate Celtic Studies Program. Many graduate students take advantage of these resources while earning graduate degrees in departments such as English, Linguistics, History, Comparative Literature, or Anthropology (our Anthropology Department has a Folklore Program). For example, you could do a Comparative Literature degree with one or more Celtic Languages among your chosen language areas; you could do an anthropology or a linguistics degree with your chosen area being a Celtic culture or language(s); and so on. You would naturally have access to our Celtic language and culture courses in making up your curriculum in one of these departments. Members of the Celtic Studies faculty could serve on your doctoral dissertation committee in one of these departments. It is also possible to combine a PhD program in any of these departments with Medieval Studies to obtain a joint degree.

Undergraduate Program

Celtic Studies: BA, Minor

Graduate Program

There is no graduate program in Celtic Studies. (See above for options for pursuing Celtic Studies at the graduate level.)

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Celtic Studies

Faculty and Instructors

+ Indicates this faculty member is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.


Michael Cohen, Associate Teaching Professor. African American Studies/American Studies.

Kathleen S. Moran, Associate Director, Lecturer.

Christine Palmer, Lecturer.

Affiliated Faculty

Charles L. Briggs, Professor. Anthropology. Linguistic and medical anthropology, social theory, modernity, citizenship and the state, race, and violence.

Mark Brilliant, Director, American Studies. History/American Studies. 20th century US history, with a focus on political economy, civil rights, education, law, and the west.
Research Profile

Raul Coronado, Associate Professor. Ethnic Studies.

Margaret L. Crawford, Professor. Architecture. Everyday urbanism, evolution, uses and meanings of urban space and therapid physical and social changes on villages in China’s Pearl River Delta.

+ Kathleen Donegan, Associate Professor. English. Colonial America, early America, Native America, early Caribbean.
Research Profile

Peter Glazer, Associate Professor. Theater.

Marcial Gonzalez, Associate Professor. English. Chicano and Chicana literature, twentieth-century American ethnic literatures, theory of the novel, marxism, critical theory, farm worker social movements.
Research Profile

Dorothy J. Hale, Professor. English. English literature, American literature, the novel, narrative theory, critical theory, Henry James, William Faulkner, the modern novel of consciousness.
Research Profile

David Henkin, Professor. History. US History, urban history, cultural history, History of Time.
Research Profile

Shari Huhndorf, Professor. Native American Studies. Interdisciplinary Native American studies, cultural studies, gender studies, American studies, literary and visual culture.
Research Profile

Richard Hutson, Professor Emeritus. English.
Research Profile

Jake Kosek, Associate Professor. Geography.

Lauren Kroiz, Associate Professor. Art History. History and theory of photography and new media, race and ethnic studies, the relationships between regionalism, nationalism and globalism.

Michel Laguerre, Professor. African American Studies. Globalization, information technology, urban studies.
Research Profile

Margaretta M. Lovell, Professor. Art History. Architecture, design, American art.
Research Profile

Waldo E. Martin, Professor. History. African American History, Modern American Culture.
Research Profile

Louise A. Mozingo, Professor. Environmental Design.

Samuel Otter, Professor. English. African American literature, 19th century American literature, 17th and 18th century American literature, Herman Melville, race in American culture, literature and history, discourse and ideology, close reading.
Research Profile

Genaro M. Padilla, Professor. English. American literature, Chicano/Latino literary and cultural studies, American autobiography.
Research Profile

Mark A. Peterson, Professor. History. US/North America, Atlantic World, early modern history, religion, political economy.
Research Profile

Beth Piatote, Associate Professor. Native American Studies.
Research Profile

Leigh Raiford, Associate Professor. African American Studies. Social movements, visual culture, memory, photography, African American history and culture.
Research Profile

Tamara C. Roberts, Assistant Professor. Music.

Juana Maria Rodriguez, Professor. Ethnic Studies.

Christine Rosen, Associate Professor. Business. History of business and the environment, business history, green chemistry, sustainable business strategies.
Research Profile

Caitlin Rosenthal, Assistant Professor. History.

Alex M. Saragoza, Associate Professor. Ethnic Studies. Ideology, modern Mexico, Latin American history, structural origins of Mexican migration, cultural formations in Mexico, Mexican cinema, radio, television.
Research Profile

Scott Andrew Saul, Professor. English. African American studies, 20th century American literature and culture, performance studies, jazz studies, histories of the avante-garde.
Research Profile

+ Susan Schweik, Professor. English. Feminist theory, cultural studies, American poetry, disability studies, 20th-century poetry, literature and politics, war literature.
Research Profile

Andrew Shanken, Professor. Architecture. Memory, visionary architecture, the unbuilt, paper architecture, heritage conservation, architectural representation, urban representation, diagrams, history of professions, historiography, world's fairs, expositions, California architecture, themed environments.
Research Profile

Shannon Steen, Associate Professor. Theater Studies.

Bryan Wagner, Associate Professor. English. Critical theory, African American literature, historiography.
Research Profile

Hertha D. Sweet Wong, Associate Professor. Chair, Art Practice, English. American literature, native American literature, autobiography, ethnic American literature.
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Visiting Faculty

Greil Marcus

Emeritus Faculty

Donald McQuade, Professor Emeritus. English, Advertising, 20th century American literature and culture, theory and practice of non-fiction, literature and popular culture, the American Renaissance, the essay as literature.
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Contact Information

Celtic Studies Program

6303 Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-2979


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Program Director

Eve Sweetser, PhD (Department of Linguistics)

1211 Dwinelle Hall


Undergraduate Student Services Adviser

Amanda Minafo

6303A Dwinelle Hall

Phone: 510-642-4661


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